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Updated March 27, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
NATO Night Raid Kills Four Afghan Children
US Training Syrian Rebels in Jordan
  NATO: 'No Intention to Intervene Militarily in Syria'
  Kerry Hypocritically Chides Iraq for Meddling in Syria’s Civil War
  Islamists, Secular Rebels Battle Over Nusra Front's Call for Islamic State
  Syrian Rebel Infighting: Islamists Clash With Secularists
  Syrian Rebels Push US to Shoot Down Warplanes
North Korea 'On Alert' to Attack Hawaii, US
  South Korea, US Agree on Plan for War With North
  A Photo That Makes North Korea Look a Lot Less Scary
America’s Other Dark Legacy in Iraq
  Several Politicians Targeted in Attacks That Killed 19 Iraqis
  Washington Post Censors Critique of Pre-Iraq Invasion Media Coverage
Red Cross at Gitmo to Check on Hunger Strikers
  'Men Live in Guantanamo Animal Cages, Will Never Get Trials'
Sanctions May Speed Iran Nuclear Advancement
Drone War: Every Attack in Pakistan Visualized
Ban: UN Needs Tens of Thousands of Troops for Mali War
Flotilla Compensation: Israel Likely to Pay Tens of Millions
Death, Misery and Debt: Iraq's Unintended Conquest of America  by Doug Bandow
The Mostly Mainstream Foreign Policy of Rand Paul  by Steve Breyman
Syria's Civil War and Its Unintended Consequences  by Henry Precht
Obama Solves His Israel Problem (if Not Palestine's)  by Scott McConnell
Ten Years on, Iraqis 'Have No Future'  by Dahr Jamail & Nick Turse
The High Cost of War With Iran  by Geoffrey Kemp & John Allen Gay

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US, Russia Aim to Restart Stalled Missile Defense Talks
Arrest of Anti-Islamist Figures Ordered in Egypt
US to Invest $1.2 Million for Ghana Police Academy
Spy in Cell 15: The Story Behind Israel's 'Prisoner X'
Navy Cancels Five Deployments Set for April Due to Spending Cuts
Mexico Drug War Death Tolls a Guess Without Bodies
Car Bomb Hits Syrian Capital as Rebels Press Closer
Syrian Forces Take Back Rebel Neighborhood in Homs
In Snub to Assad, Opposition Takes Syria's Arab Summit Seat
At Arab Summit, Syrian Rebel Leader Urges Respect for Human Rights
Syrian Opposition Denies Involvement in Murder of Controversial Kurdish Cleric
Child Killed as Mortar Hits Damascus Schools
Swedish Expert to Lead UN Weapons Probe in Syria
Syria's Shiites Offer Different Picture of War
Qatari Emir Proposes $1 Billion Fund to 'Defend Jerusalem's Arab Identity'
Passover: Israeli Soldiers Clash Over Poor Food Display
Several Politicians Targeted in Attacks That Killed 19 Iraqis
Iraq to Ship Crude Oil to Egypt Next April
Maliki Denies Canceling the Decision to Postpone Elections in Anbar and Nineveh Provinces
Imprisoned Iranian-American Pastor Gets Push From State Dept.
US Professor on Quixotic Quest to Be Iran's Next President
Rights Groups Fears for Hunger Strikers in Bahrain
Bahrain's Parliament Declares Hezbollah a Terrorist Group
Middle East
Egypt Activist Released in Case That Raises Fears for Democracy
Official: US to Bring Arab States Into Peace Push
Gunmen Wound Russian Red Cross Worker in Yemen
Human Rights Groups: UAE Trial 'Flagrantly Unfair'
Italy Foreign Minister Resigns Over Return of Marines to India
'Russia MP Quits Over Charge He Is Israeli Citizen'
Peru Criticized for 'Avoidable' Military Draft
Afghanistan Car Bomb Attack Injures 10 British Troops
British Soldier Dies After Attack in Afghanistan
Most Aussie Troops to Leave Afghanistan This Year
Afghan Suicide Attack Kills Five Police in Jalalabad
Myanmar Communal Riots Prompt More Curfews
Myanmar Attacks Staged With Brutal Efficiency
China and Vietnam Row Over South China Sea Clash
Little Optimism for Breakthrough in Thailand's Forgotten Jihad
US Concern Over Laos Human Rights Spurs Effort to Block Thai Return of Ethnic Hmong Rebel
Myanmar Commander in Chief Says Military to Continue Political Role in Democratic Transition
BBC Suspends Sri Lanka Broadcasts Due to 'Interference'
Nearly 50 Inmates Escape Libyan Prison, 1 Killed
Arab League Backs Libya's Search for Looted Funds
Central African Republic
Rebels Patrol Central African Republic Capital
CAR Rebel Chief 'Suspends Constitution'
9 Questions About the Central African Republic You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask
6 Crazy Facts About the Rebel Leader Who Just Took Over the Central African Republic
Central African Republic Hospitals Looted After Coup
Since 2011 Guilty Plea, Somali Terrorist Has Cooperated With Authorities
US Citizens in Kenya Told to Be Cautious During Vote Ruling
Guinea Opposition Abandons Vote Talks, Threatens Protests
US Eyes Anti-Piracy Effort Along West Africa Coast
UN Officials in Liberia: Border Violence Halts Ivorian Refugee Return
The War at Home
Supreme Court: Drug Dog Sniff Is Unconstitutional Search
ACLU Seeks Judgment on Whether US Govt's Secret No-Fly List Violates Due Process Rights
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