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Updated March 29, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
US Sends Nuclear Bombers to Intimidate N. Korea
  North Korea: Rockets on 'Standby' as US Bombers Take Flight
Terrorized by Drones, Afghans Flee Homes
  Afghanistan Accuses Pakistan of 'Wrecking' Peace Talks
  Pakistan: Afghanistan 'Overreacting' in Pulling Out of Military Visit
Arms Influx Preparing Rebels to Attack Damascus
  Rebels Shell Damascus University: 15 Students Killed
  US Army Vet Arrested for Fighting Alongside Syrian Islamists
  Syrian Soldiers Abandon Posts in Town Near Israel Border
  Turkey Backs Off Deportations, But Syria Refugees Remain a Strain
Biggest Threat to US National Security: Wars
  Top Pentagon Thinker Bemoans 'Civilian Subjugation to the Military'
  Scientists: Feds Can't Keep Up With Ills From Two Wars
  The Total Iraq and Afghanistan Pricetag: Over $4 Trillion
Bombs Target Shiite Mosques in Iraq, Killing 23
US Debates How Severely to Penalize Russia in Rights Spat
South Sudan Military Says 163 Killed in Clashes
Saudi Arabia vs. China: US Playing Favorites With Rights
Violating Own Laws, US Backs Death Squads in Honduras
The Fun-Filled Ocean Resort at Guantánamo Bay  by Glenn Greenwald
Congress Making It Easier to Go to War With Iran  by Rebecca Griffin & Kelly Campbell
Why Sanctions on Iran Aren't Working  by Stephen M. Walt
American Anniversaries from Hell  by Tom Engelhardt
Obama's Nixonian Precedent  by Mary L. Dudziak
China as Peacemaker  by Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman

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For a Night at Least, Soccer Unites Iraqis and Syrians
Turkish Artillery Fired Into North Iraq
Serbs in Kosovo Jailed Over Deadly Riots
Iran, N. Korea, Syria Block Adoption of UN Arms Trade Treaty, but Approval Likely
Canadian Police Need Warrant to Search Text Messages, Court Says
A Word (or Two) on the Petraeus ‘Apology’
West Bank Land Seized Under Arcane 'State Land' Rule Is Being Given to Israeli Settlers
Report: Less Than 1 Percent of West Bank State Lands Went to Palestinians
Israel Reopens Gaza Border Crossings
Space for Barack, but Not Barak: Embarrassment for Israel After Former Premier Is Excluded From Obama State Dinner and Events
Israel Closes West Bank Until the End of Passover
Olmert: Netanyahu Should Put My Plan on Table
US Cool on Turkish PM Plans to Visit Gaza
White House 'Deeply Concerned' by Damascus Attack
Israel Sends More Medics to Border With Syria
Russia Backs Syria, Firmly, as UN Prepares Chemical Weapons Probe
52 Companies Apply to Explore for Oil in Lebanon
Cyprus Jails Hezbollah Operative for Israel Attacks Plot
Seven Killed in Iraq Attacks
Exxon in Talks to Sell 5% of Iraq Field to Mubadala
Security Force Detonates a Car Bomb at the Entrance to the Police Directorate of Nineveh
Barzani: Any Agreement With Turkey Regarding Energy Will Be Within Iraq's Constitution
Bahrain Clears 21 Medics of Protest Charges
Russia's Putin Calls NGO Inspections 'Routine'
Putin Flexes Russia's Military Muscle in Black Sea Exercises
Spy Who Foiled Jet Bomb Plot to Be MI5 Chief
Cyprus Banks Re-Open; With Strict Limits on Transactions
A Grisly Crime Surges Into Spotlight as Mexico Shifts Drug War Strategy
Departing UN Official Blasts Haiti's Human Rights Record in Open Letter
The War at Home
Anti-Drone Protesters Arrested Outside Nevada Base
Navy SEALs in Media Dispute Over Who Shot bin Laden
Unmanned Squadrons Concern State Officials
Pentagon Can't Rule Out 2014 Furloughs
Eritrean Man Gets 9 Years in Prison for Aiding Somalia's Al Shabaab
Sanjay Dutt Says to Go to Jail Without Fight
Malala Yousafzai Sells Life Story for a Reported $3 Million
Indian 'Maoist Rebels Killed in Gun Battle'
US Delegation Meets With Controversial Leader of India's Gujarat State
The Afghan 'Green-On-Blue' Attacker Seen as a Hero
Watch Your Tongue, North Korea Warns South's New Leader
Thailand Begins Peace Talks With Southern Rebel Group
Tibet Taboo Leads to Cyberassaults
Myanmar President Says Force May Be Used to End Deadly Riots
Egypt's Top Islamist Accuses Opposition of Sowing Unrest
Egypt Says Iranian Tourists Pose No Risk
North Africa
Sufi Shrine Blown Up in Libyan Capital
Islamist Militancy Quietly Makes Inroads in Post-Revolution Tunisia
France Says Mali Troops to Be Cut to 1,000 by Year's End
Mali Secular Rebels Appoint Administrator in Kidal
DR Congo
UN Approves Creation of Special Combat Force for Congo
Rebel Group: Congo Warlord Wanted Control of M23
Central African Republic Army Chiefs Pledge Allegiance to Coup Leader
7 Shot Dead in Separatist Attack on Kenya Casino
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