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Updated March 31, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
N. Korea Lacks Capability to Carry Out War Plan
  North Korea's Threatening Rhetoric Nothing New
  Korean Peninsula Has Been in 'State of War' for More Than 60 Years
NATO Air Strike Kills Two Afghan Children
  Loss of Recruits Threatens Afghan Security as Handover Looms
  New US Commander in Afghanistan: 'We're Here to Win'
Let's All Stop Saying 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Forever
Interview With Gitmo Attorney: Half Cleared but Remain Held
22 Egyptian Policemen Injured in Attacks on Police Stations
After Bibi's Apology, Reflect on the Idiocy of Attacking the Gaza Flotilla  by Uri Avnery
US Pull-Back Won't Result in Chaos and Tyranny  by Daniel Larison
Prison-Wide Hunger Strike Still Rages at Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
Lawmakers Abdicate Foreign Policy Duties  by George F. Will
War Scare in Korea – a Manufactured Crisis  by Eric Margolis
Obama's Nuke Double Standards  by Nat Parry

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Ecuador Raises Assange Case With UK Labour Party
Tomas Young: Dying Vet Takes Parting Shot at Bush
Cyprus Crisis Divides Russia and Germany
Somali's Case a Template as US Seeks to Prosecute Terror Suspects in Court
Bahrain Protesters Clash With Police: Reports
Lawmakers Question 'Trusted' Status for Saudi Travelers
PA: Settlements 'Threatening to Blow Up Region'
Palestinians Mark Land Day With Protests
Gilad Schalit's Capture: in His Own Words
For Palestinian Americans, Home Brings Little Freedom
Syrian Rebels Storm Strategic Neighborhood in the Northern City of Aleppo
Wary Easter Weekend for Christians Living in Syria
Assad Supporters Assault Al-Jazeera Reporter in Sakhnin
Two Killed in Northern Iraq Attacks
Exxonmobil: Choosing Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Sinaid: Iraq Would Not Abide by Agreements Concluded Between US, Turkey
Othman: Kurdish Lawmakers Will Not Attend Parliament Future Sessions
Middle East
One Shot Dead as South Yemen Protests
Policy Implications of Iran's Fall From Favor in Arab and Muslim Public Opinion
Jordan's King Swears in New Cabinet Headed for 1st Time by Elected Prime Minister
9 Injured in Anti-Govt Protests Across Egypt
Egypt Issues Arrest Warrant for Popular TV Satirist for Allegedly Insulting Islam
Egypt, Short of Money, Sees Crisis on Food and Gas
US Concerned Over Mob Sexual Assaults in Egypt
Passenger Jet Leaves Egypt for Iran in First Direct Flight Between the Countries in Decades
North Africa
Gunmen Attack Military Air Base in Southern Libya, Killing 2 Soldiers
Eyed by al-Qaeda, Algeria's Oil-Rich South Demonstrates for More Jobs
Kenyan Court Upholds Kenyatta Election, Odinga Concedes
White House Urges Kenyans to 'Peacefully Accept' Election Results
Central African Republic
Residents of Capital March in Favor of New Leader
Central African Republic Leader, Facing Isolation, Says No Reprisals
Week of Attacks Around Volatile Central Nigeria City Leave More Than 50 Civilians Killed
Suicide Bomber, Landmines Rock Northern Mali, Killing 3
Sudanese Rebel Group Releases 31 Kidnapped Darfuris
North Korea Threatens to Close Vital Factory Park It Runs With South
Foreigners Focus on Threats, but North Korean Propaganda Shows Off Kim Jong Un's Softer Side
Golfers to Play in £2m Korea Tournament Despite Threats of War
Texans Mock Kim Jong Un's Apparent Plan to Strike Austin
US Hands Control to Afghan Commandos in Strategic District Outside Kabul
Karzai in Qatar to Discuss Taliban Peace Talks
Suicide Bomber Wounds Seven in Pakistan
Musharraf Barred From Leaving Pakistan
Plan to Rename Traffic Circle Provokes Outcry in Lahore
As Pakistan Buys Iranian Gas India Asks if It Should, Too
Cop Who Allegedly Became Karachi's Biggest Gambling Don Illustrates Shady Underworld
Myanmar Unrest Death Toll Reaches 43
Muslims Vanish as Buddhist Attacks Approach Myanmar's Biggest City
Myanmar Rejects UN Human Rights Official's Claim That Authorities Share Blame for Riots
5,000 Have Fled Philippines Unrest in Malaysia
3 Opposition Lawmakers in Kyrgyzstan Found Guilty of Attempting to Overthrow Govt
USS Guardian Removal From Philippine Reef Completed
Terror Alert Cleared at Eiffel Tower After Bomb Threat
Ex-Leader of Armed Basque Group ETA Dies in French Hospital
France Frees 3 Detainees Held in Toulouse Terror Investigation, Including a Soldier
Russia Lashes Out at US Over NGO Funding and 'Witch Hunt' Criticism
Deported Roma Face Tough Times in Kosovo
The War at Home
Navy Wants Lasers on Marines' Trucks to Shoot Down Drones
Marines Test Women for Infantry Roles
Gov. Jerry Brown Convenes Advisory Panel on California Defense Industry
Video: This Massive Jellyfish Is Really an Aquatic Spy Robot
Americans Still Dying
California Green Beret Dies of Wounds From Small Arms Fire in Afghanistan
Funeral Held for Franklin (LA) Soldier Killed in Afghan Helo Crash
Naples (FL) Army Sergeant Killed in Helicopter Crash Is Laid to Rest
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