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Updated April 4, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
North Korea: Nuclear Strikes on US Authorized
  Pentagon: North Korea a 'Real and Clear Danger'
  North Korean Threats Raise Danger of Inadvertent War
  Specter of US Expansionism Prevents Resolution to Korea Tensions
  Escalating Korea Crisis Dims Hopes for Denuclearization
NATO Air Strike Kills 2 Civilians, 4 Afghan Police
  53 Killed, 90 Wounded as Taliban Attack Afghan Court
Hagel Outlines Impending Defense Cuts
Brussels Talks Fail: No Serbian Deal on Kosovo
Govt Spying on Peaceful Political Dissidents
Israel 'On Alert' as Tensions Soar in W. Bank, Gaza
US: Nuclear Talk Progress Depends Entirely on Iran
Sam Harris, the New Atheists, and Anti-Muslim Animus  by Glenn Greenwald
US 'Human Rights' Wars: Arms Control as a Weapon  by Glen Ford
Obama’s War at Home: Driving the Government Underground  by Jane Powers
Behind the US-North Korean Bluster  by Jack A. Smith
Leaks, COIN, and Modern War  Michael Ostrolenk interviews Tony Shaffer
Why US Can't Deliver Women's Rights to Afghanistan  by Malou Innocent

More Viewpoints

Lawmakers to Amend Cybersecurity Bill Behind Closed Doors
Only Iraq War Winners Were Private Contractors
US Would Save $14 Billion Buying German Combat Vehicle
UAE: 'Brotherhood Sowing Subversion in Gulf States'
Bank Website Attacks Reach New Highs
Syrian Helicopter Fires Rockets 'Inside Lebanon'
New Rebel Gains Reported in Southern Syria
Syrian Rebels Capture Military Air Defense Base in Southern Province
Air Raids Hit Syria Provinces: Watchdog
Russia Delivers Aid for Syria Refugees in Lebanon
Damascus Violence Forces Even Most Resolute Syrians to Flee
In Rebel-Held Syria, Some Schools Try to Carry On
Syria's Ancient Oasis City of Palmyra Threatened in Fighting
17-Year-Old Palestinian Killed by IDF Gunfire; Riots Rage Ahead of Prisoner's Funeral
Clashes Resume Across Israel-Gaza Border
Israel Says It Will Not Let Gaza Rockets Continue
Thousands of Palestinian Detainees Go on Hunger Strike
Palestinian Shepherd, 80, Beaten Unconscious Near Settlement
Marmara Passenger: 'I'll Donate Compensation to Hamas'
Kerry to Visit Israel in Hopes of Restarting Talks
Autopsy Reveals: Palestinian Prisoner Died of Cancer Complications
100 US Jewish Leaders Urge Netanyahu to Show Readiness to Make 'Painful Territorial Sacrifices'
Nine Killed Across Iraq
Ten Years After Saddam, Artists Still Struggle for a Place in the New Iraq
Kurds Say Iraqi Hostage Incident Was Labor Dispute Not Security Issue
Despite Challenges, Banks Look to Set Up Branches in Iraq
Ahmadinejad of Iran Reshapes Image Ahead of June Vote
Kurds See Turkish Reference to Kurdish Province as Step Forward
Attacks on Elderly Armenian Turks Awaken Fears
Serbia Blames Kosovo Albanians for Failed Talks
WWII Bomb Disrupts Commute at Main Berlin Station
UK Soldier Dying After Exposure to Uranium in Iraq Must Raise £110k Because NHS Can't Help
Greece: Court Sentences Guerrillas
After a Decade-Long Ban, the EU Flag Flies Over Prague – but Not All Are Happy
Madrid, Catalonia Play Down Secret Talks on Independence
Canada Widens Terrorism Inquiry
2 Canadians Who Joined Algeria Attack Are Identified
US Missile Shield Sent to Guam After North Korea Threat
US General Says North Korea Situation Is 'Volatile' and 'Dangerous'
Rep. Peter King: US Could Make Preemptive Strike on North Korea
White House Plays Down 'Familiar' North Korean Nuclear Threat
Seoul Seeks Ability to Make Nuclear Fuel
Analysis: Meet North Korea's New Kim, Same as the Old Kims?
Cameron: Britain Needs Nukes to Counter North Korea
Do North Korea's Threats Mask Power Struggle Behind the Scenes?
Guam Residents Not Alarmed by North Korea Threats
Pakistan: Blast Near Karachi Checkpost Kills Four Rangers Personnel
India: Four Sisters Injured in Acid Attack
Tamil Paper Uthayan Attacked in Northern Sri Lanka
Stunning Before-And-After Satellite Photos Show Sectarian Devastation in Myanmar
Malaysia Prepares for a Close Election Fight
Egypt Threatens to Cancel License of TV Station Hosting Satirist
Morsi Denies Responsibility for Arrest of Satirist
US Embassy in Egypt Pulls, Restores Twitter Feed
Stop the Tweets: Egypt's President Doesn't Find Jon Stewart Funny
Egypt Students Storm Office of Top Al-Azhar Cleric
Egypt Court Stops Extradition of Top Gadhafi Aide
Central African Republic Coup Thwarts Search for Ugandan Warlord Joseph Kony
US Offers $5m Bounty for Warlord Kony
Central African Republic's Ousted Leader Says Chad Aided Rebels
Western Envoys to Attend ICC-Indictee Kenyatta's Inauguration
Nigeria: Malian Rebels Fund, Train, Equip Boko Haram
US Group: Sudan Should Face War Crimes Charges
Seven Cuban Ballet Dancers Defect While on Tour in Mexico
US Official Warns Drug Traffickers Will Expand in Caribbean After Latin America Cracks Down
Ecuador Officials Probe Apparent Amazon Revenge Attack Involving Remote Tribes
Venezuela Opposition Complains About Military, Laughs at President Seeing Chavez in a Bird
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