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Updated April 10, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Iraqi al-Qaeda and Syria Rebel Group Merge
  Kerry: US to Step Up Aid to Syrian Rebels
  In Syria, Some Brace for the Next War
  Syria's Jihadists Face Test of Government in Eastern City
Media Still Hype Staged Toppling of Saddam Statue
  Australia's Iraq War PM Slams US Handling of Bloody Aftermath
  Iraq's Most Wanted: Where Are They Now?
North Korea Mobilizes Military to Plant Crops
  North Korea: Foreigners Should Leave South Before War Breaks Out
Obama's Drone War Kills 'Others,' Not Just Chiefs
  Drone War Reinforced Terrorist Groups More Than You Thought
UN: Libya Arms Fueling Mali, Syria Wars
Seeking Self-Sufficiency, Iran Expands Uranium Mining
Obama Approves Yet More Weapons for Somali Military
Ignoring Ban, Pentagon to Fund NATO Missile Defense
In a Secret Drone War, Immoral Kill Deals Will Always Tempt Us  by Conor Friedersdorf
Let's Not Be So Eager for War in Korea  by Gene Healy
How the West Fueled the Ever-Growing Carnage in Syria  by Nicolas J.S. Davies
Demonizing Realism on Iran  by Flynt and Hillary Leverett
State the Objective of the Iran Talks  by Paul R. Pillar
Iraq: The Deadliest War for Journalists  by Dahr Jamail

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Grounding the Drones
Washington Times
GAO Finds Billions in Wasteful, Duplicative Federal Spending
Air Force Grounding Fighter Squadrons to Save Cash
New Navy Laser Can Shoot Down Drones, Is Headed for the Persian Gulf
Yugoslav Wars Left Population Heavily Armed
Mali Locals Eat French President Hollande's Camel
Somalia President Admits Rapes by Security Forces
UN Says Food Distribution Centers Reopen in Gaza
Gaza Fishermen Hemmed in After Rocket Attack
Israel Court: Life Sentences for Jewish Radical in Murder of Palestinians
With Netanyahu's Consent, Kerry Pledges Steps to Help Palestinian Economy
Kerry Upbeat After 3 Days of Mideast Diplomacy
Fatah, Hamas to Resume Reconciliation Dialogue in Cairo Soon
Haifa Court Sentences Israeli Arab to 7 Years for Spying on Behalf of Hezbollah
Israeli Takes Over Opisrael Hacktivist Website
Russian Jews Urge Netanyahu to Ignore US Jews' Call for Ceding Land
Petrol Bombs Rain Down on Headquarters of Bahrain's Foreign Ministry
Bahrain 1st Arab Country to Blacklist Hezbollah as Terror Group
Middle East
Three Killed in Iraq Shootings
Syria's Assad Says Turkish Premier Cannot Be Trusted in Peace Talks With Kurds
Bomb Found in South Lebanon
Saudi Arabia Builds Giant Yemen Border Fence
Gunman Kills 13 People in Serbian Village
Poles at Rally Accuse Russia of Murdering Their President in 2010 Plane Crash
Russia Pursues Election Watchdog Under Anti-NGO Law
Officials: Beyonce, Jay-Z Trip to Cuba Likely to Face Scrutiny
Cuba to Turn Over Florida Couple and Children
Guatemala War Trial Puts Past Closer to President
The War at Home
Pentagon to Ask Congress to Overhaul Court-Martial System
Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt, Army Recruiter, Allegedly Killed 17-Year-Old Recruit, Then Self
US Army No Longer Lumping Ultra-Orthodox Jews With KKK, al-Qaeda
US Not to Intercept North Korea Missile Unless Threatened: Commander
No Sense of Panic in North Korea Capital
In US, South Korean Makes Case for Nuclear Arms
North Korea Warns Foreigners to Get Out
Report: China May Be Shutting Down Some Tourism Into North Korea
Senators Urge Engaging China in North Korea Effort
Japan Deploys Patriot Missiles to Defend Tokyo From North Korean Threats
Taliban Peace Envoys in Qatar With Nothing to Do
Afghanistan Helicopter Crash Kills 2 US Troops
Canadian Forces Face Danger Pay Cuts in Afghanistan
Pakistan Supreme Court Adjourns Musharraf Treason Case
Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng Wants Secret Accords Revealed
India Politician's Son Arrested for His Murder
Egypt's Coptic Pope Blasts Morsi
Egypt's Revolutionary Cleric Suspended Over Sermon
Dutch Reporter Held in Egypt Accused of Spying
Old Animosities Thrive in Post-Gadhafi Libya
Libyan Parliament Bans Kidnapping, Torture
Libya PM's Aide Mohamed Al-Ghattous Freed by Kidnappers
5 UN Troops, 7 Others Killed in South Sudan
Sudan's Army Says Kills 15 Rebels, Retakes Part of South Darfur
French Troops Begin Withdrawal
At Least 7 Dead in Mozambique Violence
Uhuru Kenyatta Sworn in as Kenyan President
Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Rules Out Joining Another Unity Government With Mugabe
Mauritania Jails Canadian for Two Years for Terrorist Conspiracy
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