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Updated April 13, 2013 - 11:09 PM EDT
Guards, Detainees Clash at Guantanamo Bay
Taliban Wipes Out Top Afghan Army Unit
  Pentagon Gave Afghan Contracts to Terrorists
Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad Resigns
  Israeli Journalist Amira Hass Accused of Incitement
Kerry: US Won't Accept N. Korea as 'Nuclear Power'
  Contrasting Views on NK Underscore Sensitivities, Lack of Evidence
  China Holds Artillery Drills Along Korean Border
Israel Fires Missile Into Syria, Claims 'Direct Hit'
  Syria Presses Offensive Along Jordan, Lebanon Borders
Mubarak Retrial Ends as Judge Recuses Himself
  Egypt Army Denies Revolution-Era Abuse
  Egypt Doctors 'Ordered to Operate on Protesters Without Anesthetic'
Mosque Bombing, Attacks Leave 24 Iraqis Dead
Musharraf Approved 'a Few' US Drone Strikes
Rights Groups Question Legality of Targeted Killing
Hagel Denies His Pentagon Mission Is to Slash Budget
Competing Govts: The Collective Violence of War  by Lawrence Samuels
New Evidence That Team Obama Misled US About the Drone War  by Conor Friedersdorf
US Belittles Iran's Nuclear Offer  by Kaveh L Afrasiabi
Ten Years On...  by Riverbend – Baghdad Burning
The Orwellian Paradigm  by Faisal Moghul
There's No North Korea Crisis  by Robert A. Manning

More Viewpoints

Idaho Restricts Drone Use by Police Agencies
Mobiles Become Weapons as Tactics Change in Syria's New Phoney War
US Releases Blacklist Tied to Alleged Russia Rights Abuses
Soviet Soldier Tells Why He Defected to Afghanistan
Hague War Crimes Court Investigating Own Staffer
Carney: North Korea Not Capable of Launching Nuclear-Armed Missile
Despite Tensions, North Korea Readies for Festivities
John McCain: Kim Jong UN 'A Clown' and 'A Fool'
North Korean Press Briefing in New York? Forget About It
Red Cross Halts 'Pointless' Uzbekistan Prison Visits
'Explosives' on Taiwan Train Lead to Mass Evacuation
Egypt's Morsi Promotes Generals to Ease Tensions
Hundreds of Egyptians Hold Marches Against Recent Sectarian Violence
Three Chadian Soldiers Killed by Mali Suicide Bomb
Malian Military Helicopter Crash Kills 5 as Army Prepares to Lead War Against Jihadists
President Bashir Orders South Sudan Border to Be Opened
Some 50,000 Flee Sudan Into Chad After Darfur Clashes
DR Congo Officers 'Suspended' in Mass Rape Inquiry
Dismay Grows in Zimbabwe as Underdog Party Tastes Good Life
Weekend Reviews
Mark Mazzetti on the CIA's Post-9/11 Move From Spying to Assassinations
The Revolving-Door-Oligarchy of War
In the Army Now: Gangs, Nazis & the Mentally Ill
The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth
Syrian Rebels Break With Group Over Qaeda Wing Alliance
France Says UN Talks Begin on Qaeda-Linked Syria Rebels
Brotherhood Denies Plans for Islamist Rule in Syria
Hague Criticises UN Divisions Over Syria, Saying 'The World Has Failed'
UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors Still Waiting to Investigate Attacks
Palestinians Clash With Israeli Troops After Alleged Beating
Tales From Gaza: What Is Life Really Like in 'The World's Largest Outdoor Prison'?
Thatcher's UK Feared That an Embattled Israel Might Use Nukes, Declassified Paper Shows
Israel Offers to Deport Frail Palestinian Prisoner
PA Upset Over Canada's East Jerusalem Meeting With Livni
From Iron Dome to Unmanned Drones: The IDF's Vision for the Future Battlefield
Mosque Bombing Among Attacks That Leave 24 Iraqis Killed
Kirkuk Province Blasts Baghdad-BP Oil Talks
Middle East
Owner of Stolen Laptop That Sends Spy Photos From Iran Regrets Exposing Users
Billions Taken by Tunisia Ex-Dictator Missing
Nuclear Waste Barrels Litter English Channel
UK: Restrictions on Terror Suspect Student Relaxed by Court
In Mexico, an Upsurge of Vigilantism
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