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Updated April 15, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Blasts at Boston Marathon Kill 3, Injure 130
  Authorities Question Saudi National in Boston Attack
Iraq's Bloody Monday: 75 Killed, 356 Wounded
Lawyer Disputes US Claim Gitmo Rioters 'Armed'
  Gitmo's Last UK Detainee: 'People Are Dying Here' in Hunger Strike
Kerry: N. Korea Talks Only If Nukes Scrapped
  First Crisis Has US, Chinese Officials Scrutinizing Kim Jong-Un
Israel's Boom Spotlights Billions in US Aid
  Palestinian PM's Resignation Complicates US Plan
Jordan to Head Syria Rebel Arms Program
  Syria Looms Large in Lebanon's Political Battle
  Diplomats: Al-Qaeda Involvement Fuels Efforts to Resolve Syria War
  Iraq Searches First Syrian Plane Heading for Damascus; No Arms Found
US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan
Somali PM: Foreign Fighters Involved in Deadly Court Attack
Karzai: US, Taliban to Blame for Strike That Killed 12 Children
Obama Admin Dismisses Call to Disclose More on Drone Law
Chad Army Not Up for Guerrilla War in Mali, Leaves
Venezuela: Chavez Heir Maduro Wins by Razor-Thin Margin
The Deadliest Israel Lobby Conspiracy Theories  by Grant Smith
The Madness of NYT's Tom Friedman  by Robert Parry
Barbara Boxer, AIPAC Seek to Codify Israel's Right to Discriminate Against Americans  by Glenn Greenwald
Anonymous Murder From a Safe Distance  by William Pfaff
Saber Rattling in Korea: Cui Bono?  by Tim Kelly
The Islamic Emirate of Syriastan  by Pepe Escobar

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Kremlin Slams US Blacklist Before Obama Adviser Visit
Mubarak Court Appearance Stuns Egyptians
World Military Spending Dips in 2012, First Since 1998
Six Strangled, One Decapitated in Mexican Resort of Cancun
20 Years Later, Atlanta's Fort Gillem Contamination Still Spreading
North Korean Leader Kim Jong UN Offers Many Faces, Many Threats
BBC Chief: Secret Footage Taken on University Field Trip to North Korea Was Worth Risking Lives
10 Militants Killed in Afghan Raids
Afghan Interpreters for the US Are Left Stranded and at Risk
Hostage Freed in Afghanistan Arrives Back in France
Pakistani Taliban Target Secular Party, Kill 1
Taliban Bomb Poll Office in Miranshah
Musharraf: Supreme Court Can't Hear Treason Case
Indonesia Warns Aceh Province Over Flag
North Africa
Egypt Wavers on Brink of IMF Deal
Head of Libya's Islamic Militia Suspected in Attack on US Ambassador Has Been Shot
In Morocco, Activists Struggle to Keep Protest Fervor Alive
35 Dead in Somalia Courthouse Attack
Deadly Day in Mogadishu Shows Weakened Somali Militants Not Yet Defeated
Red Cross: 17 Dead in Central African Republic Violence
Darfur Rebels Hand Over 14 Sudanese Soldiers
Guinea: Opposition to Protest Election Date
Sen. Rubio: Crack Down on Beyonce's Cuba Visit
In Testimony, Guatemalans Give Account of Suffering
Israel's Deputy FM Blasts US Jewish Leaders' Peace 'Pressure'
Israel Extends Law Restricting Unification of Citizens With Spouses From 'Enemy States'
Israel Allows Journalists to Visit West Bank Prison After Deaths in Custody
Fayyad's Resignation Means Uncertainty for Palestinians
Israel Rules Out Charges Over Gaza Dalou Family Deaths
Israel Ends Airstrike Case; Palestinians Critical
Israeli NGO to Sue PA for Terrorism
Turkey's Erdogan to Visit Gaza at the End of May
Activists: Syrian Regime Airstrikes Kill 25
Hezbollah-Backed Lebanese Shi'ites Fight in Syria
Police Official: Syrian Man Arrested in Greece With Large Consignment of Telescopic Sights
Britain Funds Rebels Overseeing Aid Inside Occupied Areas
Political Candidates Among 22 Killed Across Iraq
Threats in Iraq's Diyala Province Unite Competing Kurds
Kurdish Ministers Not Returning to Baghdad Unless Demands Are Met
US Experts Remain Skeptical Over Turkish Intentions in PKK Talks
Kurdish Rebel Leader Hopeful for Peace
Middle East
GCC Asks IAEA to Inspect Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Plant on Quake Fears
Yemen Central Bank FX Reserves Hit 6-Month Low as Bombings Hit Oil Exports
Anti-Euro Party a Wildcard in German Elections
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