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Updated April 16, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Blasts at Boston Marathon Kill 3, Injure 176
  Envelope Tests Positive for Ricin at Washington, DC Mail Facility
  Feds: Injured Saudi Is a Witness, Not a Suspect, in Boston Bombing
  The Boston Bombings, Selective Empathy, and State Worship
  One Hero of Boston: Antiwar Protester Whose Soldier Son Died in Iraq
  Boston Blasts Draw Condemnation and Dread in Muslim World
Iraq's Bloody Monday: 75 Killed, 356 Wounded
  Assassinations, Violence Rising Ahead of Iraq Elections
House Panel to Subpoena Assassination Memos
  White House Blames Congress for Gitmo Prison Staying Open
Syria Nusra Rebels Seek Qaeda Leadership Ties
  Lebanon to Protest to Arab League Over Deadly Syria War Spillover
  Defeating al-Qaeda in Syria, Not Assad
Kerry Rules Out 'Artificial Talks' With North Korea
  Top Japan Official Claims 'Right' to Attack North Korea
Suicide Attack on Pakistan Political Rally Kills 18
Israel Arrests 14-Year-Old US Citizen
Protests in Venezuela as Opposition Disputes Maduro Victory
Somali PM: Foreign Fighters Involved in Deadly Court Attack
The Enemy-Industrial Complex  by Tom Engelhardt
Torture, Murder, Terror: Three Drug War Programs Your Taxes Pay For  by Mike Riggs
Why Can't We Discuss Releasing Most Gitmo Prisoners?  by Andy Worthington
Gitmo Is Killing Me  by Samir Naji al Hasan Moqbel
Why Can’t We All Travel To Cuba?  by Ron Paul
Catastrophe at Kabul: The British in Afghanistan in the 19th Century  by Michael Fathers

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Letter From Gitmo: A Detainee Writes From Day 65 of His Hunger Strike
Obama Letter to Putin Sends 'Positive Signals,' Russian Official Says
Hagel Cancels Creation of New Drone, Cyber Medal
Draft UN Resolution Would Authorize UN Troops in Mali
World Sea Piracy Down 35 Percent in First Quarter
Assad's Forces Break Rebel Blockade in North Syria
Group: Syrian Army Bases in Capital Become Prisons
13-Year-Old Kills Syrian in Chouf
US Feeds Syrians, but Secretly
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denies Seeking Power Grab
UK: 'Increasingly Concerned' That Evidence Will Show the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria
36 Syrians Are Flown to Germany for Medical Help
Report: Turkey Warns Israel Against 'Dirty Bargaining' Over Gaza Flotilla Compensation
Palestinians Say Falsely Identified as Mossad Agents in Cyber Attack
Peres: I Do Not Regret the Oslo Accords
Report: Black, Arab Rail Staff Kept Away From Peres During Paris Visit
Iran's Reformists Stake Long Shot Hopes in Khatami
A Mysterious Iranian-Run Factory in Germany
Car Blast in Bahrain Heightens F1 Security Concerns
Motor Race Draws World Gaze to Bahrain, Arab Spring's Forgotten Corner
Middle East
Iraq's Bloody Monday: 75 Killed, 356 Wounded
Kuwait Opposition Leader Sentenced to 5 Years for Insulting Emir
Mexican Government Tries to Put a New Spin on Drug War by Changing, Softening Language
Mexican Judge Acquits Former Drug Czar Accused of Leaking Information to Powerful Cartel
The War at Home
White House Official: Boston 'Appears to Be an Act of Terror'
Boston Police Retract Report of Third Explosion
House Members Oppose CISPA Unless Privacy Problems Are Fixed
Bomb Kills 7 Family Members in Afghanistan
Afghan Commandos Kill 22 Insurgents
US Visa Delays Put Safety Out of Afghan Interpreters' Reach
US Opposes Coercive China Action in Island Dispute
Is Political Satire Rising in China?
China Cozies Up to Iceland in Race for Arctic Resources
Driver of NATO Supply Container Shot Dead in Pakistan
Philippine Military Says 2 Top Terror Suspects Escaped Offensive That Killed 8 Militants
After Weeks of North Korean Fury, Calm on Key Holiday
North Africa
Egypt's Mubarak Still Jailed Despite Release Order
Libya Militants Deny Benghazi-Linked Leader Shot
Hundreds Arrested in Nigeria Immigrant Raids
US Commission on Religious Freedom 'Concerned' by Ongoing Violence in Central Nigeria
US Sting That Snared Guinea-Bissau Ex-Admiral Shines Light on Drug Trade
Union Official: 1 Student Killed, 1 Wounded in Demonstration in Tiny W. African Nation of Togo
Dominican Republic
Dominican Officials Say Intelligence Agent Among 7 Arrested in Drug-Trafficking Case
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