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Updated April 17, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
Man Seen on Video Leaving Bag at Bomb Site
  Feds: Injured Saudi Is a Witness, Not a Suspect, in Boston Bombing
  The Boston Bombings, Selective Empathy, and State Worship
  Bombs Frequent in US; 172 'IED' Incidents in Last 6 Months
Ricin Found on Letters to Obama, US Senator
Senate Panel Vows to Support Israeli Attack on Iran
  DM: Israel May Have to Attack Iran Alone
  More Diplomacy, Less Pressure Needed for Iran Settlement – Report
Obama: N. Korea Probably Can't Launch Nukes
  North Korea Says It Won't Warn South Korea Before an Attack
Report: 'Indisputable' That US Engaged in Torture
  Pentagon Defends Gitmo Crackdown as 'Critical'
US Won't Accept Venezuela Election Result
  Venezuela President-Elect Blames US as Protests Kill Seven
Suicide Attack on Pakistan Political Rally Kills 18
US Commander: Troops Should Stay in Afghanistan
Sen. Levin: No Support for Pentagon Base Closure Plan
Boston Bombing Produces Familiar and Revealing Reactions  by Glenn Greenwald
The Boston Bombing, Drones and the Meaning of Cowardice  by Barry Lando
Let's Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber Is a White American  by David Sirota
Blowback at Boston?  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Shell Shock Lite  by Jeremiah Goulka & Nick Turse
Can the Boston Bombings Increase Our Sympathy for Iraq and Syria, for All Such Victims?  by Juan Cole

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Kerry to Cite Progress on Post-Benghazi State Dept. Reforms, but Some Measures May Take Years
Morocco Cancels War Games With US Over Rights
Discretionary Government Spending: Priorities
US Soldier Gets 16 Years for Trying to Sell Secrets to 'Russian Spy'
White House Revives Its CISPA Veto Threat
Obama's Gitmo Policy Hit by Violence, Force-Feeding
UN Agencies Call for End to Syria 'Carnage'
Syria Rebels Urge Lebanon to End Hezbollah Attacks
Syria's Assad Reduces Prison Sentences for Some Rebels
Belgian Police Raid Homes in Search for Syria Recruiters
Brahimi Eyes New UN Envoy Role in Syria, Dropping Arab League
Pentagon Seeks $220 Million for Israel's Iron Dome System
Lieberman: Nakba Rallies Prove Israeli Arabs Need to Be Expelled
IDF Chief of Staff: Israel Capable of Striking Iran on Its Own
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to Travel to Israel
Palestinians Open Israeli Jail Replica to Honor Prisoners
Israel's First Steps and Growing Pains, as Seen Through Its Trinkets and Toys
Iran Says May Need More Heavily Enriched Uranium
Russian Builder Says No Damage to Iran Nuclear Plant From Quake
Dozens Feared Dead After Strong Quake in Iran and Pakistan
Fresh Iraq Attacks Leave 20 Killed
Iraq Executes 21 in One Day Over 'Terror'
Sadr: Explosions Take Place While the Ruling Party Busy Campaigning for Election
Plea Deal Sought by US Soldier Accused in Iraq Killings: Lawyer
Abandoned MIG-23 Floggers at Joint Base Balad
Tear Gas Used to Quell Bahrain F1 Protests
Police 'Fire Tear Gas' at Boys' School
Middle East
Yemenis Protest for Release of Guantanamo Inmates
Kurdish Mayor With One Son in Army and Other With PKK, Worries About Peace Talks
Experts at Abu Dhabi Summit Want GCC Military Integration
Egypt Policeman Sentenced to 15 Years for Torture
Egypt Extends Temporary Detention of Mubarak's Two Sons
IMF Leaves Egypt After Hearing From Opposition
New Leader to Head Egypt's Jewish Community
North Africa
Tunisia Ben Ali Son-In-Law Granted Asylum in Seychelles
EU Flight Ban Could Be Lifted for Libyan Airlines in Weeks
Central African Republic
Ex-Rebels Launch Reprisals in Central African Republic Capital
UN: Rape, Violence Raging in Central African Republic
Violence in Central Nigeria Villages Kills 10
Nigerian Journalists Charged Over President Story
Congo Army Battalion Accused of Mass Rape US Trained: UN Envoy
Amnesty: Sudan Bombing, Rains, Hunger Afflict Sudan's South Kordofan Province
Niger-Burkina Faso Border Set by ICJ Ruling
Boston Bombings
The Man in the Cowboy Hat: Marathon Hero Has Known Pain of Loss
Pakistani Taliban Denies Involvement in Boston Bomb Blasts
Boston Marathon Bombs Had Simple but Harmful Design, Early Clues Indicate
UM Coach: Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters on Roofs Before Explosions
Iran Condemns Civilian Deaths in Boston Blasts
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Boston Blasts
Cuba Sends 'Heartfelt Condolences' to US, Condemns 'All Acts of Terrorism'
Boston Bombs Were Pressure Cookers Filled With Metal
Pressure Cooker Bombs Used Around the World
Homeland Security Warned About Pressure Cooker Bombs
GOP Rep. Peter King on Boston Bombing: 'We Need More Cameras'
Official Says 5 Afghan Guards Killed in Convoy Ambush
Afghanistan: West's Mores, China Imports Challenge the Burqa
A Question of Morality: Germany's Afghan Staff Fear Reprisals
Musharraf Is Disqualified From Pakistani Elections
3 Security Men Killed in North Waziristan Suicide Blast
China Says US Is Destabilizing Region by Increasing Presence in Asia
Stop Encroaching Our Territory: Chinese Military Warns Japan
China 'Reveals Army Structure' in Defence White Paper
Pivotal North Korea Question: What Is Kim Thinking?
North Korea Lashes Out Anew Over Protest in Seoul
More Than 20 Injured When US Helo Makes Hard Landing in South Korea
India Police 'Kill Nine Maoists' in Chhattisgarh
Philippines: US Bases to Return Only in Cases of War or Emergency
Mortar Shell Explosion Kills 2 Boys, Age 11, and Injures 6 Schoolmates in Central Vietnam
Suspects Detained in Failed Taiwan Train Bombing
Human Rights Court Blocks Extradition of UK-Based Terror Suspect to US
UK Court Hears Plot to Bomb Army Base With Toy Car
Serb Defends UN Meeting on Criminal Justice
Hungary Backtracks in Row With EU Over Constitution
Trial of Russian Activist Aleksei Navalny to Begin
Maduro Blames US for Violence Over Venezuela Vote
Maduro Bans Planned Opposition March
At Least 7 Bodies Found in Clandestine Graves in Suburb of Monterrey in Northern Mexico
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