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Updated April 18, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
FBI Releases Photos of Boston Bomb Suspects
  US Muslims Fear Hate Crimes if Islamist Link to Boston Bombings
  Marathon Bombing Hero Questioned by FBI, Police at Boston Home
Testimony Reveals Hagel-Kerry Rift on Syria
  US Sends More Troops to Jordan for Syrian War Planning
  Syrian Rebel Council to Impose Moderate Sharia Across Territory
  Syria's Six Simultaneous Conflicts
US Drone Strike Kills Five in South Waziristan
  US Drone Strike Kills Five AQAP Suspects in Yemen
US to Give Israel Another $400 Million for Iron Dome
  Hagel: US Can Support Israel if It Strikes Iran
Pentagon Admits to Growing Gitmo Hunger Strike
  Judge OKs Delay in 9/11 Case at Gitmo Over Pentagon Data Breach
Baghdad Coffee Shop Bombing Kills 27
Taliban Attacks Kill at Least 24 in Afghanistan
Arrest Made in 'Ricin' Mailings to Obama, US Senator
Cost of Overseas US Bases Soars as Usefulness Lags
As West Falters, Arms Spending Rises in Developing World
New Torture Reports Blames Obama for Bush's Torture Immunity  by Dan Froomkin
16 Years for Espionage, Life in Jail for Whistleblowing  by Nathan Fuller
The Orwellian Warfare State of Carnage and Doublethink  by Norman Solomon
Empathy for Boston, From Iraqi Children  by Kevin Gosztola
Al-Maliki, a Dictator in the Making  by Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed
Roaches, Mosquitoes, and Birds: The Coming Micro-Drones  by John W. Whitehead

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Ron Paul Peace Institute Opens Amid Split With Rand
Serbia, Kosovo Fail to Agree on Plan to Tackle Ethnic Partition
Kerry Blames Iran for Attack on Iraq Camp
Kerry, Lawmakers in Testy Exchanges on Benghazi
UN Security Council Lists Syrian Army and Militias as Sex Predators, Along With African Rebels
Hagel Warns That War in Syria Could Be 'Lengthy and Uncertain'
Syrian Army, Rebels Clash Around Air Base Near Lebanon Border
Assad Says West Will Pay for Backing Al-Qaeda in Syria
Europeans Step Toward Easing Syria Oil Exports
UN Chief: Syria Still Barring Entry of Chemical Weapons Investigation Team
Russian Foreign Minister Tells West Don't Isolate Assad
Syria Envoy Denies Receiving Complaint From Lebanon
Israel Army Court Sentences US-Palestinian Teen
Kerry: Time Running Out for 2-State Solution
Islamists in Sinai Claim Israel Attack
Israeli Arab MP Rejects Call for Expulsion of Arabs
Pink Floyd's Waters: US Has 'Knee-Jerk' Support for Israel
Attacks Continue Ahead of Provincial Elections in Iraq: 16 Killed
Attorney General of Fallujah Assassinated
Iraq Pays $300 Million to Terror Victims
Iraqi Kurdistan Poised to Pipe Oil to World Via Turkey
Middle East
Anonymous Hacks Kuwaiti Government Website
British MPs Want Bahrain F1 Race Canceled Due to Unrest
Saudi Arabia: Deported Because of 'Good Looks'
Euro Zone Crisis Has Increased IMF's Power
UK: Thefts From West Country Military Bases Cost £280k
Mexican Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Retired General Accused of Organized Crime
Mexico's Vigilante Law Enforcers
Mexico and China Look to Trade Away Old Rivalry
Options Narrow for Venezuelan Opposition as Supreme Court Chief Says No Way for Recount
The War at Home
FBI Chastises Media After Incorrect Report of Boston Bombing Arrest
Boehner's Hand Forced on Benghazi
Experts Have Long Warned About IEDs in US
Officials Warn There May Be More Letters Possibly Laced With Poison
Q&A: What Is Ricin?
Hagel: Pentagon to Decide on Civilian Furloughs by Next Month
Fox Pulls 'Family Guy' Episode Referring to Deaths at Boston Marathon; No Plans to Re-Air
2 Red Crescent Staffers Die in Afghanistan
Funeral Held for Diplomat Killed in Afghanistan
US Airmen Help Train Tonga Troops for Upcoming Afghanistan Deployment
Nine Soldiers Killed in North Waziristan Suicide Attack
Imran Khan Home Attacked in Pakistan
Easing of Tibet Restrictions Welcomed
Taiwan Holds First Live-Fire Military Drill Since 2008
North Africa
Egypt: Mubarak's Retrial Will Begin on 11 May
Libyan Plane Shot at as Lands at Tripoli: Airline Sources
Central African Republic
Central African Republic Prime Minister Appeals for French Military Help
Central African Republic Sets Up Government at Luxury Hotel With Lattes, Omelets to Order
Nigeria Sets Up Islamic Extremist Amnesty Group
Justices Bar US Suit in Nigerian Human Rights Case
Rebels Say Seize Military Base in Sudan Border Oil State
Ivory Coast Wants Drones to Monitor Liberia Border
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Targeted Killings in the Drone War - Illegal and Unconstitutional

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A Kangaroo Court at Last

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