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Updated April 28, 2013 - 11:19 PM EDT
Syria Nerve Gas Claims Undermined by Witnesses
  Obama Unveils New 'Red Line' for Syria's Chemical Weapons
  Islamist Rebels Create Dilemma on Syria Policy
  No Good Military Options for US in Syria
  Netanyahu Orders Ministers to Keep Mum on Syria
Wiretap: Tsarnaev Talked Jihad With Mom in 2011
Group Tied to Old Guard Could Gain in Iraq Unrest
Gay Pride Shame: Bradley Manning Pulled as Grand Marshal
Defense Contractors Already Looking to Cash in on Boston
Law Requiring Warrants for E-Mail Wins Senate Panel OK
Hungry For Freedom In Guantanamo  by Ramzy Baroud
Dear Rand Paul: Keep Fighting the Fight on Drones  by Malou Innocent
Challenging Einstein: Kerry's 'New' Diplomacy in the Middle East  by Phyllis Bennis
Boston Involves a Choice  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Iraqi Civil War, Round Two  by Paul R. Pillar
Don't Trade Freedom for Security  by Steve Chapman

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Message From Guantanamo Prison Cells
Protesters March Against First British Drone Base
Omar Khadr Will Appeal War Crimes Convictions
Back From Iraq, US Veterans Fight the Effects of War
US Tests Out Aerial Drones in Caribbean Drug Fight
Al-Qaeda's Battle for Control of Assad's Chemical Weapons Plant
Syrian Rebels and Troops Clash Around Sprawling Air Base in Country's North
German Officials Fear Return of Islamist Fighters in Syria
Turkey Says Chemical Arms Use Would Escalate Syria Crisis
In Syria, Ankara-PKK Talks Draw Kurdish and Arab Forces Together
Fire Kills 4 Brothers at Camp for Syria Refugees
Palestinians' Abbas Says to Start Talks on Unity Government
Palestinian Official: Israel Wants Summit to Resume Peace Talks
US Asked Israel Not to Respond to Drone Launch
Now Out of the Government, Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Parties Fumble for a Plan
Prominent Muslim Cleric to Visit Gaza
Dancing Around the Conflict in Ramallah
Thirteen Killed in More Iraq Bloodshed
Tension Mounts as Kurdish Forces Deploy in Disputed Northern Iraq
Maliki Blames Sectarianism on Regional Strife
5 Soldiers, 2 al-Qaeda Militants Killed
Yemen Military Intelligence Official Assassinated
Iranian Scientist Returns After Release From US
Bomb Hits Libyan Police Station in Benghazi, Militiaman Killed in Separate Attack
President Says Libya Harbors Chadian Mercenaries
North Africa
Clashes in Western Sahara After UN Re-Ups Peacekeepers Without Human Rights Monitoring Role
12 'Black Bloc' Members Held in Cairo
Algeria's President Has Mini-Stroke
Sudan Rebels Widen Offensive
Ten Dead, Dozens Hurt During Mexican Prison Riot
Just What the Mexican Drug War Needs: More Vigilante Militias
Canada Terror Plot Suspect Argued He Was a Stateless Palestinian to Avoid Deportation
The War at Home
Mississippi Man Linked to Ricin Letters Charged With Biological Weapons Use
Navy Tests New Weapons in the War on Drugs
A Battered Dream for Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Then a Violent Path
Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Radical Islam: Friends and Neighbors Seek Answers
Boston Bombing Interrogation: Will Prosecutors Have a Miranda Problem?
Imam of Mosque Visited by Bombing Suspect Speaks
Taliban Announce Start of Spring Offensive, Signaling Plans for More Attacks
Afghans Pay in Blood, Losing an Estimated 300 a Month to Take Lead in Fight Against Taliban
Plane Crash in Afghanistan Kills 4 NATO Security Force Members
Gunmen Release 9 Afghan Mine Clearers: Officials
Twin Blasts Near MQM Office Kill Two, Injure 25 in Karachi
Blast Near PPP Rally Kills at Least Three in Karachi's Lyari
Karachi: ASI Among 7 Killed in City, Shia Cleric Injured
Karachi: Rangers Nab 19 Accused in Targeted Operation
Fleeing Violence in Pakistan, Hazaras Brave Uncertain Journey
Alleged CIA Operator Goes on Hunger Strike in Peshawar Jail
Kidnapped Former Minister Released in Pakistan
'Indian Spy' Fights for Life in Pakistan
North Korea
US Citizen Charged in North Korea With Plotting to Overthrow Leadership
Kim Jong-UN Celebrates the North Korean Army's 81st Birthday
Chinese Troops Erect Tents 19km Inside Indian Territory
Indian PM Soothes China Border Tensions
Amnesty for Nepali War Crimes Could Undermine Peace, UN Warns
Russians Go on TV to Say Sanctions Won't Matter
Pussy Riot Member Denied Parole, Will Remain in Prison Colony
Americans Still Dying
Selah (WA) Father of Two Young Children Killed by Missile Fire in Afghanistan
Fairfax (VA) Helicopter Pilot Killed in Afghan Attack
South Carolina Soldier Dies From Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan
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