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Updated May 1, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Police: 3 More Suspects Arrested in Boston Case
  Feds Probe Boston Suspect's Link to Russian Militants
  Attacks in Russia's Dagestan Grab Int'l Attention After Boston
  Russia Had Boston Suspect Under Surveillance
  FBI: OK to Question Terror Suspects Who Ask for Lawyer
Obama: US Unsure Who Used Syria Chemical Arms
  Obama’s Chemical Arms ‘Red Line’ Is Pure Propaganda
  Hezbollah Leader Hints at Intervention in Syria
  Britain Not So Eager to Arm Syrian Rebels
Afghanistan: An Endless Financial Sinkhole
  US Forces in Afghanistan Nearly Destroyed Vital Airfield
Palestinians Endorse Arab League Land-Swap Plan
  Israeli Air Strike Kills Gazan: First Targeted Attack Since November
Obama: Gitmo Still Needs to Be Closed
Poll: Americans Opposed to Attacking Syria or North Korea
Another Ministry Seized as Libyan Militias Exert Influence
Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy: WMD for We But Not For Thee  by Thomas Knapp
Syria: The Only Red Line Should Be to Stay Out  by Doug Bandow
It's Not the Pentagon Standing in the Way of Cuts to Arms Programs  by Jordan Bloom
The Profligate Nuclear Pentagon  by Steve Breyman
Peddling Islamophobia  by Charlotte Silver
In Wake of Boston Tragedy, Right to Privacy at Risk  by Shane Krauser

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US Cargo Plane Crash Kills 7 in Afghanistan (video)
More Medics Arrive at Gitmo to Assist Forced Feedings
Feds Hide Behind Potential Text Message Loophole in Sunshine Law
Guantánamo Memoirs of Mohamedou Ould Slahi
Storming Ministries, Libya's Militias Put Pressure
Missing US Soldier Found Living in Vietnam Village After 44 Years
Syria Does Not Trust Chemical Weapons Claims by US, Britain
Iran Says Use of Chemical Arms by Anyone in Syria Is 'Red Line'
Mortar Shell Lands Near Iraqi Embassy in Damascus
Russia Bans Passenger Flights Over Syria
Bomb in Damascus Kills 13 on Day After Attack on Prime Minister
Young German Jihadists on Syria's Battlefields
Israeli Officials Offer Tepid Response to Arab League Bid to Jumpstart Peace Talks
Arab League Sweetens Israel-Palestinian Peace Plan
Palestinian Land-Swap Deal Backed by Livni
Kerry Hails Arab Shift on Land Swaps
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Didn't Send Drone Over Israel
Israeli Settler Killed in West Bank
Jerusalem Yeshiva Student Arrested After Attacking Arabic-Speaking Detectives
Twenty Iraqis Killed in Scattered Attacks
Iraq Shuts Down Crossing Point With Jordan
Civilian Killed, 9 Wounded Northeast Baquba
Middle East
Sources Say Senior Iranian Diplomat Detained in March
Kuwait Says It's Owed $11.2 Billion in Iraq War Reparations
Saudi Arabia Police 'Shoot and Arrest Wanted Protester'
US 'Regrets' Egypt Walkout at Nuclear Talks Over Israel's Defiance of Resolution
ElBaradei: Egypt Leader Will Need Opposition Help
France 'Playing With Fire' in Mali, al-Qaeda Says
Mali Court Drops Case Against Newspaper Editor
France: Jihadist Convert Arrested in Mali
Satellites, Witnesses Counter Nigeria Denials About Village Attack That Killed at Least 187
Congo's M23 Rebels Threaten New UN Brigade
Somali Region Executes 13 People by Firing Squad
6 Men Plead Guilty to Planning Terrorist Attack in England
Ukraine Violated Tymoshenko's Rights: European Court
Canada Can't Account for $3.1bn Spending
Friction Between US and Mexico Threatens Efforts on Drugs
Venezuelan Lawmakers Hurt During Punch-Up in Parliament
The War at Home
Govt Seeks to Fine Firms for Not Complying With Wiretap Orders
Uncertainties Remain as FAA Integrates Drones Into American Skies
Obama Hints Bomb Suspects Were 'Self-Radicalized'
Drone Protesters Rally at Beale AFB in California
Reversal: Fidel Castro's Niece to Get Gay Rights Award in US
Obama Administration Officials Threatened Whistle-Blowers on Benghazi, Lawyer Says
Pentagon Using China Satellite for US-Africa Command
Obama Defends Law Enforcement Efforts Before Boston Attack
Bombs Kill 3 NATO Troops, 9 Afghans
Official: Dozens of Poppy-Eradication Campaigners Killed in Past Month in Afghanistan
Taliban Claim Responsibility for Cargo Plane Crash That Killed 7
Investigators Sent to Afghan Air Base Where Cargo Plane Crashed
As Combat Role Eases, Aircraft Crashes Are Biggest Killer of US Troops in Afghanistan
37 More Missiles Reportedly Fired Into Afghanistan From Pakistan in Kunar Province
Mass Grave Discovered in Northern Parwan
Customs Intercepts Moth Hitchhiker From Afghanistan
Afghanistan Blames Opium Surge on Global Demand
As Afghans Search for Loved Ones, Hope Comes Over the Airwaves
US Panel: Afghans Need More Religious Freedom
New Surge in Violence in Karachi; 12 Killed
Pakistan Court Bans Musharraf From Office for Life
Mixed Feelings About Target of Monday's Blast
Rock the Vote? Pakistan's Politicians Court a Younger Crowd
US Condemns Attacks on Politicians in Pakistan
As South Korea and US End Military Drills, How Will North Korea React?
China Steps Up Customs Checks, but North Korea Trade Robust
Several Myanmar Villages Ablaze as New Anti-Muslim Violence Injures at Least 10
Mobs in Malaysia Torch Rohingya Homes
Indian Congress Party Leader Acquitted in 1984 Sikh Riot Case
Sri Lanka 'Intensifies Crackdown on Dissent': Amnesty
Dhaka Building Collapse: Police Clash With Protesters
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