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Updated May 10, 2013 - 11:25 PM EDT
Pakistan High Court: US Drone Strikes Illegal
  Former State Dept. Lawyer Criticizes Drone War Secrecy
Free Syrian Army Rebels Defect to Islamists
  Hezbollah Chief: Syria to Supply 'Game-Changing' Arms
  Brzezinski: Syria Intervention Will Only Make it Worse
  US: No Syria Peace Deal Without Assad Ouster
Karzai: US Can Keep Nine Bases in Afghanistan
  Inspector General: Officials Trying to Silence Me on Afghanistan
Yemeni Minister, Expecting Gitmo Talks, Leaves DC in a Huff
  Answers to Key Questions About Guantanamo
Israel Announces More West Bank Settlement Construction
  More Than Half of Slain in November Gaza War Were Civilians
Foreign Ministry: Kurdish Fighters Not Welcome in Iraq
US Interventionism in Asia Aggravates Regional Tensions
Julian Assange: The Government Is a Vindictive Loser
Lessons From the Past for Syria Hawks  by Lawrence Korb
How the Iraq War Became a War on Christians  by Andrew Doran
Unlimited Government Abroad Means No Freedom at Home  by Jacob G. Hornberger
If the Government Does It, It's Legal  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Learning From Shakespeare  by Bruce Fein
Iraq, Syria and the Death of the Modern Mideast  by Murtaza Hussain

More Viewpoints

House Bill: Advanced Notice to Congress for Kill/Capture Missions
Pentagon Plans East Coast Missile Defense Sites
Nigerian Cult Ambush Kills 46 Policemen
Japan Protests China Article on Okinawa Sovereignty
Infographic: How the Pakistan Elections Work
New Terrorist Magazine Targets Obama, Drones
Syrian Army Pushes on to Recover Lost Territory
US Warns Against Russian Missile Sales to Syria
Israel Asks Russia Not to Sell Syria Advanced S-300 Air Shield: Officials
Syria 'Is Ready' to Let in UN Chemical Experts
Turkey Testing Syrians for Chemical Weapon Wounds
Syria 'Likely' to Have Used Chemical Weapons, Says UK
Syria War Could Push Lebanon, Jordan Into Slump
Nasrallah Shatters Israel's Red Lines on Arms
Likud MP: Israeli Decision on Striking Iran by Early 2014
Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran Could Easily Disrupt Oil Supply
Kerry Says Israel, Palestinians Serious About Peace
Islamic Cleric in Gaza Rejects Israel's Existence
China Offers Subtle Signals of Encouragement for Netanyahu
Surreal, 100-Year-Old Footage Shows Jerusalem as You've Never Seen It
Boycott of Israel Is Small for Now, but Gets Higher Profile With Hawking
US Blacklists Firms for Evading Iran Oil Sale Sanctions
US Congress Seeks to Block Iran's Access to Foreign Reserves
Iranian President's Era Nears Its End but Loyal Political Base Hints at Future Clout
Child Among 14 Killed Across Iraq
Kurds Could Face Voting Problems in Mosul, Officials Fear
Yemen's Leader Warns of al-Qaeda Expansion
Gunmen Assassinate Military Officer in Yemen
Abducted Finnish Couple and Austrian Man Freed in Yemen
Middle East
Al-Qaeda-Linked Cell Arrested in Lebanon
Beware of Cyber Attacks, Middle East Governments Warned
Kerry: Jordan Is a Key Player in Peace Process
Russian Police Kill Eight Suspected Islamist Militants in North Caucasus
Northern Ireland Leaders Say They Want to Tear Down Dozens of 'Peace Lines' by 2023
Mexican City Tries to Reshape Its Violent Image
Former Dictator Rios Montt Denies in Court That He Ordered Genocide During Guatemala's War
Venezuelan Politics Get Personal, Divide Families
Boston Bombing Aftermath
In Russia, Marathon Bombing Suspect Talked Jihad
Intelligence Report Identified Vulnerability Before Boston Bombing
FBI Under Fire, Didn't Tell Boston PD About Marathon Bombing Suspects
Boston Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Buried
Benghazi Attack Aftermath
Benghazi Attack: Hicks 'Stunned' at Rice Explanation
Benghazi Debate Focuses on Interpretation of Early E-Mail on Attackers
Boehner: White House Should Release Benghazi Emails
Benghazi Whistleblower: Has Diplomat Gregory Hicks Suffered for Speaking Out?
The War at Home
Tunisian Is Charged With Seeking to Build a Terrorist Network in the US
US Marine Recruitment Effort Targets Asian-Americans, Pacific Islanders
3 Marine Officers Dismissed in Wake of Deadly Mortar Accident
Pakistan's Economy Grows 'in Spite of State'
Pakistani Officials: Gunmen Seize Former Prime Minister Gilani's Son During Election Rally
Pakistan Election: Sharif 'Would End' War on Terror Role
Nawaz Sharif the Front-Runner in Pakistan Poll 'but Everything Can Change'
Hard-Line Islamistsk Expected to Make Gains in Pakistan Vote
Thousands Gather to Hear Imran Khan's Hospital Bed Election Address
Pakistan: Durand Line Is a Settled Issue With Afghanistan
NZ Troops Transport Tons of Supplies Out of Afghanistan
Reputation Remake: Tilt-Rotor Osprey Wins Fans in Afghanistan
Bangladesh Opposition Leader Sentenced to Death
Is This the Documentary That Got a US Citizen Sentenced to Hard Labor in North Korea?
Pakistan Inmate Sanaullah Ranjay Dies in India Hospital
North Africa
American Stabbed Outside US Embassy in Cairo
Tunisia Arrests Libyan 'Terrorist' Entering Port With Explosives
Eritrea: '10,000 Political Prisoners in Awful Conditions'
Kenya Asks UN to Drop ICC Charges
Ugandan General Questions Museveni Succession Plan
South African Army Flexes Muscles Ahead of Congo Mission
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