Or at least that's what the "mainstream" media must think – because that's all they dish up these days.

First they tell us the Syrian rebels are fighting for "democracy" – then we find out the "rebels" are jihadists who hate America.

First tell they us the Syrian government used sarin gas on rebels – then we find out it was the rebels who are using sarin.

First they dish out the lies – then we find out they were lying!

Antiwar.com debunks the lies as soon as they're uttered – that's our job. The War Party is doing its damnedest to drag us into yet another war in the Middle East – but Antiwar.com is right there, refuting their war propaganda 24/7. But we can't do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible donation today.

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Updated May 14, 2013 - 11:24 PM EDT
Sharif: US Must Take Drone Concerns Seriously
Turkish MP Blames Syria Rebel Group for Attack
  Syria Reserves Right to Attack Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights
  Rebel Commander Cuts Organs Out of Soldier’s Body and Eats Them
Cost for US to Exit Afghanistan: $7 Billion
  3 US Troops, 3 Georgian Troops Killed in Afghan Bombings
Netanyahu's Secret 2011 Talks With Palestinians
  DC Museum Backtracks: Won't Honor Slain Gaza Cameramen
Growing Anger Over US Drones in Yemen
US Envoy Boycotts UN Disarmament Councils Led by Iran
New Harsh Force Feeding Method Being Used at Gitmo
N. Korea: Arrival of US Aircraft Carrier a Reckless Provocation
Saudi Arrested in Detroit for Flying With Pressure Cooker
What No One Wants to Hear About Benghazi  by Ron Paul
What Did Elliot Abrams Know About Genocide in Guatemala?  by Jim Lobe
Will Pakistan Finally Stand Up Against Illegal US Drone Attacks?  by Clive Stafford Smith
The Deepening Shame of Guantanamo  by Ray McGovern
Infantilizing North Korea  by John Feffer
Four Americans – and the Truth – Died in Benghazi  by Tim Carney

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Has Iranian Supreme Leader's Power Diminished?
Singapore Begins Inquiry Into Hi-Tech Assassination
Marine Corps Studying Spike in Suicides
Pentagon Grapples With Sex Crimes by Military Recruiters
Under Sweeping Subpoenas, Justice Dept Obtained AP Phone Records in Probe
Arabs, Leftists Mark Nakba Day at Tel Aviv University
The War at Home
Here's the Story the AP Suspects Led to Sweeping Justice Dept. Subpoena
28 Years Ago The Philadelphia Police Department Bombed and Burned a City Block
US Iraq Veteran Found Guilty of 2009 Murders of Fellow Service Members
Obama Dismisses Criticism of Benghazi Talking Points as 'Side Show'
Reagan’s Friend and Ally Convicted of Genocide
Kandahar Bomb Blast Kills 10 Afghan Civilians
Taliban Shuts 40 Schools in Southern Zabul Province
'Corrupt' Afghan MPs Are Named in Parliament
Taliban Free Four Turkish Engineers in Afghanistan: Erdogan
Pakistani Leader Moves Quickly to Form Government
Imran Demands Recounting of Votes on 25 NA Seats in Punjab
Nawaz Sharif Vows Warmer Ties With India, Better Relations With US
North Korea Names New Armed Forces Minister
Ex-President Leading in Mayoral Race in Manila, Aquino-Backed Candidates in Senate Polls
Japan WWII 'Comfort Women' Were 'Necessary': Hashimoto
Nigeria Extremists Say They Kidnap Women, Children
Iranian Azim Aghajani Convicted Over Nigeria Arms
South Sudan Forces Loot Aid Agencies in Restive East
Chad Troops Return Home From Mali Conflict
Gen. Breedlove Takes Over as NATO's Top Military Officer
Russia's Mediterranean Task Force to Include Nuclear Subs – Navy Chief
Damascus Denies Responsibility for Turkey Bombings
Syrian Troops Retake Strategic Town
UK to Double Aid to Syria Insurgents: PM
Turkey: Israel to Compensate Only Those Who Drop Lawsuits
Turkish Fighter Jet Lost Near Syria in Probable Accident
Turkey's Journalists Say Press Freedom Has Declined Under Erdogan's Rule
The Organization Behind Illegal West Bank Outpost Construction
Hamas Claims Success in Crackdown on 'Israeli Collaborators' in Gaza
State to Court: IDF to Halt Use of Phosphorous Shells
Palestinians Unite Behind Gaza Strip 'Arab Idol' Star
Cleric and Councilman Among 14 Killed in Iraq
Attacks on Sunni Mosques Fuel Fears in Iraq
Ayad Allawi: Demonstrations in Iraq Won't Stop Unless Maliki Resigns
Voices in Danger: In Iraq, Intimidation Threatens the Media's Ability to Report
Three Red Cross Aid Workers Kidnapped in Yemen
Yemen Military Jet Crashes in Sanaa
In Yemen, Protecting Against Terrorism by Promoting Culture
Middle East
Iranian Foreign Minister Salehi: 'We Condemn Chemical Weapons'
Egypt Paper Stands by Mubarak 'Interview'
UAE Sedition Trial: 'Don't Make Us Criminals Because of Our Opinions'
Venezuela Launches Massive Street Security Operation
Family Members Recount Honduran Police Raids Where Detainees Turn Up Dead, Missing
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