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Updated May 17, 2013 - 10:59 PM EDT
Authorization of Force and Never-Ending War
Over 160 Killed in Three Days of Iraqi Violence
  Syria's Civil War Fueling Violence in Iraq
Bombs at Mosques in Northwest Pakistan Kill 20
  Did US Pause Drone Strikes for Pakistan Election?
Afghan Bomber Kills 16, Including 6 Americans
  Unravelling the Propaganda of Impending Civil War in Afghanistan
Obama Sees Syria 'Military Option', but Not Alone
  Islamist Rebels Video Shows Execution of 11 Syrian Soldiers
  US Has Seen Syria Chemical Weapons Evidence, Says Obama
Israel's Deficit Cure: New Taxes on Palestinians
  Israel to Legalize Four Outposts Already Ordered Demolished
Military Sex Abuse Prevention Official Ran Forced Prostitution
Iran Negotiator: We're Being Asked to Make All the Sacrifices
Boston Bomber Note: Attack Inspired by Iraq, Afghan Wars
3 Glaring Hypocrisies in Obama's Iran Policy  by John Glaser
Despite Horrific Violence, the US Should Stay Out of Syria  by Stephen Zunes
Civil Liberties, Press Freedom, & America's Global Role  by Stephen Walt
What Should Americans Die For?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Guantanamo and the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger
No Good Reason for the US to Intervene in Syria  by Daniel Larison

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Closure at Kent State?
Policy on Drone Strike Authorization Doesn't Need to Change, Official Says
Witness Protection Program Lost Two Former 'Terrorists'
Taiwan Holds Military Drills Amid Philippine Row
Yemeni Kidnappers Release Red Cross Hostages
US Soldier Who Killed Troops in Iraq Gets Life in Prison
The War at Home
Pickering, Mullen Reject Request to Testify on Benghazi in Private
Second Official Out at IRS as Obama Appoints Acting Chief
IRS Official Who Oversaw Unit Targeting Tea Party Now Heads ObamaCare Office
Uzbek Citizen Arrested in Idaho, Accused of Supporting Militants
NASA Buys Into 'Quantum' Computer
Two NATO Truck Drivers Gunned Down Near Afghan Border
Taliban Kill Two Soldiers in Peshawar
Karachi: PTI, JI Demos Continue Against Alleged Rigging
Karzai to Visit India; Afghanistan Looks for Enhanced Defense Ties
Afghans Tell of US Soldier's Killing Rampage
Japan Mayor Says His Lack of Sensitivity About US Image of Prostitution Caused Outrage
Kashmiris Protest at Killing of Sardar Arif Shahid
France to Keep 1,000 Troops in Mali Indefinitely
US Instructors to Train African Troops for Mali in Niger
Nigerian Army Begins Raids on Boko Haram in Borno
Warplanes, Troops in NE Nigeria; Mobile Phones Cut
27-Year-Old CIA Wig Resurfaces in Moscow Spy Case
Bulgaria's Leading Party Demands Vote Rerun After 'Violation'
Russia Provides Syria With Advanced Missiles
Obama and Erdogan Demand Assad Step Down
US Announces New Sanctions Against Syria
Refugees Fleeing Besieged Qusayr Say Syrian Rebels Dug In, Preparing for Govt Onslaught
Russia Says Iran Must Take Part in Proposed Syria Talks
3 UN Military Observers Were Abducted in Zone Between Syria and Israel and Later Freed
Jordan to Host 'World's Largest Refugee Camp'
Jordan Jet Crashes Near Syrian Border, 2 Killed
Syrian Troops Flush Out Rebels From Prison
Israeli Ministers Seek to Label 'Price Tag' Attacks 'Terrorism'
Despite US Objection, Erdogan to Travel to Gaza, West Bank
30,000 Ultra-Orthodox in Jerusalem Anti-Draft March
Palestinian Smugglers Deliver KFC to Gaza
UN Chief Warns Israel Over East Jerusalem Humanitarian Law Violations
CIA Chief Pays Surprise Visit to Israel
Canada PM Slams World Leaders for Not Supporting Israel
Bombings Continue in Baghdad, Kirkuk; 40 Killed
Iraq's Sunnis Divided Over Need for Their Own Federal Region
Total Curfew Imposed in Ramadi and Fallujah
UN: 14 Iranian Exiles Moved From Iraq to Albania
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