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Updated May 18, 2013 - 11:03 PM EDT
Over 160 Killed in Three Days of Iraqi Violence
  Syria's Civil War Fueling Violence in Iraq
Bombs at Mosques in Northwest Pakistan Kill 20
  Did US Pause Drone Strikes for Pakistan Election?
Pentagon in Afghan War Budget Crisis
  Fearing Afghanistan Instability, Russia May Deploy Border Troops
  Nine Killed, 70 Wounded in Bombings Near Kandahar
US Slams Russia's Missile Sales to Syria
  Syria's Nusra Front Eclipsed by Iraq-Based al-Qaeda
  Turkey Arrests Turkish Man as 'Prime Suspect' Over Blasts
North Korea Test-Fires 3 Short-Range Missiles
Day 100: Gitmo Hunger Strikers in Failing Health
Nigeria Launching Massive Offensive Against Boko Haram
Refusing to Go to War Finally Being Recognized as Brave Act
Org. of Americans States' Study Eyes Marijuana Decrimin
The Biggest Obama Scandals Are Proven and Ignored  by Conor Friedersdorf
Washington Gets Explicit: Its 'War on Terror' Is Permanent  by Glenn Greenwald
Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI  by David K. Shipler
Secrecy, Surveillance, and Public Safety  by David Bromwich
Boston Suspect's Writing on the Wall  by Ray McGovern
Iraq Then, Syria Now?  by Peter Hart

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Top US General Warns of Sexual Assault 'Crisis', Meets Obama
Aaron Swartz's Last Gift: Site Launches Whistleblower Safe House
Russian Security Services Identify CIA Moscow Chief
Germany's NATO Drone Project Hits EU Snags
Polling Specialists Question Pentagon Sex-Assault Survey
France Opposes Syria Conference if Iran to Attend
UNHCR: Syria Refugee Total Now More Than 1.5 Million
Israel Is Not Seeking to Topple Assad, Top Defense Official Says
CIA Chief John Brennan Makes Surprise Israel Visit for Syria Talks
Rights Groups Say Thousands Have Vanished Into the Syrian's Torture Dungeons
Senior Fatah Officials Call for Single Democratic State, Not Two-State Solution
5 Palestinians Injured by Israeli Sniper Fire
John Kerry's Upcoming Israel Visit Is Fourth Attempt to Push Stone Up the Hill
Erdogan: Hamas Vital to Peace Talks
Retaliation Against Sunnis Leave 90 Dead, 201 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraq MP Accuses the Turkish Government of Supporting Terrorism
France: West Should Place 'Decisive Sanctions' Against Iran
Iran May Ban Candidates Who Seek Ties With US
Ex-Iran President Seeks Comeback Against Odds
Turkey PM: No Decision Yet on Further Iran Oil Import
Iran Pulls Out of Los Angeles Wrestling Meet
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Dies After Setting Himself on Fire in Protest
Saudi Web Sites Under Attack After Surveillance Accusations
Bahrain Forces Raid Top Cleric's House: Opposition
Weekend Reviews
'Good Guys' Make Bad Generals
Obama's Dysfunctional Foreign Policy
US Drone Strikes 'Deadly and Dirty,' Warns New Book
A View of American Foreign Policy in Breadth
Shadow of the Sultan's Realm: The Destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
2 More Gitmo Prisoners Join Hunger Strike, Military Says
Lawyer Wants Photos of Gitmo Prisoner Struck in Clash
Nawaz Sharif Has Won Pakistan's Election, but Patchwork of Power Is Emerging at the Regional Level
Deal Reached to Form Govt in Balochistan
Imran Says Altaf Violated British Law
UN Panel Says Sanctions Are Delaying Development of North Korea's Nuclear and Missile Programs
Army General Who Served in Afghanistan Is Pentagon Pick to Command US Troops in S. Korea
Myanmar President Heads to US for First State Visit
Assistant US Attorney Takes Command of Coalition to Support Afghan Courts
Chinese Man Held in Kashmir Over 'Koran Desecration'
Police Clash With Youth in Cairo After Anti-Morsi Protest
One Dead, Dozens Wounded in Sectarian Clashes in Egypt
Protesting Egyptian Police Block Gaza Crossing
After Sinai Kidnapping, Egyptian Police Seal Border With Gaza
North Africa
Tunisia Govt: Salafi Conference Threat to Public Order, Setting Up Weekend Confrontation
Algeria's Aging Regime, Restive Youth Makes for a Volatile Political Mix in North Africa
Libya: Vigil in Misrata After Discovery of Mass Grave
Nigerian Forces Bombard Islamist Militant Camps From the Air
Litvinenko Inquest in Doubt After Evidence Ruling
Czechs Turn Soviet Nuclear Warhead Depot Into Iron Curtain Museum
Bomb Found in West Belfast After Attack
Mexico to Create Special Police Unit to Search for the Missing
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