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Updated May 19, 2013 - 10:41 PM EDT
'10 to 20' More Years of War Against al-Qaeda
Iraq on the Brink as Sectarian Strife Grows
  40 Killed Across Iraq; 13 Kidnapped in Anbar Province
Police Are Targets in Wave of Afghan Violence
  Efforts to Strengthen Afghan Law on Women May Backfire
Qaeda's Syria Wing Takes Over Assad's Oilfields
  Rebel Groups Clash in Northern Syria
  Israeli Intelligence Official: Assad Preferable to Rebels
North Korea Test-Fires 3 Short-Range Missiles
US Drone in Yemen Kills 4 Suspected Militants
The Biggest Obama Scandals Are Proven and Ignored  by Conor Friedersdorf
Washington Gets Explicit: Its 'War on Terror' Is Permanent  by Glenn Greenwald
Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI  by David K. Shipler
Secrecy, Surveillance, and Public Safety  by David Bromwich
Boston Suspect's Writing on the Wall  by Ray McGovern
Iraq Then, Syria Now?  by Peter Hart

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New Documents Reveal How a 1980s Nuclear War Scare Became a Full-Blown Crisis
Venezuela's Maduro Still Waiting on US Recognition
DARPA Cancels Formation-Flying Satellite Demo
US No-Fly Error 'Allowed Terrorists on Planes'
Somaliland Waits for Worldwide Recognition
Tomorrow's Wars Will Be Fought With a 3-D Printer
Car Bomb Kills 4 Near Syrian Capital: Activists
Assad: Syria Transition Talks Are Internal Matter
Syria's Deputy FM Says Gunmen Abducted His Elderly Father
Assad Says Israel Is Helping Syrian Rebels
Israel Warns Against Russian Arms Supply to Syria
Israel-Syria Tensions Remind Me of Pre-1967 War Period, Says Ex-Intel Chief
Gazans Struggle to Reel in a Livelihood
Israelis, Palestinians Battle Over Access to Al Aqsa Mosque
Abbas: Netanyahu Must Choose Between Settlements and Peace
Man Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse
West Bank Journalists Say Were Detained by Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Activists Sue Israel for the Return of 6,000 Books
Forty Killed Across Iraq; 13 Kidnapped in Anbar Province
Photo of Ailing Iraqi President Al Talibani Published
Suspected Islamist Gunmen Assassinate Yemeni Colonel
Yemen General Denounces 'Sabotage' of Air Force
Middle East
At a Refugee Camp in Lebanon, Coffee and Dashed Hopes
Blasts Rock Libya's Capital and Eastern City
Egypt Blocks Gaza Border, Hamas Calls Continued Closure 'Unjustified'
Coptic Christian Latest Target of Blasphemy Frenzy Under Islamist-Ruled Egypt
Negotiations With Kidnappers of Egyptian Soldiers Halted: Sources
Palestinians in Egypt Exiled, Forgotten
Armed Tuareg and Arab Groups Clash in Northern Mali
USAF Refueling Operations in Mali Pass 200 Missions
Mysterious Disappearance Sends Shudders Through Timbuktu
Nigeria Army Imposes Curfew in Maiduguri
Ivory Coast Army Arrests Militia Leader
Journalist Found Dead in Eastern Congo
France Detains Suspect in Toulouse Killings Investigation
Merkel and Pope Talk About a 'Strong' Europe
Top Officials Seek to Address Euro Currency's Institutional Failings, Seek End to IMF Role
Venezuela's Military Enters High-Crime Slums
Venezuela Releases Ex-General Jailed in Post-Election Crackdown on Opposition
The War at Home
FBI Executing Search Warrant in Case of Ricin Intercepted at Spokane Post Office
Marine Who Dumped Toxins Felt Illness Was Payback
Victims: Marines Failed to Safeguard Water Supply
Navy Dolphins Discover Rare 19th Century Torpedo Off Calif. Coast
1 SEAL Dead, 7 Sailors Hurt in Training Accident
Senior VP for Imran Khan's Party Killed in Karachi
PML-F Leader Shot Dead
UK Funds Poll in Pakistan on US Drone Attacks
Pakistan Army 'Throws Weight' Behind Nawaz Sharif
Imran Holds Altaf 'Directly Responsible' for Zarah's Killing
Two Injured in Jaffarabad Blast
Pakistan, Rusting in Its Tracks
Judges' Detention Case: Musharraf's Remand Extended by 14 Days
Police Chief Who Launched Anti-Taliban Crackdown Shot Dead in Western Afghanistan
Conservative Afghan Lawmakers Block Legislation Protecting Women's Rights
Myanmar President Pardons Political Prisoners Ahead of State Visit to United States
Myanmar Sanctions List Left Outdated, Incomplete as US Wooed Ruling Generals
Under Pressure, China Measures Its Impact in Myanmar
In South Korea, High-Profile Defector Is Accused of Spying for the North – by His Sister
Japanese Leader Revives Dark Memories of Imperial-Era Biological Experiments in China
Border Dispute Hangs Over Chinese Premier's Visit to India
Americans Still Dying
DynCorp Contractor (GA) Killed by Afghan Bomb Leaves Behind Expectant Wife
Lawton (OK) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Is Laid to Rest
Soldier (OK) With Ties to Missouri Killed in Kuwait Wreck
Father Remembers Meridian (NY) Soldier as a 'Pillar of Our Family'
Texas Airman Killed in Plane Crash in Kyrgyzstan Remembered by Hometown
USAF SSgt From California Dies in Plane Crash in Afghanistan
Weekend Reviews
'Good Guys' Make Bad Generals
Obama's Dysfunctional Foreign Policy
US Drone Strikes 'Deadly and Dirty,' Warns New Book
A View of American Foreign Policy in Breadth
Shadow of the Sultan's Realm: The Destruction of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East
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