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Updated May 27, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Contra GOP, Obama Not Rolling Back Terror War
  Congressman Preps Bill to End War Authority
  Obama Drone Oversight Proposal Prompts Concern Over 'Kill Courts'
  Kerry Touts Drone Strikes as Dramatic 'Success'
Wave of Baghdad Bombings Kills At Least 80
  As Violence Grows, US Pushes Iraqis for New Talks
  Sunni Grievances Drive Deadly Spike in Iraq Unrest
No EU Deal, Syria Rebel Arms Embargo to Expire
  Syrian Rebels Target Hezbollah in Beirut
  Divided Syrian Rebels Send Mixed Messages on June Talks
  Israel's Syria Strikes Done With Eye on Broad, Regional War
Pakistan's Sharif Reaches Majority to Form Govt
Gen. Allen: US Will Remain in Afghanistan for a 'Long Time'
Journalists File Suit Against Manning Trial Secrecy
Maoists Attack Convoy of India's Ruling Party, Killing 28
The Real Meaning of Obama's National Security Speeches  by Ron Paul
Why I Spoke Out at Obama's Foreign Policy Speech  by Medea Benjamin
Dirty Wars: An Interview With Jeremy Scahill  by Jon Wiener
Another Memorial Day in This Endless War  by Amy Goodman
The Evil of Humanitarian Interventionism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Take Syria Seriously, Stay Out  by Saul Landau

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Knife Attack on Soldier in Paris Treated as Terrorism
A Hopeful Yemen Prepares for Guantanamo Detainees
Obama Officials Are 'Criminalizing Journalism', Says GOP Senator
Colombia and FARC Reach Agreement on Land Reform
Guards in India Outgunned, Attack Survivor Says
Sweden's Riots Put Its Identity in Question
Iraqi Shi'ites Fight for Syrian Government
Hezbollah Chief Says Group Is Fighting in Syria
Hezbollah Commits Full Fight to Keep Assad in Power
11 Killed as Syria Rebels, Kurds Clash
Arab League Chief Urges Hezbollah to Stop Fighting in Syria
Rocket Fired From South Lebanon Towards Israel
Bahrain Calls Hezbollah Head a Terrorist, Says Must Be Stopped
Abbas Tells Israel: Palestinians Won't Accept Deal Based on Temporary Borders
Israel's Peres Calls for Return to Peace Talks
In West Bank Shadows, Repressed Hamas Breathes On
Palestinian Plan Looks to Inject $4 Billion Into 'Tourism Construction'
Gaza Exports Have Plummeted Under Israeli Blockade
Israel Must Take Different Legal Tack on Price-Tag Attacks, Says Ex-Shin Bet Deputy Chief
Israeli Army Ombudsman Recommends Reprimanding 'Humiliating' Officer
Chechnya Building Mosque Near Jerusalem for 'Brethren' Lost 500 Years Ago
Australian Lawmaker Calls Israel Lobby 'Cancerous'
Iran Slams US and French Criticism of Electoral Vetting
Iran Fields 'Massive' Number of Missile Launchers
Iran's 2009 Protests Haunt Upcoming Elections
Bombs Target Iraq Security Forces, as Gunmen Attack Civilians; 14 Killed, 36 Wounded
Biden Phones Iraqi PM, Concerned About Sectarian Violence
Kurdish Students in Iraq Push for Relations With Israel
Law Expert Says Saddam's Trial Was Illegal
Middle East
Gunmen Kill Regional Special Forces Commander in Yemen
Arab Spring Nations Face Delayed Economic Recovery: IMF
Attack in Britain
British Soldier's Killer Had Ties to al-Qaeda, Government Says
Britain to Target Radical Muslim Preachers After Soldier's Killing
After Soldier's Slaying, Britain Forms Extremism Task Force
UK Home Secretary: 'Thousands' at Risk of Radicalization
Far-Right Marchers Rally Amid Tensions Over Woolwich Killing
Heavy Clashes Reported in Ghazni City of Afghanistan
Taliban Issue Threat to Kill Musharraf
Karzai's Brother Plans Independent Run in Election
What's an American Lawyer Doing in Afghanistan?
PML-N Nominates Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister
Violence in Karachi Claims Six Lives
Two Injured in Bannu Checkpost Attack
Sri Lanka Buddhist Monk Dies After Self-Immolation
Japan Boosts Aid to Myanmar During PM Shinzo Abe Visit
Egypt Court Decision Striking Down Ban on Police and Army Vote Stirs Worries Among Some
UAE's $3 Billion Aid for Egypt 'Will Take Time'
Morsi's Salafist Adviser: 'We Have No Problem With the Peace With Israel'
Somali Militants Kill 6 in Attack on Kenyan Police Posts
Kenya Police Kill Terrorist Linked to Al-Shabab
Ugandan Police Shut Down Newspapers Over 'Plot'
Ugandan General Who Questioned President's Succession Hiding in London; Says He Is in Danger
Burkina Faso Soldiers Worry About Defense in Timbuktu
Brazil to Write Off $900m of African Debt
The War at Home
Rep. King: Media to Blame for Gitmo's Bad Rep
American Al Jazeera Channel Shifts Focus to US News
Close Call Between Airliner, Military Helicopter at DC Airport
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