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Updated May 28, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
Obama Asks Pentagon for Syria No-Fly Zone Plan
Israel Threatens to Attack Russian Ships
  No EU Deal, Syria Rebel Arms Embargo to Expire
  John McCain Sneaks Into Syria for Talks With Rebels
Wave of Baghdad Bombings Kills At Least 80
Two Afghan Police Kill 7 Sleeping Colleagues
  Afghan Taliban Carrying Out 100 Attacks Per Day
  More Than 6,700 US Soldiers Have Died Since Afghan War Began
Syrian Rebels Shell Lebanon, Killing Woman
  In North Lebanon, a Syrian Proxy War Rages
Palestinians: Aid No Substitute for Peace Talks
  Likud MP's Bill to Prioritize Judaism Over Democracy
Pentagon: 35 Gitmo Strikers Being Force-Fed
Britain Arrests 10th 'Suspect' in Soldier's Slaying
The Unraveling of Sykes-Picot  by Patrick J. Buchanan
In Syria, Is It the End of Sykes-Picot?  by Patrick Cockburn
From Iraq, A Tragic Reminder to Prosecute the War Criminals  by John Pilger
Revisionist History Day, 2013  by Sheldon Richman
Stay Out of Syria!  by David Bromwich
Our Twisted Politics of Grief  by Norman Solomon

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US, China Set the Stage for Obama-Xi Summit
Confidential Report Lists US Weapons System Designs Compromised by Cyberspies
Top Russian Diplomat: US Proposals on Missile Defense Insufficient
Central African Rep. Rebels Attack Villages, Kill 25
Spying Software 'Used in Bahrain to Track Activists'
Abbas: Israel Not Offering Any Proposals as Basis for Talks
Kerry Holds Surprise Meetings With Abbas, Livni in Amman
Erekat: Israelis Want Peace, PM Must Be Convinced
Military Exemptions Threaten Israeli Coalition
Israel's Only Ultra-Orthodox Battalion Sworn In
Israeli Haredim Rebel Against Army Draft Plan
IDF: New West Bank Road to Be Built in Attempt to Reduce Stone Throwing
Iraq Carnage Leaves 81 Killed, 246 Wounded
Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq Since the 2011 US Troop Pullout
Middle East
Syrian TV Reporter Killed Covering Conflict
9 Wounded in Renewed Clashes in North Lebanon
Yemen Police: MP Behind Abduction of 2 South Africans in Taiz
Group: Morocco Activist Arrests Up Since Charter
Kuwait Court Scraps Opposition Politician's 5-Year Jail Term
Turkey Likely to Move Ahead on EU Path in June
22 People Injured in Football Match Riot in Egypt
Egyptian Presidency Tries to Ease Concerns Over NGO Law
Made in Germany: Berlin Under Fire for Tank Deal With Cairo
Fierce Fighting Between Sudan Government Troops and Rebels Along Border
UN Peacekeepers Cannot Protect Civilians in South Sudan's East
Guinea Says Death Toll From Protest Rises to 12
Al-Shabaab Kills 6 in Kenyan Border Attack
In Boko Haram Offensive, Nigerian Forces on Familiar Ground
African Union Accuses ICC of 'Hunting' Africans
Mali Sets Date for Presidential Election in July
Mandela Too Soft on Whites, Says Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Mexican Government Forming Special Police Unit to Search for Missing People
The War at Home
The 6 Most Hilarious Ways People Breached Airport Security
Hotel Evacuated, Muslim Banquet Canceled After Pressure Cooker Found in Bathroom
Monsanto Hires Infamous Mercenary Firm Blackwater to Track Activists Around the World
Attack in Britain
Ten Attacks on Mosques Since Woolwich Murder
Two Arrested After British Mosque Attacked With Petrol Bombs
Woolwich Suspect's Change in Character Can Be Traced to Kenya Arrest: Friend
Suicide Attack Injure District Governor in Northern Afghanistan
Fighting Season Is Testing Ground for Afghan Force
Afghan TV Throws Spotlight on Abuse of Police Officers
Policeman Allegedly Beaten Up by Army Chief's Son
Taliban Condemns Afghanistan Balloon Project
Imran Khan's Party Won Second Most Votes in Pakistan Election
UNHCR Deeply Concerned Over Drone Attacks in Pakistan
Bomb Kills Five Cops in Shangla
Pakistan Teenager Rescued After Kidnap by Fake Facebook Friend
'Imported' Power Minister Left for Bahrain, Leaving Pakistan in Dark
After Maoist Massacre in India, Fear of Worse to Come
India Will Not Send Army Into Naxal-Hit States: Def Minister
Japan, India to Discuss Military Plane Sales
Aung San Suu Kyi Condemns Rohingya 'Two-Child Policy'
Manila and Taipei Begin Parallel Probes Into Fisherman's Death
Linking Opponents to Khmer Rouge, Cambodia PM Seeks Law to Punish Those Who Deny Atrocities
US F-15 Fighter Crashes in Pacific Ocean Off Southern Japan, Pilot Recovered Safely
Sri Lanka Inquiry Into Buddhist Monk's Self-Immolation
Paris Police Search for 'Bearded Man Seen Praying' Before Soldier Attack
Germany's Small Arms Exports Double
Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal Marks 20th Anniversary of Establishment
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