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Updated May 31, 2013 - 11:19 PM EDT
Turkey Nabs Syrian Rebels Plotting Major Attack
  Syrian Rebels Spurn Peace Talks, Issue More Demands
  McCain's Syria Photo-Op Included Rebel Kidnapper
  Russia Denies Reports Syria Already Got Anti-Aircraft Missiles
  UN: Most Syrian Rebels Don't Want Democracy
UN: Iraq Ready to Explode; 600 Killed This Month
  Baghdad Blasts Continue Thursday; 42 Killed, 129 Wounded
Pakistani Taliban Quit Peace Talks Over Drone Hit
Israel to Expand East Jerusalem Settlement
US Ends Tech Ban on Iran: Iranians Can Buy iPhones Legally
Obama's New FBI Chief Approved Bush's NSA Warrantless Wiretapping  by Glenn Greenwald
Let's Be Clear: Syria 'No-Fly Zone' Is an Act of War  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Whiff of Suspicion Over the Chilcot Inquiry Grows Stronger  by Peter Oborne
Are Washington, Moscow, and Beijing Creating a New Cold War?  by Michael Klare & Tom Engelhardt
Obama's Willful Foreign-Policy Blindness  by Sheldon Richman
Did Obama's Speech Really 'Narrow' the War?  by Peter Hart

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Father of Man FBI Shot Says His Son Was Executed
Select Media Outlets Just Say No to Eric Holder Meet
UN Expert Calls for Halt on Military Robots
Privacy a Looming Issue as Drone Regulation Loosens
Hamas Denies Hezbollah Booting It Out of Lebanon
Former bin Laden Bodyguard Claims Terror Leader Blew Himself Up During Raid
UN Adds Al-Nusra, the Leading Opposition Force Fighting in Syria, to UN Sanctions Blacklist
Syria's Deepening Sectarian War Bleeds Across Borders
Syrian Forces Kill American, British Citizen Accused of Fighting Alongside Rebels
Syrian Civil War Forces Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims to Pick Sides
Hezbollah Fighters Find Nusra's Tactics 'Irritatingly Familiar'
Turkey Returns Fire After Troops Shot at From Syria
Syrian President Says Army 'Has Balance of Power'
Russia Criticizes US Refusal to Rule Out Syria No-Fly Zone
Israeli and Palestinian Tycoons Push for Peace
PA Condemns New East Jerusalem Settlement Plans
Palestinian Refugees Burn Hezbollah Aid
Israel to Free Conscientious Objector
Israeli DM: IDF Needs to Share Burden of Economic Crisis
Two Israeli Soldiers Suspected of Preparing Explosives for 'Criminal Figures'
FIFA to Help End Israeli-Palestinian Sport Dispute
Baghdad Blasts Continue Thursday; 42 Killed, 129 Wounded
Fears Grow in Iraq as Governor Escapes Assassination Attempt
Top Iraqiya Official Calls for Dissolving Parliament, Holding New Elections
Middle East
Iran Presidential Candidates Are Not Just Shades of Grey Between 'Yes Men'
Rebel Rehab: Former Gitmo Prisoners to Be 'De-Programmed' in Yemen
Bahrain Police Hurt in Explosion Near Manama
Refugee Influx Worsens Jordan's Water Woes
'Abyss of Autocracy': A Protest Movement Simmers in Kuwait
Russian Forces Kill 3 Suspected Rebels in Dagestan Shootout
UN Court Acquits Serbia Intelligence Chiefs of War Crimes
The War at Home
Associated Press Chief Says DoJ Seized Records for 'Thousands and Thousands' of Phone Calls
Giant Private Equity Firm KKR Lands Petraeus
Latest Issue of al-Qaeda Magazine Inspire Celebrates Boston Bombings
US Soldier Sentenced to Prison for Making $10 Million in Unauthorized Purchases, Selling Goods
Major Attack on Afghan Capital 'Thwarted'
Marines Ready to Roll, With Nowhere to Go: Still Plan Missions – but for Afghan, Not US, Forces
17 Militants Killed in Kurram Air Strike
After Taliban Deputy's Death, Hints of a Schism
Nawaz as PM Should First Decide to Stop or Shoot Drones: Imran
Myanmar Reaches Ceasefire Deal With Ethnic Kachin Rebels
Fearful Muslims Shelter in Buddhist Monastery Guarded by Army After Violence Spreads
Khmer Rouge Defendants Apologize to Victims' Families Though Still Blame Others for Atrocities
Nigeria Military Sees Outside Help for Islamic Extremists Fighting in Northeast
Nigeria Military, Secret Police Say They Discovered a 'Hezbollah' Arms Cache in Northern City
Ghana President: Militants Threaten 'All West Africa'
Cuba Objects to US Decision Keeping It on List of State Sponsors of Terrorism
11 Young People Vanish in Suspected Kidnapping From Mexico City Bar Close to US Embassy
Venezuela Launches 3 Surveillance Drones as Part of Initiative to Curb Drug Trafficking
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John McCain Cuddles Up to Syrian Kidnappers

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John McCain: War Hero or Something Less?

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Obama’s New Restricted War on Terror Is Unlikely to Be Lasting

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Memorial Day, Remembering the Apostates

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Victory Day

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Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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