Dear Readers,

You might remember me as the Ron Paul Junkie, or (ages ago) the Ladies of Liberty calendar girl, but most recently I was Ron Paul's congressional communications director for five years in D.C. until he retired. I'm back in North Carolina now to raise my little boys, but in my spare time (ha!) I'm also trying to help as much as I can.

Our destructive foreign policy has always been a key issue for me, but now that I have sons my sense of urgency on this issue is on a whole new level. It's so frustrating that so many of those who screamed about Bush's foreign policy are quiet now that it's Obama's foreign policy-even though nothing has really changed and some things are much worse. Where is the outrage? is consistently a voice for peace. I respect that, and we need that. This week is having a major fund drive-with matching funds from a few generous donors. I love the chance to double my money!

Can you help? Remember: matching funds are in effect, so you'll get twice as much bang for your buck!

The violence must stop. My babies will not grow up to be cannon fodder for some illegal war.

Now is not the time to surrender the fight for peace. Make your donation today.

Rachel Mills, mom
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Updated June 3, 2013 - 10:48 PM EDT
Turkey Protests Continue to Surge: 1,700 Arrested
  Simmering Anger at Erdogan's Authoritarianism Boils Over in Turkey
  Turkey PM: Twitter a 'Danger to Society'
Hezbollah, Syria Rebels Clash in Lebanon, 12 Die
  Hezbollah Forces Move Toward Syria's Northern City of Aleppo
  Multiple Israeli Overflights Reported in Southern, Eastern Lebanon
Bradley Manning Leak Trial Set to Open Today
  The Trial and Tribulations of Bradley Manning
  UK Bid to Reach Deal on Assange's Future
Bomber Kills 10 Afghan Students, 2 US Soldiers
Violence Soars in Iraq: Over 1,000 Killed in May
Hagel Rebuked by Chinese General Over US Buildup in Asia
France Offers to Help Libya Secure Borders From Islamists
Iran Court Bans State-Run Newspaper for 6 Months
Nuclear States Developing New Arms in Defiance of Treaty
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Half of the Story on Terrorism  by Paul R. Pillar

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Car Bomb Kills 3 in Damascus Suburb
Gunmen Kill 3 Syrian Truck Drivers in Iraq
Bahrain FM Condemns Hezbollah's Involvement in Syria
Syria to Grant Red Cross Access to Qusair When Fighting Over
Over 7,000 Syrian Refugees Return From Iraq as Security Improves
Iran Presidential Candidate's Staff Arrested
Iran Busts Mossad 'Terror' Cell
North Waziristan Elders Ask Sharif to Help Stop Drone Strikes
Two NATO Containers Set Ablaze
TTP Number Two 'Killed on Tip by Hakimullah Group'
Nawaz Sharif Names Baloch Nationalist as Chief Minister
I Have No Right to Contest for President Office: Zardari
Bombs, Boredom Threaten Pakistan's 'Pashto' Cinema
Afghan Taliban Kill 4 Police in Checkpoint Attacks
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US Lawmakers in Russia Report No 'Specific' Clues Prior to Boston Attack
USSR's Old Domain Name Attracts Cybercriminals
Thousands Take to Streets in Turkey, Clash With Police
Taksim Square Protesters in Angry 'Victorious' Carnival
Development Spurs Larger Fight Over Turkish Identity
Tear Gas in Turkey's Third Day of Fierce Protests
Erdogan Rejects 'Dictator' Claims
Activists in Tel Aviv Protest Police Violence in Turkey
Palestinian President Taps Academic as New PA Prime Minister
Netanyahu Slams Anti-Arab Racism, 'Price Tag' Attacks
Israel: Unnamed African Country Will Take in Illegal Eritreans
Holy Land Archaeological Treasure Hurt by Politics
Yemeni al-Qaeda Leader Warns Americans on Security
Soldiers Foil Suicide Attack on Yemen Gas Pumping Station
Middle East
Egypt Parliament Ruled Illegal, but Will Stay On
Three Syrians Among Ten Killed in Iraq Attacks
Arab Spring: From Revolution to Evolution as Pressures for Reform Shift to 'Slow Burn' Battles
Regional Group Declares Self-Government for East Libya
Libya to Contest ICC Bid to Try Gadhafi Son
Libya: Gadhafi-Linked Assets Worth $1bn 'in South Africa'
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Gloomy Future for Ethiopia's Press Freedom
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Sudan Security Bans Opposition Newspaper
Venezuela's Capriles Says Maduro Government Will Fall
Venezuela's Defense Minister Says Coup Never Contemplated, Welcomes Cuban Military Advice
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