Dear Readers,

You might remember me as the Ron Paul Junkie, or (ages ago) the Ladies of Liberty calendar girl, but most recently I was Ron Paul's congressional communications director for five years in D.C. until he retired. I'm back in North Carolina now to raise my little boys, but in my spare time (ha!) I'm also trying to help as much as I can.

Our destructive foreign policy has always been a key issue for me, but now that I have sons my sense of urgency on this issue is on a whole new level. It's so frustrating that so many of those who screamed about Bush's foreign policy are quiet now that it's Obama's foreign policy-even though nothing has really changed and some things are much worse. Where is the outrage? is consistently a voice for peace. I respect that, and we need that. This week is having a major fund drive-with matching funds from a few generous donors. I love the chance to double my money!

Can you help? Remember: matching funds are in effect, so you'll get twice as much bang for your buck!

The violence must stop. My babies will not grow up to be cannon fodder for some illegal war.

Now is not the time to surrender the fight for peace. Make your donation today.

Rachel Mills, mom
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Updated June 4, 2013 - 11:23 PM EDT
Pentagon Mulls Afghan Surge After 2014
  Bomber Kills 10 Afghan Students, 2 US Soldiers, Afghan Cop
Turkish PM: Protesters in League With Terrorists
  Erdogan's Grip on Power Is Rapidly Weakening
Seven Myths About Bradley Manning
  Prosecutor: Manning Dumped Info Into Enemy Hands
  Bradley Manning Trial 'Dangerous' for Civil Liberties: Experts
  Redacted Statement by Bradley Manning
US Deploys Patriot Missiles, Warplanes to Jordan
  British FM: Undecided on Arming Syrian Rebels
  Six Killed in North Lebanon Clashes: Fears Rise as Strife Grows
Obama Sanctions Iran's Auto Industry
  Iraq Warns Israel: Don't Violate Our Airspace to Attack Iran
  IAEA Chief Fears Searching Iran Site, Finding Nothing
Israel Now Has 80 Nuclear Warheads, Report Says
House GOP Defense Bill Blocks Gitmo Closing
Sarasota Saudis Mystery: Feds Nix Suit Citing Nat'l Security
Did John McCain Provide Material Support for Syrian Terrorists?  by Doug Bandow
Syria and the US Are Partners in Crime  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Just Following Orders: Bradley Manning and Us  by Molly Crabapple
The Moral Imperative of Bradley Manning  by Ray McGovern
The Banality of 'Don't Be Evil'  by Julian Assange
What's at Stake in Manning's Trial?  by Natasha Lennard

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US Fails to Join Allies in Signing UN Weapons Treaty
Afghan Taliban Confirm Talks in Iran
Top Security Exec: Beware the 'Sons of Stuxnet'
US Military Chiefs Balk at Taking Sex-Assault Cases Out of Commanders' Hands
Kerry to US Jews: Next Few Days Will Determine Middle East Fate for Decades
Anti-Government Protesters in Turkey Hold Onto Square
Turkey's 'Moral Edge' Takes a Hit After Government's Response to Protests
Protests 'No Turkish Spring,' Says PM Erdogan
Turkish Protests Raise Questions on Leader's Rule
Turkish PM, President Clash Over Reply to Protests
Turkish Stock Market Plunges Over Protests
Turkish Border Fire Blamed on PKK
Near Istanbul Soccer Pitch, Protesters Clash With Police
Kerry Says US Came 'Late' to Syria Peace Effort
Syria Missile Kills 26, Including 8 Kids
Israel: Syria Has Not Received Advanced Missiles
Russia: Proposed UN Statement on Syria's Qusair Was One-Sided
Syrian Doctor Says 300 Wounded Trapped in Qusair
Rebel Resistance in Qusair Defies Expectations
Syria Rebel Leader Says Revolution Will Fail Without Weapons From Britain
Israel Speeding Up Development of Anti-Nuke Missile Defense
New Palestinian Leader Seen as a Caretaker
Bill Clinton Nets $500k for Israel Speech
Bombers and Gunmen Leave 13 Dead Across Iraq
Maliki Expresses Iraq's Concern About Increased Pace of Violence, Armament in the Area
Kirkuk Governor Orders Unauthorized Arab Residents Expelled
Iraq to 'Lower Oil Targets,' Minister Tells AFP
Iran Accuses Britain of Operating Spy Ring to Undermine Elections
Soccer, Politics at Play in Iran-Qatar Qualifier
Middle East
Jordan: 304 National News Websites Blocked
Yemen Says Obama Must Back Up Guantanamo Promise With Action
Americans in Bahrain Warned About Possible Extremist Threats
The War at Home
Manning Supporters Are Loud and Online
Manning Attorney: Soldier on Trial in WikiLeaks Case Was 'Young, Naive, but Good-Intentioned'
US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Military Protester Case
Supreme Court: Police Can Take DNA Swabs From Arrestees
Fort Hood Shooting Suspect to Represent Himself at Trial
Musharraf to Leave for Dubai as Part of Secret Deal With Sharif
NATO Drivers Refuse to Drive US Military Vehicles to Karachi
Police: Gunmen Kill Lawmaker in Northwest Pakistan
Sharif Won't Be a Consensus PM
MQM Offers Unconditional Support to Nawaz for PM Slot
Afghanistan: ISAF Chopper Attack Kill 6 Taliban Militants in Paktiya
UK Forces Chief in Myanmar to Build Ties With Military
Singapore: Internet Freedom Under Threat
In Meeting With President, Egyptian Politicians Propose Sabotaging Ethiopia's New Dam
In Mohammed Morsi's Egypt, Insulting President Still Leads to Charges
Egypt's Government Struggles to Exert Authority in the Sinai
5 Dead in Tribal Clashes in Southern Town
US, NATO Allies to Consider Libya Military Training Mission
Hollande: No Military Intervention in Libya
22 Prisoners Escaped in Niger Prison Attack
2 Bouts of Violence Kill 12 in South Sudan
African Warlord Kony Poaching Elephants to Survive
German Defense Ministry Knew of Drone Problems
Dutch Airline Excused From 'Underwear Bomber' Suit
Mexico Activists Found Dead by Roadside in Guerrero State
US Experts: Documents Place Michael Townley in Florida at Time Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda Died
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