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Updated June 5, 2013 - 11:27 PM EDT
Turkish PM Not Backing Off Hard-Line Stance
  Turkish Officials Giving Mixed Signals on Protests
  Protests Show Depth of Anger Against Erdogan
Afghans Demand Arrest of US Troops Over Killings
  No Action on 2008 Obama Promise to Investigate Afghan Massacre
Bradley Manning Trial Day 2
  Manning Trial Transcripts
US Still Unconvinced on Syria Chemical Claims
  UN: Syrian Rebel Beheadings Add to Growing War Crimes
  In Golan Heights, Druze Villagers Are Preparing for War
  Pentagon: Patriot Missiles to Stay in Jordan After 'Training Exercise'
Shakeup: Rice Replaces Donilon, Power to UN
15 Killed in Attack on Iraqi Police Bus
DoJ Defends Not Telling AP of Subpoenas
Egypt Convicts 43 NGO Workers, Including 16 Americans
House Rejects Prison Expansion to House Gitmo Detainees
US Publishes Details of Missile Base Israel Wanted Secret
US Drone Attacks Are Further Radicalizing Pakistan  by Imran Awan
Manning's Trial Threatens the Rights of All Future Whistleblowers  by Trevor Timm
McCain Excuses Syrian Rebel War Crimes, Suggests He'd Tolerate Extremist Takeover  by Ben Armbruster
Manning's 'Secrets' vs. Over-Classification  by Robert Parry
Bradley Manning's Legal Duty to Expose War Crimes  by Marjorie Cohn
The US Base on Diego Garcia: An Overlooked Atrocity  by Sheldon Richman

More Viewpoints

Fort Hood Attack 'Defended Taliban,' Says Suspect
AP: Obama Aides Use Secret E-Mail Accounts
Amnesty International: Disappearances in Mexico a 'Crisis'
NATO to Send Team to Libya to Assess Security Aid
Jordan Urged to End Censorship of News Sites
Russian Official: US 'Ignored Boston Bombers Warning'
Bradley Manning Show Trial
Manning Never Talked About Aiding US Foes: Hacker
No Signs of Hatred in WikiLeaks Soldier's Laptop: Investigator
Assange Slams 'Show Trial'
WikiLeaks Wasn't on Syllabus for Manning, Teacher Says
The War at Home
Fort Hood Victims Upset; Suspect Maj. Nidal Hasan Can Question Them
Senators Turn Up Heat on Military Chiefs on Sexual Assaults
Military Leaders: Sexual Assault 'Like a Cancer'
DHS, Police Alerted as Civil War Submarine Tours New York
Jill Kelley Sues FBI for Defamation in Petraeus Sex Scandal
Abandoned Pressure Cooker Leads to Bomb Scare at CA Mall
Report: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Says He Has Donors
Obama 'Deadly Serious' About Shrinking Veterans' Benefits Backlog: Aide
Afghans Say New Bodies Are Found Near Former US Base
British Soldiers Punished for Abusing Afghan Civilians
Afghan Interpreters Can Come to UK
UK Pulls Out Merlin Helicopters as Troops Leave
Grief for a Husband Who Shouldn't Have Died
Nawaz Sharif to Assume Post of Prime Minister Today
Pakistan Summons Indian Envoy Over Diplomat's Manhandling
North Korea
North Korea Yongbyon Reactor Work 'Nearing Completion'
New Generation of Defectors Expose North Korean Abuses
Coca-Cola Opens Its First Plant in Myanmar for 60 Years
Bomb Squad Blows Up WWII Dud, Tokyo Trains Halted
Coptic Christians Hold Protest After Coming Under Attack at Monastery in Southern Egypt
Egyptian Politicians Caught in On-Air Ethiopia Dam Gaffe
Suicide Bomber Botches Attack in Mali
Mali Wants Sahel Nations to Do More About Islamist Threat
US Offers $23 Million Bounty for Islamists in Africa
Al-Shebab Displays Kenyan Prisoners in Southern Town
After Liberia Massacre, a Neglected Mass Grave
Wanted Militia Leader Spotted Fighting in Sudan's Darfur: HRW
Mugabe's Election Rush Quashes Zimbabwe Reform Hopes
Somali 'Pirates' Set for US Deaths Trial
Honduran Court Orders Arrest of 5 Police Officers Charged With Killing 7 Gang Members
Strike Call in Turkey Likely to Inflame Anti-Erdogan Protests
Turkish Deputy PM Apologizes for Crackdown
Turkish Protester Dies After Being Struck by Tear-Gas Canister
US Personnel at Turkey AFB Warned on Anti-Government Protests
Istanbul Protests Started Over Trees
Turkey's Reaction to Protests Follows Islamist Playbook
Syrian Army Advances in Qusair and Damascus Suburb
UN Believes Chemical Weapons Used in Syria
Syrian Rebels Attempt Shift From Guerrilla Tactics
Debunking Five Myths About Chemical Weapons
Italy Leads Charge Against EU Move to Blacklist Hezbollah
For Hezbollah, Risks in Backing Syria's Assad
Israeli Official: Palestinians Giving Kerry Two Weeks to Renew Peace Talks
Abbas Says Peace Ball Is in Israel's Court
Palestinians to Pursue Israel at UN if Talks Fail
Official: Israel Would Oppose International Forces as Part of Peace Deal
Anti-Arab Discrimination Exposed at Israel's Bank Hapoalim
US Extends Iran Sanctions Waivers to Nine Countries
US Sanctions 37 Companies in Iran Dispute
Iran Dissident's Funeral Turns Into Anti-Government Protest
Who's Running in Iran's Presidential Election?
Iran's Khamenei Accuses Critics of Trying to Undermine Presidential Election
Iran Summons Qatari Envoy After Arrests Over 'Plot'
Four Killed Across Iraq
Kurdistan's Two Ruling Parties Give Conflicting Views on Region's Constitution
The Opinion Pollsters Who Dodged Mortar Fire and Militias
Middle East
France: Yemen Urged to Take Immediate Action Against Al-Qaeda
Cyber Espionage Bug Attacking Middle East, but Israel Untouched – So Far
Dagestan: Powerful Mayor Charged Over Murder
Russia Wants Steven Seagal to Be Face of Weapons Industry
Russia, EU Tussle Over 'Magnitsky List' Visa Restrictions
EU Wants Russia to Explain Air Passenger Data Demand
The Euro Hawk Scandal: A Chronicle
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