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Updated June 6, 2013 - 11:18 PM EDT
Broad NSA Surveillance of Major US Internet Firms
NSA Collecting Phone Records of Millions in US
Obama Shakeup Puts Syria Action on Front Burner
  Syrian Rebel Leader: Battles to Move Into Lebanon
  Not June: Diplomats Can't Agree on Date, Participants for Syria Talks
  US: Patriot Missiles, Warplanes Sent at Jordan's Request
  Syrian Troops Seize Qusayr From Rebels After Weeks of Fighting
Turkey Protests Grow, Demand Firing Police Chiefs
  What Inspires Turkey's Protest Movement?
Netanyahu Willing to 'Consider' 2002 Peace Plan
  Bulgaria Admits: Charges of Hezbollah Role in Bombing 'Unproven'
US Commander: Afghan Troops Suffer Heavy Losses
Pakistan PM Takes Office, Demands US End Drone Strikes
15 Killed in Fake Checkpoint Attack on Iraqi Police Bus
US 'Deeply Troubled' by Iran's New Civilian Nuclear Reactor
The Return of the Liberal Hawks: Susan Rice and Samantha Power  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Bradley Manning Is Guilty of 'Aiding the Enemy' – If the Enemy Is Democracy  by Norman Solomon
War Party Beats Drums for Action in Syria  by Glenn Garvin
What if Laws Applied to Everyone?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
Meet the 'Friends of Jihad'  by Pepe Escobar
Leaving Truth Outside at Bradley Manning's Trial  by Medea Benjamin & Ann Wright

More Viewpoints

Manning Trial Transcripts
US Sends 125 Troops From Puerto Rico to Guantanamo
US Soldier Admits Killing 16 Afghans to Avoid Death
Ex-CIA Boss Leon Panetta 'Spilt Secrets' to Zero Dark Thirty Writer
UK Islamic Center Destroyed in 'Hate Crime' Fire
NY Bill Would Make Annoying a Cop a Crime
Britain to Compensate Kenya Torture Victims
The War at Home

Bradley Manning Said to Be 'Very Political' but Effective in Iraq

Manning Given Unfettered Access to Closed Databases, Court Hears
Manning Defense Portrays Intelligence Analysts Working in Laid-Back Atmosphere in Iraq
Joint Chiefs' Answers on Sex Crimes Dismay Senators
McCain Advises Women to Avoid the Military
Shielding the Whistleblowers on Sexual Assaults
DHS: Laptops, Phones Can Be Searched at Border Based on Hunches
FBI to Start Tracking Hate Crimes Against Sikhs, Hindus and Arabs
Jewish Groups Will Approve of Rice Nomination, but Power Faces Uphill Battle
3 Camp Pendleton Marines Found Guilty in Calif. Murders
TSA Abandons Plan to Allow Knives
Report Says TSA Screening Program Not Objective
India Split on Ways of Combating Maoist Insurgents
NATO Shipments Banned Throughout Pakistan Re-Polling
Philippine Rebels Won't Give Up Armed Struggle Yet
Four Dead as Myanmar Violence Spills Into Malaysia
Three Rohingya Women Killed in Myanmar Shooting
Bangladesh Lifts Ban on YouTube, Blocked After Anti-Islam Film
Malian Army Fights Tuareg Rebels; Unofficial Truce Over
France Condemns Anti-Black Violence in Kidal, Mali
Nigerian Refugees Accuse Army of Excess Force
At Frontline of Nigeria's Extremist Fight, Foes Disappear While Region's Challenges Remain
Egypt Demands Ethiopia Halt Nile Dam, Upping Stakes
Somali Al-Shabab Leader Abdikafi Mohamed Ali 'Captured'
Germany's Drone Doubts
German DM: Decision to Invest in Failed Drone Project Was 'Correct'
British Police Charge Man for Disseminating Terrorist Material
Latvia to Become 18th Eurozone Member From 2014
US and Venezuela 'Hope to Restore Ambassadors'
US Filmmaker Held by Venezuela on Espionage Allegations Freed From Jail and Expelled to US
Majority of Foreign Fighters Recently Killed in Syria Linked to Front Group for al-Qaeda
Report: Lebanese Militants Help Syrian Govt Capture Border Town
Hezbollah: Fall of Qusayr Big Blow to US, Israel
Syria, Like Iraq and Lebanon, Is on Path Toward Sectarian Split
UN Cautious Over French Claims Syria Used Nerve Gas
In Syrian Victory, Hezbollah Risks Broader Fight
NATO Discussing Syria Chemical Weapons, but No Action Expected
World Must Act Over Syria Chemical Weapons: Hollande
Turkish Trade Unions Join Protests Against PM Erdogan
Turkish Protesters Defy Orders to Disperse
Third Person Killed in Turkey's Protests: Medical Association
Turkish Protest Leaders Meet PM's Deputy as Turmoil Continues
Turkish FM Responds to Kerry for US Criticisms on Turkey Protests
25 Held for 'Inciting' Demonstrations Over Social Media
Financial Fears as Street Unrest Shakes Turkey
Turkey Suspends TV Game Show After Protest
Resistance in Istanbul With 140 Characters
Israel Leads Global Drone Exports as Demand Grows
Hamas Denies Endorsing Ties With Hezbollah
Racist Attacks on Arabs Increase in Israel
Israel Deputy FM Elkin: Palestinians Unwilling for Talks
Netanyahu: Iran Election Won't Stop Quest for Nukes
Obama: World Oil Supplies Ample Without Iran
Vienna: Big Powers Urge Iran to Heed Nuclear Demands
In Iran, Qum Is a Required Campaign Stop
15 Shot at Fake Checkpoint in Iraq; 24 Killed Overall
Al-Qaeda in Diyala Given 72 Hours to Surrender
Middle East
Ten Dead in Yemen 'Anti-Qaeda Offensive'
Bahrain Probe Into Hezbollah Business Links
3 Suspected Cartel Gunmen Killed in Battle With Vigilantes, Police in Western Mexico State
Cuban Agent Who Renounced US Citizenship Now Just a Cuban 'Patriot'
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