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Updated June 9, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
NSA Whistleblower Goes Public
  NSA Whistleblower: 'I Do Not Expect to See Home Again'
NSA Spying on Virtually All Americans
  Boundless Informant: NSA's Secret Tool to Track Surveillance Data
  New NSA Tool To Quantify, Track Intelligence Collection Revealed
  What's the Matter With Metadata?
  Graphics, Grids, 4 More Secret Years of Prism: What Anonymous Knows
The Prism Spin War Has Begun
  Washington Is Trapped in Its Own Prism of Data-Mining Self-Defense
  Few Options for Companies to Defy US Intelligence Demands
  10 Things Americans Underestimate About Our Surveillance State
Officials: Obama Close to Arming Syrian Rebels
  Foreign Islamists Head to Syria to Face Hezbollah
  Report: Hezbollah to Suspend Syria Operations After Taking Zabadani
  Syria Opposition Won't Attend Talks Unless Rebels Get Arms
Pak Govt Summons US Envoy Over Drone Strike
  Major Militant Clash Feared Near Pakistan-Afghan Border
31 Dead in Clash Between Libya Protesters, Militia
Three Americans Killed by Afghan Soldier
Unrelenting Iraq Violence Leaves 25 Dead, 85 Wounded
Open Letter to Dianne Feinstein, Head of the Senate Intel Panel  by Norman Solomon
President Obama's Dragnet  The New York Times
What We Don't Know About Spying on Citizens: Scarier Than What We Know  by Bruce Schneier
How the White House Tramples Our Constitution  by Sen. Rand Paul
Paul Wolfowitz's Iran Connection  by Philip Giraldi
NSA Spying on Americans Is an Outrage  by Jay Bookman

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46th Anniversary of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty
One Man's Story of the USS Liberty
Survivors Say Navy Balked at Naming New Ship 'Liberty'
Korean Officials Hold Key Talks at Panmunjom
18 Dead in Battle Over Disputed Somali Port City
Should Iran's Election Really Be Discounted?
'4 Intel Officials' Allegedly Joke of 'Disappearing' NSA Leaker, Reporter
NSA Spying on All of Us
Metadata Can Be More Revealing Than Your Actual Conversations
Boundless Informant: NSA Explainer – Full Document Text
Boundless Informant NSA Data-Mining Tool – Four Key Slides
Officials: NSA Mistakenly Intercepted Emails, Phone Calls of Innocent Americans
NSA Seeks Interns to Sift Through Your Digital Records
The NSA, This New American Digital Life, and Your Privacy: A Handy Guide
Justice Dept Fights Release of Secret Court Opinion Finding Unconstitutional Surveillance
The Politics of Spying
Report: Obama Administration Likely to Investigate Surveillance Program Leak
Intel Director Sets Record Straight on PRISM, Sort Of
Details of Secret Internet Data Collection Program Declassified
White House 'Welcomes Media Interest' in Prism
Washington Is Trapped in Its Own Prism of Data-Mining Self-Defense
US Spends $80 Billion Year on Secret Information Gathering
Sen. Manchin: Obama Should Stop 'Broad Base' Surveillance
Dem. Senator Disputes Obama's Claim That Congress Was Briefed
Watch the One Senator Who Voted Against the PATRIOT Act Warn What Would Happen (video)
Global Impact
US Internet Spying Draws Anger, and Envy From Europe
Israeli Authorities Use Far Wider Surveillance Powers Than Those Causing Storm in US
Tech Firms Cooperating?
Why Are Big Tech Companies Denying Involvement in the NSA's Internet Data Mining Program?
Silicon Valley Doubles Down, Denies Knowledge of Government Snooping
How the US Uses Technology to Mine More Data More Quickly'
Google Says the Government Has 'No Access' to Servers
CIA-Funded Startup Palantir Denies Link to NSA – but They Both Make a 'Prism'
The War at Home
FBI: Shooting of Reporter Wasn't Act of Terrorism
McCain, Feinstein Pledge to Close Gitmo but Sidestep Hunger Strike
US Army Suspends Two-Star General for Allegedly Failing to Investigate Assault
Americans Still Dying
Guardsman Killed in Afghanistan Returns Home to Guam
Pasadena (TX) Soldier Remembered for Dedication to Job, Big Heart
Guam Relatives Mourn Houston (TX) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Chesterfield (VA) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Father of Slain Sacramento (CA) Soldier: 'I Just Miss My Son'
Fallen Soldier (OK) Remembered for Passion for Family, Auto Mechanics
Austin (TX) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Honored by Family
Syrian Forces Capture Final Rebel Stronghold in Qusair Region
Car Bomb Kills 7 People in Central Syrian City
Report: Syria Asked IDF to Hold Fire as It Battled Rebels
UN: Israel Threatened to Attack Syrian Tanks on Border
Hezbollah Denies Fighters Captured by Rebels
Spin Doctoring at Work After Battle of Qusair
Turkey Rules Out Early Polls, Thousands Defy Call to End Protest
Turkish PM Changes Park Plans, Istanbul Protests Likely to Continue
Turkey's Prime Minister Convenes Party Leadership as Anti-Govt Protests Enter 9th Day
Yemen President Warns al-Qaeda Seeks to Rule Again
Court Orders Saleh Quizzed on Protester Killings
Unrelenting Iraq Violence Leaves 25 Dead, 85 Wounded
Drone Attacks Simply Unacceptable: Sharif
3 ANP Workers Shot Dead
Mutilated Bodies Still Being Found in Balochistan: Mengal
Italian Soldier Killed in Western Afghanistan
Women in Parliament Receive Threats – From Fellow Lawmakers
Soldiers on Motorcycles Might Be Most Effective in Afghanistan
Barack Obama and Xi Jinping Meet as Cyber-Scandals Swirl
Obama: US, China Sailing 'Uncharted' Cyberwaters
Anger Erupts in Egypt Over Mubarak Retrial
Judge Blocks Lawyers Representing Victims' Families From Trial of Egypt's Mubarak
Egypt's Ruling Islamists, Liberal Opposition Closely Watching Turkey – 'Model' Under Threat
Islamic Extremists Hiding Weapons Inside Coffin Kill 13 People in Northeast Nigeria
Sudan's Bashir Orders Stoppage of South Sudan's Oil
Mauritanian Killed in Car Accident by US Officer, Officials Say
Weekend Reviews
The Hidden War Fought by the Shadowy Joint Special Operations Command
Why Kennan Matters
A New Front in War on WikiLeaks
We Steal Secrets: State Agitprop
UK Mosques Urged to Install Panic Alarms and Safe Rooms
Moscow Trial Sends Warning to Rank-and-File Putin Foes
Cyprus Seeks Help to Find Dumped Munitions
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Police-State 'Progressivism'

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National Security by the Numbers

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Threat From China Is Being Hyped

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Cyber War: Another Epic Fail

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Victory Day

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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