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Updated June 19, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Karzai Pulls Out of US-Taliban Peace Talks
  US, Taliban to Start Talks on Ending Afghan War
  Four US Soldiers Killed in Attack on Afghan Base
Syria Islamists Seize Control as Moderates Dither
  Senators Support 'Decisive' Attack on Syria
  In Drills, US and Jordan Prepare to Attack Syria
  G8 Backs Syria Peace Talks, Doesn't Demand Regime Change
NSA Has Been Domestic Spying Over Ten Years
  FBI Chief: Surveillance Drones Used in US
  NSA Director Claims Over 50 'Potential Terrorist Events' Foiled
  DHS Wants Same Surveillance Powers as NSA
  Google Asks FISA Court to Ease Gag Orders
  Snowden Approaches Iceland for Asylum
'Standing Man' Inspires New Turkish Protests
  Turkey PM Declares 'Victory' as Police Arrest Protest Organizers
Baghdad Rattled by Blasts: 43 Killed Across Iraq
  UN Chief Urges Easing of 1990 Iraq Sanctions
Bombing at Pakistani Funeral Kills 35
Iran Prepared to Stop 20% Uranium Enrichment
Israel Wants Next Year's US Military Aid Early
Obama Loses German Hearts and Minds Ahead of Berlin Visit
Reporter Who Downed McChrystal Dies in Car Crash at 33
Internal Opposition to US Foreign Policy More Effective Than Most People Think  by Mark Weisbrot
The Philippines: Remembering a Forgotten Occupation  by Jason Ditz
US Military Admits Only 2.5% of Gitmo Detainees Will Be Tried  by Andy Worthington
The US Military and the Unraveling of Africa  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
The Snowden Principle  by John Cusack
Obama Tumbles Down Syria's Slippery Slope  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Camouflaging the Vietnam War: Textbooks Keep Pentagon Papers Secret
Manning Case in Recess
44 Gitmo Inmates US Can't Prosecute but Won't Free
Stories From Inside the World's Most Infamous Jail
Justin Amash, John Conyers Introduce Bill to Curb NSA
Whistleblower Says State Dept Trying to Bully Her Into Silence
Spying on Everyone
Dianne Feinstein: No NSA Senate Hearing Soon
Officials Amp Up Spying Defense
Senate Intel Committee Blocks Former Staffer From Talking to Press About Oversight Process
Yahoo Joins Other Technology Giants in Revealing US Surveillance Requests
Civil Rights Groups Sue NYPD Over Muslim Spying
Steve Wozniak Says No to PRISM in the Free World
Rand Paul Accuses James Clapper of Lying to Congress Over NSA Suveillance
New York Police Commissioner: 'NSA Should Come Clean About Domestic Spying'
Sharyl Attkisson Shares Update on Computer Hacking Investigation
5 Alarming Things We Should Have Already Known About the NSA, Surveillance, and Privacy Before Ed Snowden
The Heroic Whistleblower
Edward Snowden Is 'Heroic' Says David Stockman
Rand Paul: Edward Snowden a 'Civil Disobedient'
Edward Snowden's Live Q&A: Eight Things We Learned
NATO Security Handover Marked by Deadly Blast
NATO to Stop Combat Operations in Afghanistan: Chief
US Drops Demand Taliban Renounce al-Qaeda
Taliban Step Toward Afghan Peace Talks Is Hailed by US
Taliban Agree to Peace Talks With US Over Afghanistan: Full Statement
'Taliban Is Ready to Talk Peace' With Afghan State: Afghan Official
Explosion in Kabul Near Afghan National Parliament
British Military Stock Left Over From Afghan War Being Moved Out
US Commander in Afghanistan Skeptical Haqqanis Will Reconcile
US Will Buy Russian Helicopters for Afghan Military: Pentagon
Two Security Men Killed in North Waziristan Checkpoint Attack
Pakistan Welcomes Opening of Taliban Office
Pakistan Says Kerry Visit Delayed Because of Syria
Switzerland Refuses to Reopen Graft Cases Against President Zardari
Communist Rebels in Philippines Abduct 5 Soldiers
Obama Has Plans to Cut US Nuclear Arsenal, if Russia Reciprocates
Russia Starts Delivering $1 Billion Arms Package to Azerbaijan
Russia Blast: Multiple Explosions Rock Arsenal Storing 13 Million Shells
UK Army Redundancies: Soldiers Told of Fate
Turkey's Protesters Try the Silent Treatment
Despite Protests, Turkey Remains 'Indispensable' to West
Poll Shows Erdogan's Popularity Has Taken a Hit. Could He Lose His Mandate?
Syria Pushes Global Refugee Numbers to Highest Since 1994
David Cameron Tells Russia at G8 Summit: Join the Club or Face Isolation on Syria
Lebanese Minister Accuses Syria of 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Sunnis
Lebanese Sunnis Ready to Fight After 'Hezbollah Declared War Against Us'
Lebanese Sunni Muslim Politician Warns of State Collapse
Sunni-Shi'ite Violence Hits Lebanese City of Sidon
West Bank Commander Warns of Unrest if No Peace Talks
Israeli General: Palestinians Quietly Aiding US Peace Drive
Netanyahu: Israel Won't Accept Less Than Total Halt of Iran's Nuclear Enrichment
Arab Village in Israel Targeted in Racial Attack
Despite IDF Denials, Evidence Shows Dogs Still Being Used to Attack Palestinian Suspects
Israel Urges Revocation of 'Google Palestine'
Israeli Leaders Condemn Hate Crime Against Arabs
2 Settlers Arrested for Suspicion of Attacking 80-Year-Old Palestinian
2 Killed, 16 Wounded in Shell Explosion in Egypt's Assiut
Islamists Press Blasphemy Cases in a New Egypt
Egyptian Protesters Besiege Hamas at Cairo Hotel
Luxor Protests Against Morsi's New Governor for the City – Former Islamist Terror Leader
Egypt and Ethiopia Vow to Defuse Blue Nile Dam Row
UN Says Libya Continues to Face Difficult Transition
Gadhafi's Children Likely Violated UN Ban
Mali and Tuareg Rebels to Sign Accord
AQIM Reportedly Confirms Commander's Death in Mali
Ex-Senator Feingold Chosen as Special Envoy to African Region
Tunisian Court Jails Salafists for Burning Sufi Shrine
Islamists Drive 19,000 Farmers From North Nigeria
Report: Piracy in West Africa Outstrips Somalia
21 US Senators Urge State Dept to Review Honduras Aid Amid Allegations of Police Abuse
The War at Home
2008 Bomber of Times Square Military Station May Have Had Lookouts, FBI Says
ADL Condemns Author Alice Waters for 'Shocking' Criticism of Israel
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