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Updated July 4, 2013 - 11:10 PM EDT
Coup in Egypt: Military Detains President Morsi
  US Won't Call Egypt's Military Takeover a 'Coup,' Urges Transition
  Introducing Egypt's New Rulers: Sisi and Mansour
  Clashes in Egypt as Morsi Supporters Resist Coup
  Morsi Or Not, the US Empire Has A Stranglehold on Egypt
Western Move Against Bolivian Plane Backfires
  US Behind Grounding Bolivian President’s Plane in Pursuit of Snowden
  NSA Surveillance Threatens $127 Billion EU Trade Deal
  Obama Agrees to Talks With Germany to Explain Spying on Allies
  Hidden Microphone Discovered in Ecuador's London Embassy
  US Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement
Pakistan Condemns Latest US Drone Strike
  Afghan Army Chief: Pakistan Controls Taliban
US to Force-Feed Detainees During Ramadan
New Report Documents Human Cost of US Drones in Yemen
UK Terror Chief: Syria War Putting al-Qaeda Closer to Europe
Jefferson Weeping  by Andrew P. Napolitano
James Clapper, EU Play-Acting, and Political Priorities  by Glenn Greenwald
Why European Nations Must Protect Edward Snowden  by Christophe Deloire & Julian Assange
Snowden Shrugged  by Justin Raimondo
Why Obama Supports Tyranny Over Democracy in Bahrain  by John Glaser
Why Does Washington Always Get Iran Wrong?  by Trita Parsi & Reza Marashi

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Credit Card Donations to WikiLeaks Flowing Through Iceland Again
US Defends Force-Feeding of Guantanamo Prisoners
Mass Protests Planned Over Web NSA Spying Revelations
Chechen Rebel Calls for Attacks on Winter Olympics
The Heroic Whistleblower
Snowden Still in Moscow Despite Bolivian Plane Drama
Snowden Case: Bolivia Condemns Jet 'Aggression'
Bolivian President's Treatment Stirs Up Fury in Latin America
Snowden and Assange Targeted by Mysterious Hacker 'The Jester'
Snowden's Digital 'Misuse' Has Created Problems, Says UN Chief
Reporters Without Borders Sides With Snowden
Clapper: I Gave 'Erroneous' Answer Because I Forgot About PATRIOT Act
Students Destroy NSA Recruiters Over Illegal Spying and Lies
How the NSA Gets Inside K-12 Classrooms
Global Impact of US Spying
Europe Wants Parallel Talks on Trade, Surveillance
Could US Spying Ruin a $127 Billion Trade Deal With the EU?
France, Germany Differ on US Talk Delay
Angela Merkel: NSA Snooping Claims 'Extremely Serious'
Turkey Summons US Diplomat Over Spying Claims
New Zealanders Don't Know Extent of Spying: Dotcom
The War at Home
US to Attempt First Missile Intercept Test Since 2008
IG Report: State Department Spent $630,000 to Increase Facebook 'Likes'
Pentagon Civilian Workers in Germany Get Raises While Those in US Get Cuts
Collection of 90,000 War Letters Reveal Voices of Soldiers From American Revolution to Iraq
GAO Report Conflicts With Army Over Battlefield Intelligence System
Troops Still Wary of Admitting Mental Health Problems
Ex-Attorney General Ramsey Clark Offers to Defend Fort Hood's Nidal Hasan
City University of NY Is Paying David Petraeus $200,000 to Work Three Hours a Week
Tucson Schools to Take $465,000 From Arab Charity With Muslim Brotherhood Ties
International Community Affirms Afghan Funding but Concerned Over Corruption
Human Rights Appointments Draw Fire in Afghanistan
Afghanistan, Pakistan at Loggerheads Over Peace Efforts
Three Indians Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack
Afghan Court Reverses Convictions in Torture of Girl
Supreme Court Leaves Musharraf Treason Case Up to Government
TTP Claims Responsibility for Attack on Troops in Peshawar
North Korea Restores Hotline With South
South Korea 'Considering Kaesong Invitation' From North
Ethnic Koreans in China Swap Burdensome North for Profitable South
Jewish Ex-Interior Minister to Be Investigated in Buenos Aires Bombing
Seven Severed Heads Found by Highway in Central Mexico
Canadians Ask What 'Inspired by al-Qaeda Ideology' Means
Egypt Coup
Tahrir Square Celebrates Coup, but Morsi's Camp Warns of Clashes to Come
5 Killed, 213 Injured in Egypt's Clashes as Morsi Removed
Mursi Opponents, Loyalists Clash in Egypt's Alexandria
Egypt Military Reasserts Its Allegiance to Its Privileges
New Egypt Leader May Only Be Figurehead, Experts Say
Egypt Political Upheaval to Deepen Economic Crisis
Morsi Ouster Has Roots in Unemployment
Egypt Muslim Brotherhood TV Taken Off Air
ElBaradei: Army-Sponsored Roadmap Relaunches Arab Spring
Transcript: Egypt's Army Statement
US and Egypt
With Morsi Toppled, Egypt Remains US Strategic Worry and Destination for Aid
Obama Launches 'Review' of Aid to Egypt in Wake of Military Coup
Was the Overthrow of Egypt's Government a Coup?
Ambassador Becomes Focus of Egyptians' Mistrust of US
Marines Poised for Mission in Egypt
Egypt Military Assures US: No Long-Term Takeover
US Orders Mandatory Evacuation of Embassy in Cairo
US State Department Response to Egypt Uprisings, Then and Now
Egypt and Neighbors
Morsi's Ouster Spells Trouble for Region's Other Islamist Movements
Gulf Arabs Welcome Ouster of Egypt's President
Four Reasons Why Israel May Miss Morsi After All
Security Forces Raid Al Jazeera Egyptian TV Channel
You Can Oust Your Leaders Too, Egyptian Journalist Tells Israelis
'Gaza Blockade Impedes Palestinian Growth'
Survey: Most Israelis, Palestinians Support 2 States
Israeli Arab MPs to Be Questioned on Suspicion of Incitement
Controversial 'Rachel Corrie' Play Ignites Debate Over Freedom of Speech
Iran Says Fresh US Sanctions to Complicate Nuclear Issue
Iranian President-Elect, Hassan Rohani, Calls for More Freedom
Why Iran Looks Set to Lighten Up Under Rohani
Ahmadinejad Defends Rights Record
Middle East
Bridegroom Among 19 Killed in Iraq
Syrian Army Drops Leaflets in North Amid Fighting
Turkish Court Blocks Disputed Park Project
Princess Fawzia of Egypt and Iran Dies at 91
Ethiopia to Boost Defense Spending Amid Tensions With Egypt Over Nile Dam Development
Cameroon Says It Has 4,000 Refugees From Nigeria Conflict
Oil Disputes Costing Libya $50 Million a Day: Energy Official
US Army Opens New Base in Northern Italy
Amnesty Int'l: Russia and Ukraine 'Colluding in Illegal Rendition'
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