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Updated July 7, 2013 - 11:28 PM EDT
Three Nations Offer Asylum to Edward Snowden
  US Attempts to Block Edward Snowden 'Bolstering' Case for Asylum
  Snowden's Extremely Slim Options on Leaving Moscow for Asylum
  The US Already Wants Venezuela to Send Snowden Home
ElBaradei Not Confirmed as Egypt PM
  Muslim Brotherhood Says 'We Must Raise the Stakes'
  Egypt's New President Asserts Authority
  Heavily Armed Islamists Attack in Cairo
  Anti-Morsi Activist: 'The Egyptian Army Took Their Orders From Us'
Obama Rejects 'False Claims' of Egypt Interference
  Law Requires Obama Administration to Cut Off Egyptian Aid
  Pro-Israel Advocates Push for Continued Aid to Egypt
NSA's Mass, Indiscriminate Spying on Brazilians
Syria Rebels Clash With Qaeda-Linked Opposition
Islamists Kill 42 in Nigeria School Attack
US Egypt Policies Don't Pass the Laugh Test  by Ron Paul
The Surveillance State Isn't Coming – It's Already Here  by J.D. Tuccille
'Diamonds for Peanuts' and the Double Standard  by Marsha B. Cohen
How America Eavesdrops on Allies  by Philip Giraldi
A Salute to Edward Snowden  by Stephen M. Walt
Egypt and American Hubris  by Doug Bandow

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Guantánamo Guards 'Forcing Inmates to Stay Awake'
An 'Ungodly Stupid' Get-Rich Scheme: The Real Border Security Story
Grieving Parents Sue for Answers From Air Force
Ghosts of the NSA: Relics of Cold War Spying Dot Germany
Spying on Everyone
Merkel Says EU Must Not Forget US Spying in Push for Free Trade
Germany's SPD Demands Investigation of NSA Head as Spy Scandal Enters Campaign
German Trust in US Lowest Level Since Bush Years After NSA Scandal
After Slapping US, France Finds Itself in Spotlight for Spying
NSA Leaks Raise Concerns on Background Checks
Courts Can't Agree on Whether Cops Can Track Your Cell Without a Warrant
The Heroic Whistleblower
No Contact With Snowden Since Asylum Offer: Venezuela
Bolivian President Offers Asylum to NSA Leaker Snowden
Snowden Case: France Apologizes to Bolivia in Plane Row
Russian Lawmaker: Venezuela Asylum Offer Snowden's Best Option
Syrian Opposition Chooses Saudi-Backed Leader
Syrian Troops Advance in Rebel-Held Parts of Homs
Syria Warplanes Bomb Damascus Outskirts
Face-To-Face With Abu Sakkar, Syria's 'Heart-Eating Cannibal'
In Israel, Doctors Quietly Treat Injured Syrians
Kerry's Peace Plan Includes 'Settlement Freeze Outside Major Blocs'
Israel's Envoy to the US Stepping Down
Kibbutz Has Peace Sign for Syria
Turkish Police Fire Teargas to Disperse Istanbul Protests
Probe Urged Into Police Violence
Istanbul's Governor Warns Against New Protest
Middle East
22 Killed Across Iraq; Judge Wounded in Assassination Attempt
Bomb in Bag Kills Three Police in Yemen
60 Mortars From Afghanistan Land Into Pakistan
Lahore: Blast at Old Anarkali Food Street Leaves 5 Dead
One Killed, Eight Injured in Firing at Lyari Protest Rally
Gunmen Kill Two in Quetta, NATO Tanker Set Ablaze in Mangochar
UN's Adviser on Sports Diplomacy Visits North Korea
In South Korea's Latest Controversies, Spy Agency Takes a Leading Role
Preparing War Dead for Burial Is a Religious Calling, Afghan Man Says
Egypt PM Dispute Stalls Government, Islamists Call More Protests
Morsi's Supporters Running Out of Options
Egyptian Military Shuts Gaza Crossing, Places Forces on High Alert Following Sinai Attack
Muslim Brotherhood Can Contest Egypt Elections: President Spokesman
Egypt Poll: 28 Percent of Egyptians Support Morsi, 35 Percent Back Opposition
Egypt Islamists Mass Again After Clashes
Coptic Priest Shot Dead in Latest Egypt Violence
Egypt's Pope Says Islamist Rulers Neglect Copts
Leading Sunni Cleric Says in Fatwa Egyptians Should Back Morsi
Militants Bomb Gas Pipeline in Sinai
Mubarak Back in Court Amid Egypt Unrest
Why Are Cairo Protesters Using Laser Pens?
Key Events in Egypt's Uprising and Unrest
Egypt and the World
Obama: US Not Backing Any Egyptian Party or Group
McCain Urges US to Suspend Egypt Military Aid
Arab Spring Countries Question if Morsi's Fall Is End of an Era
Mursi's Ouster a Nightmare for Hamas, Say Analysts
US Urges Egypt's Army Commander on Peaceful Civilian Transition
Egyptian Army Had No Choice Over Move to Topple Morsi, Says Tony Blair
Separatists Protest Malian Army's Return to Kidal
Mali Lifts State of Emergency Ahead of Presidential Vote
Togo Opposition Says Elections to Be Delayed
British 'Terror Suspect' Arrested by Police in Tanzania
Britain: Abu Qatada Set to Be Deported to Jordan
Pussy Riot Members Plan Appeal
Mexico's Election Violence Is Said to Be Worst in Years
Attacks Shut Down Colombia's No. 2 Oil Pipeline
Americans Still Dying
Training Explosion Killed Augusta (GA) Army Photographer in Afghanistan
Barton (NY) Soldier Recalled as a Gentle, Family Man
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