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Updated July 8, 2013 - 11:07 PM EDT
53 Die as Soldiers Fire on Praying Morsi Backers
  Angry at Massacre, Key al-Nour Party Withdraws Support for Junta
  US Remains Comfortable With Egypt's Coup
  New Egypt Appointments Going to Advocates of Military Rule
  Protest Leaders Call for More Demonstrations Against Egypt Coup
  Muslim Brotherhood: Support for Egypt Coup Fuels Anger at West
Asylum Offers for Snowden, but Time May Be Short
  Snowden: NSA Works Closely With Germany, Other EU Nations
  Brazil Seeks US Response to Alleged Spying on Citizens
  In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of NSA
Syria Rebels Vow Suicide Bombings Amid Losses
  Split Between Islamist, Secular Fighters Growing in Syria
  Syria's Islamists Disenchanted With Democracy After Morsi's Fall
North, South Korea Reach Deal on Industrial Complex
The Classic Military Runaround  by Nick Turse & Tom Engelhardt
A 'National Service' Revival Will Serve the State, Not the People  by Doug Bandow
NSA Revelations: Why So Many Are Keen to Play Down the Debate  by Nick Hopkins
New Egyptian War: Americans Lose, Again  by Ron Paul
Commit Any Felonies Lately?  by Bart Hinkle
Who Will Watch the Watchers?  Tampa Bay Times

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Widespread Breakdown of Safeguards at Gitmo
Pentagon's MIA Work 'Acutely Dysfunctional'
Soldier's Suicide Note Goes Viral; Family Demands Better for Vets
Somali American Caught Up in a Shadowy Pentagon Counterpropaganda Campaign
Spying on Everyone
How Innocent Citizens Become Terror Suspects
What the Secret FISA Court Really Does
NYC Cases Show Crooked Cops' Abuse of FBI Database
'Facebook & Co. Ignore Fundamental Rights'
The Heroic Whistleblower
Venezuela: Snowden Has Until Monday to Respond to Asylum Offer
Cuba's Raul Castro Criticizes US, Backs Allies on Snowden
Austria Did Not Search Morales Jet in Vienna: President
Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden Confirmed WikiLeaks Statement Was Written by Him
Snowden Asylum 'A Step Against the US,' Menendez Says
Latin America Sees US Diverting Morales' Plane as Yankee Imperialism
'Death to Arabs' Spray Painted on Jerusalem Restaurant
Israeli Cabinet Approves Ultra-Orthodox Conscription Law
US Jewish Groups Rap Bennett's Two-State Obit
Israel Grounds Warplanes After F16 Crashes at Sea
FIFA Head Promises Aid for Palestinian Soccer Team
Insurgents Increasing in East Afghanistan, but Army Sees Gains
Suspect in US Torture Is Arrested in Afghanistan
New TTP Group Emerges to Avenge Drone Attacks
Pakistan Bomb Kills Four in Lahore Restaurant District
Intel Agencies Warn of More Attacks in Lahore
Pakistan Brings Back Death Penalty, Angering Rights Groups
Blasts at Indian Buddhist Shrines of Bodhgaya in Bihar
Nagasaki Survivor Who Became Antiwar Activist Dies at 82
Somalia: Seven Killed in Bakool Battle, Al Shabaab Official 'in Talks' With Govt
Schools Shut After Massacre in NE Nigeria
Armed Group Shuts Down Second Libyan Oil Port in Days
Wanted Militia Leader Hurt in Clashes in Darfur's Biggest City
Mexico Reform Drive at Stake as Regions Vote
Egypt's State Media Bows to Army's Will
Ziad Bahaa El-Din Likely to Be Chosen as New Egyptian Prime Minister
Morsi Supporters, Opponents Hold Mass Counter-Rallies
Islamist Party a Surprise Force in a New Egypt
Gunmen Attack Sinai Checkpoints Close to Israel Border
Egypt's Islamists Vow to Expand Their Protests
Thumbnails of Egypt's Emerging New Leaders Following Military's Ouster of President Morsi
Egyptian Security Forces Raid Al Jazeera's Cairo Office
Egypt and the World
Overthrow of Egypt's Brotherhood Sends Islamists Across the Mideast Scrambling
McCain Calls Morsi Ouster a Coup d'Etat, Urges Blocking Aid
Egyptian Ambassador to US Says No Military Coup
Muslim Brotherhood Said US Urged It to Accept Morsi Overthrow
Turkish PM Urges 'So-Called' New Rulers of Egypt to Release Morsi
Egypt's Central Bank Governor Flies to Abu Dhabi
Events in Egypt Cause Tension in Tunisia
Election of New Head of Syrian Opposition Seen as Victory for US, Saudi Arabia
Shelling Kills Six Prisoners at Aleppo Prison
Syria's Muslim Brotherhood Says West Must Step Up Arms to Rebels
Syrian Opposition Head Expects Advanced Weapons to Reach Rebels Soon
'Hezbollah Supporters Urge Leadership: Stop Sending Our Sons to Die in Syria'
Gunmen, Bombs Leave 15 Dead Across Iraq
Iraqi Kurd President Makes Symbolic Baghdad Visit
Middle East
Thousands Demand Secession for South Yemen
After Protests, Forums Sprout in Turkey's Parks
Lebanon Blasts Wound Four Near Army Checkpoint
Radical Muslim Cleric Deported From UK Pleads Innocent to Terrorism in Jordan
Bomb Kills Officer in Bahrain Neighborhood Known for Ethnic Strife
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