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Updated July 9, 2013 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Training at the Core of Egypt's Coup
  53 Die as Soldiers Fire on Praying Morsi Backers
  White House: US Won't Cut Egypt Aid
  Angry at Massacre, Key Al-Nour Party Withdraws Support for Junta
  Egypt Decree: Parliamentary Vote in 2014, Presidential Vote Later
  Bloodshed in Egypt Saps Support for Military-Led Transition
Snowden Hasn't Yet Accepted Venezuela Asylum
  Snowden: 'US Govt Will Say I Aided Our Enemies'
  US Presses Venezuela, Others for Snowden's Capture
  Snowden: US and Israel Did Create Stuxnet Attack Code
  Snowden Honored by Ex-Intel Officials
  Post-Snowden, US Attempts to 'Press' China on Hacking Ring Hollow
US Considering Leaving Afghanistan After 2014
  Afghan Soldier Opens Fire on NATO Troops, Killing One
Congress Delaying US Arms to Syrian Rebels
  Syrian Rebel PM Resigns After Failing to Form Cabinet
Judge: Force-Feeding Illegal but Only Obama Can Stop It
  Force-Feeding – Guantanamo's Shame
  Israeli Doctors to Give Tips to US on Dealing With Hunger Strikers
Young Athletes Again Attacked; 33 Killed Across Iraq
Mystery Break-In at State Dept. Whistleblower's Law Firm
Snowden Made the Right Call When He Fled the US  by Daniel Ellsberg
America Pays, Whoever Is in Charge of Egypt  by W. James Antle III
The Snowden Video Sequel and Brazil Fallout  by Glenn Greenwald
Vital Interests vs. Democratic Ideals  by Patrick J. Buchanan
US Still Preparing for Nuclear War  by Lawrence Wittner
The Temptation of Coups  by Amy Davidson

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
Leaked Report Details bin Laden's Secret Life
Secret Move Keeps bin Laden Records in Shadows
Defense Opens Case in Manning's WikiLeaks Trial
Iran, Sudan Using US-Made Monitoring Tools
Video From the Bradley Manning Trial
Sore Feelings as US and Europe Begin Trade Talks
Christmas Island: In Search of Britain's Nuclear Legacy
Spying on Everyone
Snowden Reveals Australia's Links to US Spy Web
Army Spying Campaign Leads to Antiwar Activists Being Labeled 'Domestic Terrorists'
NSA Backlash Hits Privacy Legislation
Navy Vet Asks if NSA Is Spying on Him – NSA Says It's None of His Business
Germany Defends 'Strictly Legal' Cooperation With NSA
Brazil to Probe Local Telecom Operators Over Alleged US Spying
Privacy Group to Ask Supreme Court to Stop NSA's Phone Spying Program
Privacy Group Sues Britain Over NSA Surveillance
The Heroic Whistleblower
Edward Snowden: I Believed in US 'Nobility'
Ireland High Court Refuses to Grant Arrest Warrant for Snowden
WikiLeaks Suggests Cuba Asylum for Snowden
White House Lobbies Venezuela, Nicaragua for Snowden's Return
Snowden Case Not the First Embarrassment for Booz Allen, or Burgeoning Contracting Industry
Afghan Forces Kill 18 Taliban, Lose 5 of Own
Afghanistan Holds US Translator Tied to Civilian Torture Allegations
Pakistan Faults Self in bin Laden Hunt
Violence Continues in Karachi; 12 More Dead
Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Northwest Pakistan
Three NATO Containers Set Ablaze in Quetta
US SEALs Had Ground Support in Abbottabad Operation: Report
Chinese Police Open Fire on Tibetan Monks: Group
China Bans Fishing in Waters Off North Korea's Eastern Coast
South Korea
Malware Hunts for South Korean Military Secrets
The War at Home
After 2 Decades of Sexual Assault in Military, No Real Change in Message
Pentagon's Civilian Furloughs to Save $1.8 Billion
Teen Justin Carter Faces Trial and Jail for Facebook Comment
State Dept. Official in Guyana Removed in Alleged Sex-for-Visas Scandal
Massacre in Cairo Deepens Egypt Crisis
Islamists: Egypt Army Enemy After Deadly Clashes
Al-Jazeera Kicked Out of Egypt News Conference
Hamas Condemns Killings at Egypt Sit-In
Egypt Islamist Party That Backed Morsi Ouster in Damage Control Mode After Protester Killings
Soldiers Seized by Morsi's Followers as Dozens Killed in Clashes
Interim Leader Adly Mansour Calls for Calm
Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt Faces Stark Choice
Islamists Strive for Spirit of Tahrir at Protest
Grim Ritual of Death Unfolds in Cairo Morgue Filled to Capacity
Senior Egyptian Cleric Warns of Civil War
Syria Spurns Ramadan Ceasefire Idea
Battles Intensify in Syria's Strategic City of Homs
Syria's Ruling Party Elects New Command Amid War
Morsi's Ouster a 'Nightmare' for Hamas Rulers in Gaza Strip
Israel Jails Arab Citizen Who Briefly Joined Syria's Rebels
Liberal Jewish Women Activists Blocked at Western Wall
Poll: Most Israelis Don't Believe Netanyahu's Apology to Turkey Was Justified
Young Athletes Again Attacked; 33 Killed Across Iraq
Spokesman for the Governor of Nineveh Assassinated in Mosul
France's TOTAL Acquitted in Iraq Oil-For-Food Scandal
Iraq Soccer Victory a Bright Spot Amid Woes
Al Maliki and Barazani: Unanimous Iraqi Stance on Syrian Situation
Turkey Again Closes Istanbul Park
Turkish Police Use Water Cannon to Disperse Protest in Istanbul
Middle East
Yemeni Colonel Shot Dead in Ambush Near Home
Bahrain Police Attacked in Sitra and Janabiya
Iran Starts 5-Day Naval Exercise in Caspian Sea as Part of a Readiness Test for Navy
Six Wounded in Shootout on Kosovo-Serbia Border
Minbar Ansar Deen and Boko Haram Face UK Membership Ban
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