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Updated July 10, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
Egypt's Junta Support Collapses Over 'Decree'
  Egyptian Army’s Firepower Overwhelmingly US-Supplied
  Obama Officials Won't Even Mention the Word 'Coup'
  Egypt's Coup Calamitous in Gaza: Military Cuts Off Rafah Crossing
  Arrest of Brotherhood Leader Ordered as Group Rejects Cabinet Offer
WikiLeaks Says Break Likely Today for Snowden
  Snowden: I Never Gave Any Information to Chinese or Russian Govts
Syrians Have Given Up on US Weapons Promises
  Russia: Syrian Rebels Used Sarin in Aleppo Attack
  Israel Deploys Tanks Along Syrian Frontier in Golan
  Syria War Spillover: Beirut Car Bomb Wounds 53
Kerry Plan Calls for Partial Settlement Freeze
  Israel Warns Arabs Against Complaining About Nukes at IAEA Meeting
  Israel's New US Envoy: Neocon Opponent of the Two-State Solution
Court Rejects State Secrets Defense in Dragnet Surveillance
  NSA 'Spied' on Most Latin American Nations: Brazil Paper
  Federal Judge Orders Secret Service to Release Files on Aaron Swartz
  Govt's 'State Secrets' Privilege May Not Be as Iron-Clad as It Thinks
ISI Chief: Pakistan Has 'Understanding' With US on Drones
Afghan Soldier Attacks NATO Convoy, Killing One
The NSA Spies and Democrats Look Away  by Julian Zelizer
Treatment of Palestinians Is Apartheid by Any Other Name  by Jonathan Cook
Blowback From the White House's Vindictive War on Whistleblowers  by Shamai Leibowitz
Questions for the FBI Nominee  by Coleen Rowley
Death by 'Security': Israel's Services in Latin America  by Belen Fernandez
A Gift From the United States to Mideast Zealots  by Robert Scheer

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Montana the First State to Pass Anti-Spying Law
Ex-Gitmo Prosecutor Says Detainee Assessments Manning Leaked Weren't Harmful to US
NSA Surveillance in Brazil Stirs Regional Tension – Again
For Western Allies, a Long History of Swapping Intel
US to Pay Spain $200 Million to Host Missile Shield
Egypt Leaders' Transition Plan Meets With Swift Criticism
Egypt Islamists Reject Poll Plan
Militants Attack Egyptian Security Forces in Sinai
After the Shooting in Cairo
Interim Premier in Egypt Could Cut Subsidies
Profile: Egypt's Interim Prime Minister Hazem Al-Beblawi
Profile: Egypt's Interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei
Egypt and the World
Israel Urged US Not to Halt Aid to Egypt, Says Top American Official
US Denies Calling on Egyptian Army to Release Morsi
In Egypt, Gripes About US Government Are a Common Theme
Aid to Egypt From Saudis and Emiratis Is Part of Struggle With Qatar for Influence
Egypt Crisis Sets Off Economic and Humanitarian Gaza Chain Reaction
Israeli Army Finds Remains of Rocket Fired From Egypt
Obama Speaks to Qatar, UAE Leaders on Egypt
Israel's New 'Prisoner X'
Documents Show Israel Held Other Unnamed Inmate at Same Time as Zygier
The Secrets of Israel's 'Prisoner X2'
Prisoner X's Lawyer: Another Inmate Committed 'Far More Severe' Offenses
Ayalon Prison Commander: I Was Told Prisoner X Not My Concern
Lawmakers Demand Answers After Second 'Prisoner X' Exposed
Palestinian Groups Decry Meeting Between PLO, Israel as 'Normalization'
New US Envoy Brings Loyalty to PM, History of Abrasiveness
Netanyahu Taps Close Aide Ron Dermer as New Ambassador to US
Play About American Activist Rachel Corrie Performed in Israel
Syrian Govt Claims Massive Seizure of Toxic Chemicals
13th Century Mosque Among Victims of Homs Shelling
Children Main Victims of Beirut Explosion
Lebanon Judge Seeks Death Penalty for 37 People, Including Mayor, in Arsal Ambush
Twelve Killed Across Iraq, Including Four Women in Mosul
Iraqis Mourn Fighter Killed in Syria Battle
Wichita Man's Nephew Facing Execution in Iraq
Middle East
Protesters in Istanbul Break Ramadan Fast Along Pedestrian Street as Police Stand Watch
Arabic Sesame Street Back in Town
The War at Home
NYPD, Brookhaven Releasing Harmless Gases in Subway for Chemical Weapon Study
Obama FBI Nominee Defends NSA's Dragnet Surveillance
Comey: Waterboarding Is Torture, Illegal
Rand Paul to Object to James Comey Nod
Ex-Judge Says Intelligence Court Should Hear From Outside Parties
Govt Asks Court to Reinstate Marines' Murder Conviction
Wounded Iraq Vet Ordered to Remove Marine Dress Jacket at Security Screening
17 Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Bomb
White House: 'No Decision Imminent' on Afghan Troop Levels
Afghan Officials Skeptical as US Mulls Complete Withdrawal
Taliban Close Qatar Office to Protest Flag Fracas
US Raid That Killed bin Laden Was 'An Act of War', Says Pakistani Report
Pakistan Taliban Sack Spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan
Okinawa Requests Halt to Second Osprey Deployment
Lawmakers Urge Firm US Line on China in Bilateral Talks
Silvio Berlusconi's Ally 'Rendered Dissident's Family to Kazakhstan'
North Africa
Key Party Quits Morocco's Islamist-Led Government
Libya Oil Output Slides as Power Cuts Mix With Protests
Nigeria Deploys Vigilantes Against Boko Haram
Nigeria Court: Life in Jail for 4 Bombers
Somali Car Explodes in Mogadishu's Bakara Market
Congo's M23 Rebels Demand Ceasefire Before Continuing Talks
Mandela's Co-Defendants Describe Sabotage Trial as 'Spark That Lit Flame' 50 Years Ago
Use of Undercover Agents in British Colombia Terrorism Plot a Serious Concern: Lawyer
Friends Skeptical Couple Could Have Planned July 1 Attack
Journalist Shot Dead in Russia's Dagestan
NATO Says Kosovo Security Force Is Fully Operational
US Diplomat to Lead Belfast Talks on Reducing Catholic-Protestant Divisions
CELAC Slams European Govts for Putting Morales's Safety at Risk
Honduras: Charred, Mutilated Body May Be Missing Journalist
Colombia Sends Suspected Drug Kingpin to United States
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