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Updated July 11, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
US Bankrolled Anti-Morsi Activists
  Obama Spars With Lawmakers on Egypt Aid
  Egypt Junta Uses Monday Massacre as Excuse for More Arrests
  New Coalition Splits Over Granting Interim President Broad Powers
US Voters: Snowden Is Whistleblower, Not Traitor
  Snowden: I Never Gave Any Information to Chinese or Russian Govts
  WikiLeaks to Begin Fundraising for Snowden 'Flight of Liberty'
In Rebel Towns, Syrians Protest Islamist Rule
  UK Report Warns Chemical Arms 'Catastrophe' Looms if Assad Falls
Top Judge Who OK'd Surveillance Slams FISA
  Germany's Merkel: Surveillance Essential for Democracy
  Tiny Utah-Based ISP Makes a Name for Itself by Rebuffing Govt Snoops
The ĎZero Optioní in Afghanistan
  'The Finest Poppy Storage Warehouse Ever Built for the Afghan Army'
Pentagon Agreed: WikiLeaks a Journalistic Outlet
Turkish Peace Talks Flounder, PKK Names Hawk to Key Post
Senators Urge Obama to Cut Back on Gitmo Force-Feedings
Above the Law  by Andrew P. Napolitano
The High Cost of US Foreign Policy  by Gordon N. Bardos
Denouncing NSA Isn't Enough – We Need the Power to Stop It  by Norman Solomon
America Against Democracy  by Will Wilkinson
Making Tyranny 'Legal'  by Peter Casey
Israel's Indigenous Invaders  by Neve Gordon & Nicola Perugini

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Snowden's Dubious Options for Getting to Venezuela
Drones in Niger Reflect New US Tack on Terrorism
Pentagon's Payroll Quagmire Traps America's Soldiers
Photos Suggest Saudis Targeting Iran, Israel With Ballistic Missiles
Rand Paul Threatens to Block Nominee Over Drones
After Campaigning for Morsi's Ouster, Egypt's Christians Come Under Retaliation From Islamists
Egypt's Junta Broadens Its Accusations Against Islamists
US Still Plans to Send F-16s to Egypt in Coming Weeks
Egypt Orders Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood Leader as Group Rejects Cabinet Offer
Sudden Improvements Suggest a Campaign to Undermine Morsi
A Week After the Coup, Egyptians Ask: Where's Morsi?
Egypt Puts Travel Restrictions on Syrians
Tightening Siege by Syrian Rebels Stirs Anger
Syrian Rebels Put Down Food Protest With Gunfire
Russia Says Syrian Opposition Blocking Peace Conference
Syrian Rebel Sheikh Calls for War on Assad's Alawite Heartland
Syrian Rebels Reject Russian Claims on Chemicals
UN: Lebanon Alarmed by Over 1 Million Syrian Refugees and Numbers Rising
Syrian War Forces Businesses to Relocate Across the Border in Jordan
UN Urges Hezbollah Fighters to Leave Syria
Israel Prison Service Sources: 'Second Prisoner X' Held for Years in Total Isolation
Palestinian From Gaza Detained by Israel for 'Security Crimes'
Israeli Air Squadrons, Tanks, Artillery and Naval Units to Go in $1.9 Billion Defense Slash
Turkish Forces' Tactics Under Scrutiny as Protest Toll Rises
Turkey Curbs Power of Architect Group Involved in Protests
Women Targeted in Baghdad Among Nine Iraqis Killed
Iraq's Shi'ite Prime Minister Seeks Alliances With Sunnis
Iraq Police Shutdown Four Soccer Fields Over Security Concerns
Family of Alleged al-Qaeda-Linked Cleric Abu Qatada 'Plans to Move to Jordan'
Spying on Everyone
Lawmakers Say Administration's Lack of Candor on Surveillance Weakens Oversight
Colombia Asks US for Explanation After Reports It Was Targeted by NSA Spying
Brazil Lawmaker: US Spying Won't Hurt Relations
NSA Snooping Scandal Stirs Up Dark Memories in Germany
UK Spies: Nations Are Hiring Cybermercenaries
A Brand-New US Military Headquarters in Afghanistan, and Nobody to Use It
UK Troop Levels in Afghanistan 'To Fall to 6,000 by Autumn'
Suicide Bomber Kills a Private Guard of Pakistan's President, 2 Police Officers in Karachi
Pakistan Elections Not 'Free and Fair': EU
Haqqani Accuses Abbottabad Commission of Concealing Facts
North and South Korea End Talks With No Deal on Kaesong
Biden: End 'Outright Theft' by China
Barclays Shutdown of 100,000 Accounts Raises Somali Fears
Libyan Government Takes Back Ministry From Armed Group
Sudan Frees Former Spy Chief, Drops Coup Plot Charges
UN: Killings in Guinea-Bissau Must Be Investigated
Stakeout of Julian Assange at Ecuadorean Embassy Costs Met Police £3.8 Million
Britain Had to Rely on German Military for First Time Since Waterloo
The War at Home
Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Tsarnaev Pleads Not Guilty
After Epic Escape From China, Exile Is Mired in Partisan US
Emergency Broadcasts Can Be Hacked, US Researchers Say
Sequester Furloughs Set to Begin This Week at Tacoma's Military Base
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