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Updated July 12, 2013 - 11:17 PM EDT
Snowden Seeks Temporary Asylum in Russia
  Snowden Meets Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow Airport
  Snowden: 'It Was the Right Thing to Do and I Have No Regrets'
  Experts Advise Snowden: Fly Commercial
Microsoft Gave Encrypted Message Access to NSA
  NSA Engaged in Broad Surveillance of Latin America
  Yahoo Wants FISA Objections Revealed
  Experts: Obama's Plan to Predict Future Leakers Unlikely to Work
  NSA Even Spied on Google Maps Searches, Documents Suggest
  NSA's Snowden Review Focuses on Spying Against China
  Russian Guard Service Reverts to Typewriters After NSA Leaks
Al-Qaeda Kills Free Syrian Army Commander
  Israel Shores Up Golan Force With Eye on Hezbollah
Egypt's Military Disputes 'Massacre' Death Toll
  Washington Vilified on Both Sides of Egypt's Divide
  Egypt Junta Encouraged as US Dubs Ousted Govt 'Undemocratic'
Homeland Security Chief Napolitano to Resign
Iraq Carnage: 96 Killed, 191 Wounded
Fighting Back Against the Drones
US Downplays Possibility of Leaving Afghanistan After 2014
Navy Drone Fails in Third Aircraft Carrier Landing Attempt
Chairman: FBI Has 'Chosen to Obstruct' Oversight
The Military-Industrial-Immigration Complex  by Todd Miller & Tom Engelhardt
A Secret Court's Secret Law Is Now a Little Less Secret  by David Sarasohn
WAPO's WikiLeaks-Snowden-Greenwald Conspiracy Theory  by Peter Hart
Sheikh-Up in Qatar  by Doug Bandow
No Evidence for Charge Iran Linked to JFK Terror Plot  by Gareth Porter
Foreign Aid: The Seen and the Unseen  by Michael Tennant

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Top 10 Hill Recipients of Defense Contributions
Judge Blocks Guantanamo Groin Searches
Bipartisan Antiwar Rally Planned for Oklahoma State Capitol
Where Are the World's Major Military Bases?
Walter Pincus Finally Corrects Greenwald Smear
Egypt Army to Get Fighter Jets From US
US Navy Ships in Red Sea Move Close to Egypt as Precaution
Congress Mulls Coup Waiver for Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood to Continue Protests
Egypt's Banned TV Stations Use State Unit for Broadcasts
Egypt's Liberals Pressing for Democracy After Coup
Egypt Welcomes US Remarks on Morsi
US Sharpens Criticism of Egyptian Arrests
Egyptian Officer's Car Attacked in Sinai
Egypt Has Less Than Two Months Imported Wheat Left: Ex-Minister
Hamas Denies 32 of Its Operatives Killed in Sinai
At Ramadan Meals, Egypt Weighs Split in Society
Egypt's Power Vacuum Will Do Little to Help a Disintegrating Tourism Industry
Assad Says Syria's Ba'ath Party Chiefs Were Removed Over 'Mistakes in Office'
Anti-Assad Rebels Say US Arms Needed, Vow to Control Distribution
Kurdish Group Ready to Back Main Syria Opposition in Return for Rights Recognition
Russia Slams West's 'Propaganda Storm' on Syria Chemical Arms
US Slams Syria Bid for UN Human Rights Council
Ramadan Brings No Respite to Syria's Homs: Activists
Israel Soldiers Detain Five-Year-Old Palestinian for Stone-Throwing in Hebron
Netanyahu Cancels First Address to Likud Since Losing Party Control
IDF Builds Marine Obstacle in Red Sea
'Fight Club'-Style Cyber-Dangers Put Israel at Risk
Israel Attacks Possibility of Iran, Syria Joining UN Human Rights Council
Palestinian Population in West Bank, Gaza, About 4.5 Million
Iraq Carnage: 96 Killed, 191 Wounded
Iraq Offers 3 Oil Fields to India on Nomination Basis
Middle East
'Don't Attack', Iranian Filmmaker Says in Israel
OPEC Output Drops 1.2 Percent on Libya-Led Disruptions, IEA Says
Mali Government Officials Return to Key Northern City of Kidal, 16 Months After Rebel Takeover
13 Gunmen Killed in Clash With Soldiers in Northern Mexico
Man Certified as Dead Elected in South Mexico Village; Prosecutors Probe Suspected Fraud
The Heroic Whistleblower
US Is Pressing Latin Americans to Reject Snowden
Venezuela Says Snowden Has Still Not Formally Responded to Asylum Offer
Trapped: An Air Escape From Moscow Unlikely for NSA Leaker Snowden
Edward Snowden Case: US Rebukes China
Spying on Everyone
What the Government Pays to Snoop on You
Secret US Court's Actions Mired in Controversy
Little-Known Government Agency Could Overhaul the NSA
US Allies Mexico, Chile and Brazil Seek Spying Answers
Merkel Appears to Weather Anger Among German Voters Over NSA Spying
NSA Director Keith Alexander to Speak at Hacker Conference in Las Vegas
Hackers Convention Ask Government to Stay Away Over Snowden
Jailed Journalist Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years for Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms
NSA Surveillance: French Human Rights Groups Seek Judicial Investigation
Luxembourg PM to Resign Over Spying Scandal
NSA Scandal Delivers Record Numbers of Internet Users to Duckduckgo
Bomb Kills Two Near Mosque in Pakistan as Attacks Spread
Siege by Taliban Strains Pakistani Girls' Schools
Twin Bombing Kills Five in Afghanistan
Pentagon: US Vulnerable to China's Nuclear-Tipped Submarine-Launched Missiles
Jail Terms for Muslim-Buddhist Violence in Myanmar's Meiktila
Should the US Withdraw From Korean DMZ
Most of Europe Has No Whistleblower Protection
Karadzic Genocide Charge Reinstated
Greek Court Frees on Bail Militant Hunger Striker
Lockheed, Italy Cancel Ceremony at Italian F-35 Plant
The War at Home
Glitch Forces Experimental US Drone Ashore After Historic Carrier Landing
Court Denies Fort Hood Suspect Access to Secret Evidence
TSA Eyes Electronic 'Randomizers' to Sort Security Lines
Dearborn Group Alleges in Lawsuit Bank Improperly Closed Accounts of Detroit Arab-Americans
Lawyer Says Teenage NY Terror Suspect Autistic
Nuland Denies Any Role in Preparing Benghazi Talking Points
CIA Let Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Design Vacuum Cleaner in Detention to 'Keep Him Sane'
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