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Updated July 13, 2013 - 11:21 PM EDT
US Warns Russia Against Giving Snowden Asylum
  Snowden Vows No More Leaks as He Seeks Asylum in Russia
  Snowden Meets Amnesty and Human Rights Watch at Moscow Airport
  Snowden: 'It Was the Right Thing to Do and I Have No Regrets'
  South American Bloc Slams US Spying
  US Officials: Israel Behind Recent Syria Attack
  Obama: US Committed to Arming Syrian Rebels
  Pakistani Taliban Setting Up Base in Syria for Helping 'Jihad'
Gitmo Hunger Strikers Break Fast for Ramadan's First Day
  Report Gives Graphic Details of Guantanamo Force-Feeding
Kirkuk Suicide Bomber Drives Toll to 84 Killed Across Iraq
Morsi Faces Long Jail Term for Fleeing Mubarak Detention
Homeland Security Chief Napolitano to Resign
New US Guidelines Vow to Limit Anti-Press Probes
US Seeks Growing Military Presence in Philippines
In Syria, US Arms Go to Pro-Assad Militias and Jihadists  by John Glaser
Neocons and Democracy: Egypt as a Case Study  by Jim Lobe
The NSA's Surveillance Is Unconstitutional  by Randy E. Barnett
Falling Off a Cliff in Egypt  by Paul R. Pillar
How We Got Warrior Cops  by Lucy Steigerwald
K.S.M.'s Vacuum Cleaner  by Amy Davidson

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Guardian Guide to NSA Files
US Marines Reach Transition Point in Libya Mission
Soldier's Death by Suicide Reflects National Issue
US Firms Ordered to Pay Over Agent Orange
UK Refuses to Probe Russian Spy Poisoning; National Security Cited
Next Generation of Drones: Let the Sweepstakes Begin
Hardening Split in Egypt as Islamists Stage Huge Demonstrations
Obama Administration Calls on Egyptian Military to Release Morsi
Egyptian Army Helicopter Briefly Enters Gaza Airspace
Morsi Supporters Mass in Cairo Vowing to Defy Coup
Egypt's Media Embrace Military After Morsi Ouster
In Some Parts of Egypt, Bad Times Remained Bad
Egypt Turns Back Flights From Syria After Tighter Visa Rules
Syrian Rebel Infighting Undermines Anti-Assad Effort
Official Syrian Refugee Figure in Lebanon Tops 600,000
Settler Sprays 'Slaughter Jews' on Own Car, Tries to Blame Arabs
European Countries Step Up Hamas Contact Despite EU Policy of Isolation
IDF to Offer Tanks, Planes, Missile Boats for Sale
Iran Denies Dissidents' Nuclear Site Allegation
Sister: American Held in Iran Gets Books, Exercise
Kirkuk Suicide Bomber Drives Toll to 84 Killed Across Iraq
Biden Expresses Concern to Nijaifi on Increased Violence in Iraq
Istanbul Police Block Protest by Journalists Demanding Press Freedoms
Twitter Agrees to Hand Over Details of People Who Post Racist or Anti-Semitic Comments After French Legal Battle
UK: Tipton Mosque Blast Was 'Terrorist Attack', Say Police
Violence Flares Around Northern Ireland Marches
Weekend Reviews
Hardhats for Peace, College Kids for War
Sparta: Iraq War Haunts Marine With PTSD Horrors
Only 1 Percent of 'Terrorists' Caught by the FBI Are Real
The Heroic Whistleblower
Experts Advise Snowden: Fly Commercial
Edward Snowden Accuses US of Illegal, Aggressive Campaign
Snowden Creates New Headaches, Distractions for White House
Snowden Case Shows Leakers Need Protection: UN Rights Chief
State Dept. Whistleblower Peter Van Buren: Edward Snowden Is One of Us
Spying on Everyone
Verizon, AT&T Get Most Bucks From Feds for Wiretaps
Senator Ron Wyden: White House Considering Scaling Back Data Collection
NATO Helicopter Makes 'Hard Landing' in Afghanistan
UK Forces in Afghanistan Begin Vast Equipment Salvage Operation
Isolated Afghans Contemplate Mass Exodus
Clock Is Ticking on Devising Pakistan's New National Security Policy
Malala Yousafzai's Speech to the UN General Assembly
Thailand Agrees on Muslim Rebel Ramadan Ceasefire
Cambodian Opposition Leader Pardoned by King
Nigerian Security Forces: 5-Hour Gunbattle With Extremists in Northwest Sokoto City Kills 1
Nigeria Army Restores Mobile Phone Service in Adamawa
Nigeria Judge Refuses Bail for 3 Lebanese-Nigerians Accused of Hoarding 'Hezbollah' Arms Cache
Bomber Hits Peacekeepers in Somalia, 8 Civilians Dead
Governor of Key City in Northern Mali Retreats to Capital Amid Warning He Is Unwelcome
US Expresses 'Deep Concern' About South Sudan Violence
Nine Senegalese Freed by Casamance Rebels: State Media
Chilean Demonstrators Clash With Police
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