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Updated July 18, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Mulls Attacking Syria
  Turkish Teen Killed Amid Syrian Border Fighting
  The Real Lesson of Iraq: The US Can’t Shape Post Assad Syria
  Prominent Assad Backer Assassinated in Southern Lebanon
Panama Nabs CIA Official Over Cleric's Abduction
Appeals Court Affirms NDAA Indefinite Detentions
Obama May Snub Putin Over Snowden
  US Sends Extradition Requests for Snowden, WikiLeaks Says
  Snowden Could Leave Airport Transit Zone Soon, Lawyer Says
NSA Reveals Even Greater Surveillance Scope
  Driving Somewhere? There's a Government Record of That
  Itching to Ask: What Does Merkel Know About NSA Surveillance?
  2nd PRISM Program Emerges as German Minister Faces Committee
Obama's UN Envoy to 'Work Tirelessly' – for Israel
  Netanyahu Demands EU Postpone New Anti-Settlement Guidelines
Kerry: Egypt Military Coup Prevented Civil War
  Insiders: Egypt Coup in the Works for Months
US Government-Funded News Comes Home
Judge Won't Dismiss Manning 'Aiding Enemy' Charge
Michael Hastings Body Cremated Against Family's Wishes
WHO’s Iraq Birth Defect Study Omits Causation
UK Police Supply Target Information for NATO 'Kill List'
Scapegoat Snowden: Outrage Over Surveillance Predates Leaks  by Jason Ditz
It's Not Always Right to Keep Your Word  by Charles Davis
NSA Spying Leaves Washington Lonelier Than Ever  by Emma Lo
Iran Is No Threat: Our Middle East 'Allies' Are  by John Glaser
Meet a Moderate Syrian Insurgent  by Pepe Escobar
Mr. Netanyahu's Ultimate Sin  by César Chelala

More Viewpoints

US Military Spending Lapping at Historic Highs, Not Lows
Arms Exports From UK Raise Questions, MPs Say
Bill Kristol Calls Paul, Cruz 'Anti-Military'
Liz Cheney-Founded Neocon Group Quietly Scrubbed From the Internet
Judge: Gitmo Genital Searches Can Continue
UN Scrambles for Nearly $13 Billion Emergency Aid
Riot Police Block Morsi Supporters From Marching on Tahrir Square
General Who Toppled Morsi Will Hold Three Jobs in Egypt's New Government
EU Calls for Morsi to Be Released
Egypt Intercepts 19 Grad Rockets, Military Equipment
Egypt's Coptic Christians Pay Price of Political Tumult
Syria's Nusra Front Tries to Show It's a Different Kind of al-Qaeda
Momentum Shifts in Syria, Bolstering Assad's Position
How War in Syria Turned These Ordinary Engineers Into Deadly Weapons Inventors
PA Officials Say Kerry Making Real Progress, Predict Resumption of Peace Talks in August
Bennett: The Answer to the EU Is Building in Judea and Samaria
Livni, Lieberman Say EU Decision Would Hinder Peace Efforts
New Palestinian Precondition: Airport in Ramallah
Israeli General: Troops Erred in Detaining 5-Year-Old Palestinian Boy
US to Push for Israeli Seat on UN Security Council
Obama's UN Nominee Power Sees 'Unacceptable Bias' Against Israel at UN
Human Rights Activist Trades DC for Israeli Politics
30 Iraqis Killed as Summer Heat Makes Them Easy Targets
Iraq Attacks Make for Deadly Start to Holy Month
UN Special Envoy Warns Iraq May Be Headed Down Violent Path
After Election Rout, Kurds Lament Loss of Power in Diyala
Chilcot Inquiry Presses for Release of Iraq War Documents
Blast Kills Three Children in Iraq
3 Killed, 21 Wounded in Mosul
Rohani Laughs Off Israeli Threats
Iran to Take Wheat for Power in Barter With Pakistan
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Yemen Branch Says No 2 Killed in US Drone Strike
Bahrain Arrests Three for Firebombing MP's Home
Guinea Deploys Troops as 17 Killed in Ethnic Clashes
French General Says EU Mali Mission Should Be Extended
Fighting in South Sudan Cuts Off 100,000 People From Aid
Libyan Minority Groups Say Will Boycott Constitution Vote
More Mutual Aid Officers in Northern Ireland After Rioting
Italy Storm Over Expulsion of Kazakh Dissident's Family
20,000 US Troops Descend on Australia for Training
Spying on Everyone
Tech Firms, Civil Liberties Groups to Demand More Sunlight on NSA Surveillance Data
Lawmakers of Both Parties Voice Doubts About NSA Surveillance Programs
NSA Phone Program Will Expire Next Year, PATRIOT Act Author Says
European Anger Over Spying Turns Inward
British Agency Is Cleared of Illegal Data Gathering
Police Documents on License Plate Scanners Reveal Mass Tracking
Microsoft Hits Out at NSA Reports and Obama Justice Department
Microsoft: We Don't Give NSA Direct Access to Email
How the CIA Copied James Bond's Gadgets
The Heroic Whistleblower
Russia to Rise Above Squabbling Over Snowden, Putin Says
Boehner Slaps Down Graham: 'He's Dead Wrong' About Olympics Boycott Over Snowden
The War at Home
Colorado Town Considers Hunting Licenses for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Bounties for Drones
Pentagon Wants More Regular Testing After Failed Missile Test
Anonymous Claims Hack of FEMA in Retaliation for 'Implied Threats'
Freelance Reporters Train in Combat Zone First Aid
Pentagon Takes Round One in Sex-Assault Fight
Marines' Afghan Open Burn Pits Questioned as Incinerators Stand Idle
Brother of Afghan Security Adviser Killed in Taliban Attack
The Consequences of Living With Afghanistan's Culture of Child Sex Exploitation
With New Law, Afghanistan Moves Closer to Election
Cuba: Old Soviet Arms Were Being Sent to North Korea for Repair
South Korea Wants to Delay Military Deal With US, News Report Says
Senior Pakistani Taliban Leader 'Shocked' by Malala Attack
Bangladesh War Crimes: Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid to Be Executed
China in $5 Billion Drive to Develop Disputed East China Sea Gas
Cartel's Border City Home Tense Following Arrest
Obama Says Capture of Cartel Boss Shows Mexico Serious About Drug Fight
Police-Beat Reporter Found Dead in Southern Mexico
Colombia President Santos Meets Surrendered ELN Rebels
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