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Updated July 21, 2013 - 11:19 PM EDT
German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program
  Court Secretly Renews NSA Phone Surveillance
  NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say
  Greenwald: This Week in Press Freedoms and Privacy Rights
Israel to Free 'Heavyweight' Palestinian Prisoners
  Israel, Palestinians Still at Odds Over Borders Ahead of Talks
Terror Worries: Foreign Fighters Flocking to Syria
  US Intelligence Official Says Syrian War Could Last for Years
  Islamist-Kurdish Fighting Spreads in Rebel-Held Syria
Iraq Bombing Spree: 88 Killed, 242 Wounded
  KBR Must Face Lawsuit Over Alleged Iraq Kickbacks: Court
Report: Gitmo Prisoners to Have Cases Reviewed
US Drone Surveillance Is Expanding Beyond Combat Zones
Iran Engagement Gets Unexpected Boost in Congress
GOP Leaders Face Libertarian Revolt Over NSA, Egypt, Syria
US Remarks Cause Venezuela to End Efforts to Mend Ties
Journalist Extraordinaire Helen Thomas Dead at 92
Obama's Hostility Toward Whistleblowers Is Both Immoral and Illegal  by Jason Ditz
Egypt Coup Demands Policy Rethink  by Kevin Martin & Josh Ruebner
'Signature Strikes' and the President's Empty Rhetoric on Drones  by Arianna Huffington
Netanyahu's Crying Wolf on Iran  by Gary Sick
Uncle Sam's Big, Big Ears  by Eric Margolis
Why the US Executive Branch Is a Clear and Present Danger to Our Democracy  by Fred Braufman

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Colombia's FARC Rebels Capture US Soldier
MIT Moves to Intervene in Release of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service File
US Accidentally Drops Bombs on Great Barrier Reef
Man in Wheelchair Sets Off Bomb at Bejing Airport
Supervisor Says She Suspected Bradley Manning Was a Spy
Panama Sent Ex-CIA Officer to US, Not Italy
The War at Home
White House, Boehner, US Olympic Committee Fire Back Against Boycott
FAA Warns Public Against Shooting Guns at Drones
Fort Bliss: Radioactive Bunker Not a Threat
15 Militants Killed in Khyber Agency
Blasts Kill Four, Injure Several in Karachi
Karachi: Three Alleged Bombmakers Killed While Assembling IED
Three Political Workers Gunned Down in Karachi
Rangers Officials Booked in Murder of Youth in Custody
Explosion Kills Two Frontier Corps Personnel
Women in Pakistan District Barred From Leaving Home Without Male Relative
Pakistan to Work for Afghan Peace, Supports No One Group: PM
7 Injured in Fresh Clashes in Indian Kashmir
Kashmir Militants Rebuild Their Lives as Hopes of a Lasting Peace Grow
US Commander Says Okinawa Curfew May Be Permanent
Myanmar's President Lifts Emergency Order in Townships Gripped by Sectarian Violence
Algeria Army Kills Regional al-Qaeda Leader's Deputy
Congress Will Hear From Africa Special Forces Commander on Benghazi Attack
Mali: Kidal's Deadly Race Riots
For South Sudan and the UN, a Relationship of Growing Distrust
Brazil: Biden Called President About Surveillance
FARC Rebel Group in Peace Talks: Is Colombia's 50-Year War About to End?
Americans Still Dying
Waynesfield (OH) Soldier Killed in Rocket-Propelled Grenade Attack
Gentry (ARK) Community Mourns Loss of Marine Stationed Aboard Uss Nimitz
We Are 'Willing to Die' for Democracy, Senior Muslim Brotherhood Official Says
Egypt's President Issues Decree to Start Work on Constitution
Three Women Killed in Egypt Clashes
Rocket Attack Kills 2 Civilians in Egypt
Egyptian Army Bars Fishing Off Sinai Coast
Egypt Has No Intention of Waging Syria Jihad, FM Fahmy Says
New Egyptian Government to Reevaluate Syria, Iran Ties
Jordanian King Visits in Cairo for Talks With New Government
5 Turkish Soldiers Wounded by Gunfire From Syrian Side
12 Pro-Regime Fighters, Shia Shrine Keeper Killed in Syria
Enlisting Damascus Residents to Answer Assad's Call
Syrian Army Bombs Northern Rebel Town, Killing 5
Secrecy a Bump in Kerry's Mideast Road
Palestinians: US Says 1967 Lines Basis for Talks
Netanyahu Says Talks With Palestinians 'Vital'
Former Settler Leader Dayan: Releasing Palestinian Prisoners Wrong Morally and Politically
Iraq Bombing Spree: 88 Killed, 242 Wounded
Official: Saddam-Era Law in Kirkuk Deprives Kurds of Their Lands
Turkish Police Crash Taksim Wedding Party With Water Cannons
3 People Kidnapped by PKK Militants in Eastern Turkey
Turkish Police Fire Water Cannon at Istanbul Protesters
Middle East
Qaeda Suspects Kill Pro-Army Militiaman in Yemen
Hezbollah Ready to Attend Lebanon National Dialogue
Saudi Rights Activist Iman Al-Qahtani Given Travel Ban
Russia Opposition Leader Navalny Vows Moscow Poll Win

French Police, Youths Clash After Veil Incident

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