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Updated July 22, 2013 - 11:22 PM EDT
Bloody Iraq Monday: 105 Die in Multiple Attacks
  Scores Killed as Iraq Ramadan Bombings Surge
Israel-Palestinian Talks Going Nowhere, Slowly
  Israeli-Palestinian Talks' Resumption Put in Doubt by Both Sides
  Netanyahu: Peace Deal Would Require National Referendum
  How Netanyahu Averted Coalition Crisis at Start of Talks
Pentagon: Syria's War Could Empower al-Qaeda
  British PM: Syrian Civil War Stalemated
  Mortar Attack Hits North Syria Market, Kills 20 Civilians
Egypt Liberals Want to Ban Islamists From Politics
  Egypt Denies Morsi and US Joined in a Plot
Police Detonate Bomb Found in Site of Pope Visit
Obama's Anti-Leak Crusade Continues to Escalate
Mood Shifting, Congress May Move to Limit NSA Spying
Colombia Heats Up as Rebels Kill 19 Soldiers, Nab American
The Road to Nowhere – Kerry Mideast Journey  by Eric Margolis
'Everyone Is Corrupt, I've Come to Learn'  by Thomas Hedges
Obama's 'Humanitarian Hawk' and Israel's New Gladiator at the UN  by Nima Shirazi
Gen. Hayden’s Glass House  by Ray McGovern
The Wheel of Alarm on Iran  by Paul R. Pillar
Mission Creep: When Everything Is Terrorism  by Bruce Schneier

More Viewpoints

Panama Finds MiG Fighter Jets on N. Korean Arms Ship
Bill Requiring Warrants for Email Searches Nears Senate Vote
Two in Five UK Army Recruits Have Reading and Maths Skills of 11-Year-Olds
Abu Qatada Refused Bail by Jordan Military Court
The Helen Thomas I Knew: Reflections on Her Last Years by the Editor Who Sought Her Rebound
3 Policemen Shot to Death in Egypt's Sinai
Is Egypt's Defense Minister El Sisi Its President in Waiting?
Egypt Starts on New Constitution
Halting Egypt's Wheat Imports Was Morsi's Biggest Mistake: Minister
Teenager Thrown From a Roof in Alexandria
15 Egyptian Soldiers Killed in Road Accident
Kurds Free Qaeda-Linked Rebel Commander in Syria After Clashes
Syria Activists Say Family of 13 Killed in Sunni Village
Russian Region Says Militants Flocking to Syria
Double Baghdad Jailbreak Foiled; 25 Killed in Iraq Attacks
Iraqis Slam Government Over Wave of Bombings
Bombing Rampage in Iraq Linked to al-Qaeda
Bombs Strike Favored Ramadan Hangouts in Iraq
Gunmen Kill Five Kurdish Security Forces in Northern Iraq
Karzai Signs Second Election Law, Clearing Way for Presidential Vote Next Year
Unexploded NATO Ordnance Killing Afghans
Afghans See Their Army Woo Them With Piety
Youth Movement Looks to Challenge Afghanistan's Old Ways
Religious Hardliners Declare 'Jihad' on Afghan TV Talent Shows
Sharif Aide: We Have Contacts With Taliban but Don't Control Them
Pakistani Official Says His Country Willing to Help Get Afghan Peace Talks Started
Pakistan Battles Polio, and Its People's Mistrust
Imran Blames UK Govt for Killing of Workers
India Offers Another Investigation to Calm Kashmir
Abducted Malian Election Officials Released and Safe
Retired Colonel Shot Dead in Eastern City in Libya, Latest Assassination After Fall of Gadhafi
Sudan: Jonglei's Bor Hospital Treats 279 Wounded in Local Clashes
Mideast Peace Talks?
Netanyahu's Peace Offering Buys Him Time, but Land Partition Is Unavoidable
Top Israeli Aides Scoff at Peace Talks Move
Tensions Simmer in Israel Coalition Over Possible Palestine Talks
Netanyahu, Dogged by Hardliners, to Put Kerry Peace Ideas to Cabinet
Despite PLO Dissent, New Talks a Likely Boon for Abbas
Report: Martin Indyk to Be US Representative on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks
Arab League Backs Palestinian Stance in Peace Talks
High Court Recommends Israel Terminate All Use of White Phosphorous
Egypt Crackdown on Tunnels Strangling Hamas, Fueling Gaza Crisis
Arab MPs to Boycott Knesset Post-Ramadan Meal to Protest Bedouin Relocation
Bedouins Fight a New Catastrophe in the Negev
11-Year-Old Boy Suspected of Writing 'Death to Arabs' on Cars
Netanyahu: Morsi Ouster Shows Weakness of Islamist Movements
EU Weighs Sanctions Against Military Wing of Hezbollah
Hezbollah Releases Video of Preparations to Kidnap Israeli Soldiers in 2006
Gunmen Kidnap Iranian Diplomat in Yemen
Yemeni Army Officer Survives al-Qaeda Assassination Attempt
Middle East
Erdogan Puts Turkish Policymakers in Dilemma
Regional Officials to Attend Iran's Presidential Inauguration
UK: Ukrainian Mosque Blast Terror Suspect Held Over Mohammed Saleem Murder
Colombia's President Promises Strong Offensive Against FARC Rebels After Soldiers Killed
Red Cross Talking to Colombian Rebels About Release of US Captive
US Ambassador Says Ex-Marine Held by Colombia Rebels Not Part of US Mission, Should Be Let Go
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