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Updated July 31, 2013 - 11:29 PM EDT
NSA Collects 'Everything a User Does on Internet'
  Administration Declassifies More NSA Surveillance Documents
  Greenwald: NSA Hearing Canceled
  NSA Data Fight Could Signal Privacy War
Manning Sentencing Hearing Gets Under Way
  Manning Cleared of Aiding Enemy, Faces 136 Years for Other Charges
  Bradley Manning Verdict: What You Need to Know
  Daniel Ellsberg on the Manning Verdict
  What We Know From Manning's Leaked WikiLeaks Documents
Senate Won't Consider Ending Egypt Aid
Pentagon: No 'Zero Option' for Afghanistan
  US Army to Investigate Afghan's Evidence Troops Murdered Civilians
  Inspector Gen: Billions in US Afghan Aid Went to Insurgents or Wasted
Positive Signals Between Iran and US Intensifying
  Ex-Envoy’s Account Clarifies Iran’s 2003 Nuclear Decision
  Analysts Warn of Iran's 'Breakout Capability' in Effort to Move Red Line
Obama Made Secret Promises to Israel and Palestinians
  Israel Preps Gaza Fuel Aid Amid Egypt Blockade Crisis
Senate Panel Approves 2014 Defense Spending Bill
Kurdish Militia: All Syrian Kurds Must Resist Islamist Rebels
Jailbreak! Security Found Lacking in Iraq, Libya, Pakistan
US Drone Strike Kills Three 'Suspects' in South Yemen
Fresh Iraq Attacks Leave 33 Dead, 73 Wounded
Bradley Manning Revealed Crimes Far Worse Than the Ones He Supposedly Committed  by John Glaser
Manning, the Media, and the Shame of American Journalism  by Noah Rothman
Lawmakers Protecting NSA Surveillance Are Awash in Defense Contractor Cash  by Lee Fang
Guilty of Aiding the American People  by Anthony Gregory
The Moral Verdict on Manning: A Conviction of Love in Action  by Norman Solomon
Are the Feds Asking Tech Companies for User Passwords?  by Conor Friedersdorf

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CIA Officer on Osama Hassan Nasr's Rendition
Iran President's Inner Circle Has Western Accent
US Would Be Willing to Invest in Nicaragua Canal
Manning's Conviction Seen as Making Prosecution of WikiLeaks' Assange Likely
Effort to Get Snowden's Father to Moscow Collapses
New Zealand Denies Helping US Spy on Reporter
Egypt Restores Feared Secret Police Units
Egypt's Military Chief Attracts Personality Cult After He Ousted Islamist President in Coup
Egypt's New Top General Stirs Echoes of Nasser
Obama Asks Republican Senators McCain, Graham to Visit Egypt
Turnout Low for Islamists' March in Egypt
In Egypt, Love for Sisi Overshadows Protester Deaths
Egypt Allows Ashton to Meet Morsi, Rules Out Future Role for Ousted Leader
Ousted Egypt Leader Morsi in Good Health, Says EU's Ashton
Morsi's Visitors Leave a Mystery on Where He Is
North Africa
Tunisia's Leader Refuses to Step Down
Morocco's Islamists Set for Power Deal With Center Right
Security Headaches Dampen Investor Enthusiasm in Libya
134 People Killed in Clashes in Sudan's Darfur: Tribal Leader
UN Demands End to Escalating Violence in Darfur and More Robust Action by Peacekeepers
Nigeria Withdrawing Battalion of Troops From Mali to Fight Own Islamic Insurgency
Nigeria Arrests 42 Boko Haram Suspects in Lagos, Ogun
Tensions High on Eve of Zimbabwe Elections
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe Vows to Step Down if Defeated
UN Mission Sets Up Security Zone in Eastern DR Congo, Gives Rebels 48 Hour Ultimatum
Rwanda Dismisses US Charges It Backs Congo Rebels
Kenya Jails Nine Somali Pirates for Attacking German Ship
Mamnoon Hussain Elected as New Pakistani President
Security Beefed Up at Islamabad Airport Amid Terror Threat
Why a Dam in Afghanistan Might Set Back Peace
South Korean Court Tells Japanese Company to Pay for Forced Labor
Taiwan Defence Minister Resigns Amid Conscription Death Controversy
India Coalition Approves New State of Telangana
2 Venezuelans Charged in Shooting That Wounded 2 US Embassy Officials at Caracas Strip Club
UN Official Says Chile Should Stop Using Anti-Terrorism Law Against Mapuche in Land Dispute
Colombia's FARC Wants Leftist Involved in Freeing US Hostage
Putin to Ukraine: You Belong With Russia, Not Europe
Armenian Forces Kill Azerbaijani Soldier: Baku
Bradley Manning
What the Verdict in Bradley Manning's Trial Means for Whistleblowers
Manning Family Statement: 'Brad Loved His Country and Was Proud to Wear Its Uniform'
Bradley Manning Verdict Brings Anger, Disappointment – and Relief
The Bradley Manning Verdict Is Still Bad News for the Press
Reporters Without Borders: Bradley Manning Verdict Is 'Dangerous'
Have Gay Rights Groups Abandoned Bradley Manning?
ACLU Comment on Bradley Manning Verdict
WikiLeaks on Manning Verdict: 'Extremism'
Julian Assange Says Manning Case Shows News Groups Must Advocate for Leakers
Spying on Everyone
Senate to Review NSA Spying
Interview: Glenn Greenwald vs. the NSA
Justice Department to Declassify Key Yahoo Surveillance Orders
The NSA Couldn't Answer Our FOIA Request Because It Couldn't Figure Out Our Address
Air Raids Kill 11 Children in Syria
Car Bomb Kills Kurdish Politician in Northern Syria
Syrian War Takes Center Stage on Ramadan TV Series, Captivating Arab World
Naftali Bennett: 'I've Killed Lots of Arabs in My Life and There's No Problem With That'
Kerry: Second Round of Peace Talks in Two Weeks; All Core Issues on Table
The Israeli Bank That Opens Its Doors to Everyone - Except Arabs
Senior US Officials: Palestinian Referral of Israel to ICC Unlikely While Talks Last
Peace Talks Arrive in the Knesset
Facebook Showdown Between Yair Lapid and Foreign Ministry Diplomats
Fresh Iraq Attacks Leave 33 Dead, 73 Wounded
Iraq Seeks $2bn in US Military Equipment
Philippines Lifts 9-Year Ban on Sending Workers to Iraq
Turkish Troops Use Teargas to Stop 'Smugglers' Entering From Syria
Intimidation and Self-Censorship Rising in Turkey
Western States Concerned by Turkey's Plan to Build Satellite Launcher
US Military
Veterans Group Survey Shows Alarming Suicide Numbers
Air Force Flying 24 Tons of Cocaine to Miami Because Costa Rica Can't Destroy It on Its Own
AP Sources: Pentagon Likely to Cut Furlough Days
Why Veterans Become Criminals
FDA Warning Might Be Cited in Afghan Slayings Case
Ralph Nader Describes Clinton as 'Poster Child for Military-Industrial Complex'
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'King of Bacon' Attacks Libertarians

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Kill Wasteful Missile Defense Efforts

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Time To Abolish DHS?

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The Lobby Never Sleeps

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The Meaning of Words

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Rand’s Stand

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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