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Updated October 15, 2013 - 11:10 PM EDT
Iran Talks Open With 'Very Detailed' Proposal
NSA Collects Millions of E-Mail Address Books
  The NSA's Problem? Too Much Data
  Remarkably Timed Spamouflage, Scary Iran Plot
Kerry: Quickly Install Transitional Govt in Syria
  Car Bomb Kills 27 in NW Syria, Near Turkish Border
Navy Turns Libyan Over to NY Courts
  What if Abu Anas Al-Liby Had Nothing to Do With Embassy Bombings?
Gaza Chokes as Egypt Economic Garotte Tightens
  Dark Knights of the Israeli Army: Soldiers Teaming Up With Settlers?
  Arafat and Polonium Poisoning: A Sort-of Update
  Kerry Urges AIPAC: Back Netanyahu on Peace Talks
Taliban Attacks US Base: Death Toll Unclear
In Win for Defense Firms, Obama Lifts Limits on Arms Exports
Zero-Sum Enrichment
 by Colin H. Kahl & Alireza Nader
Do Not Allow Thought Police to Take Away Our Freedoms  by Iain MacWhirter
When Secrets Mustn't Be Kept Secrets  by Robin Lustig
When Journalists Are Called Traitors  by Amy Davidson
The Siren Song of Zero Enrichment  by Mark Jansson
The Banality of Systemic Evil  by Peter Ludlow

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Julian Assange: My Life in the Embassy
Dianne Feinstein's Pre-Undiebomb Thinking
$52.6 Billion: The Black Budget
Egypt Used 'Live Ammo' Against Morsi Backers
Another Year, Another Electronic Privacy Veto for California Governor Brown
Iranian Jews to Obama: Seize 'Unrepeatable' Chance for Deal With Tehran
Iran's President Calls for Academic Freedoms
US Senators Would Ease Sanctions Only After Iran Concessions
Iran Hands Over 31 Pakistani Deportees
13 Killed Across Iraq Ahead of Eid Al-Adha
Sadr: Terrorism Rules Iraq Because of Maliki's Failures
Syrians Find Safety for Eid Al-Adha Holiday in Iraq
Votes Sell for About $5 in Afghanistan as Presidential Race Begins
US Ready to Begin Major Drawdown of Troops, Equipment From Afghanistan
Taliban Leader Says Group to Fight US-Afghan Deal
Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up in Paktiya Hospital
Pakistani Taliban: There Should Be No Pre-Conditions From Either Side
Explosion Hits Hotel in Myanmar's Main City, 1 American Wounded
Shots Fired During London Anti-Terror Operations
Al-Sweady Inquiry: Decorated Soldier Denies Iraqi Abuse Claims
Italy Deploys Drones, Warships After Refugee Tragedies
Australians Invest Millions to Upgrade Military Facilities for US Marines
Venezuela, Guyana Diplomats Set Meeting Over Seized Oil Survey Ship as Captain Charged
Mexico's Crackdown on Drugs Spurs Extortion Wave
Despite Obstacles, Experts Say Syria's Chemical Weapons Threat Can Be Neutralized in Weeks
Three Red Cross Workers Still Held in Syria
West Failing to Deliver on Syria Deals with Russia – Russia FM
Syria Chemical Weapons: Watchdog Plea for Short Ceasefires
Syria War 'Devastating Palestinian Lives and Homes', Says UN
Hearing on Demolition of Palestinian Village Postponed – Again
Hamas 'Not Meddling' in Egypt's Affairs, Says Haniyeh
Former Israel Navy Chief Complains After Routine Questioning at London Airport
Middle East
Al-Qaeda: September Attack Targeted Joint Yemeni-US Drone Base
Bomb Found in Lebanon's Hezbollah Stronghold on Eve of Muslim Holiday
Kurdish Militant Leader Demands Meaningful Turkey Negotiations
Deadly Blast in Ethiopia Impacts US Embassy Home
Sole Opposition MP Says Ethiopia Bottling Up Strife
Two Somalis Die Making Bomb in Ethiopian Capital
3 Senegalese Peacekeepers Killed in Darfur Attack
Long an Oasis of Christian-Muslim Calm, Kenya May See More Strife
At Least 2 Die in Libya Blast Near Militant Stronghold
Congo Accuses Rwanda, Rebels of Planning Another Attack in Eastern Congo
South Africa, France Agree to Military Intervention in Central African Republic
Nigerian Islamic Cop to Cabbies: No Indecent Dress
Liberia's Charles Taylor Prefers Rwandan Jail to UK
Prominent Somali Pirate Arrested in Belgium
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