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Updated December 13, 2013 - 11:29 PM EST
Iran Quits Talks Over Latest US Sanctions
  Obama Adds Sanctions, Tells Congress Not to Act
  US Might Okay 'Non-Nuclear' Iran Sanctions
American 'Missing' in Iran Was on Rogue CIA Op
  Was American 'Missing' in Iran a Victim of CIA Faction Fight?
  AP Withheld Levinson CIA Story for Three Years
Hagel Says America's Syria Policy in Turmoil
  Pro-US Syrian Rebels Try to Change Narrative Amid Aid Freeze
  Former CIA Chief: Assad Win May Be Syria's 'Best Option'
  UN Report: Chemical Weapons 'Probably Used' Five Times in Syria
  Syrian Islamists Kill 19 Alawite, Druze Civilians in Adra
Congress Triples Obama's Israel Aid Request
  Bill to Displace Israel's Bedouin to Be Scrapped, Prawer Architect Says
NSA Review to Leave Spy Programs Unchanged
  NSA Leaders Split on Giving Amnesty to Snowden
  Former Whistleblowers: Open Letter to Intel Employees After Snowden
  European Parliament Votes to Invite Edward Snowden to Testify
Arrest in FBI Sting to Bomb Wichita Airport
US Drone Kills 15 Civilians at Yemen Wedding
46 Killed, 56 Wounded Across Iraq
Obama's Team at Hearing Stumped on Afghan War Toll, Costs
Congress, CIA Feuding Over Interrogations, Secret Prisons
US Threatens Ukraine Sanctions Over Protest Crackdown
The Book That May Delegitimize Israel’s Apartheid State  by Justin Raimondo
The Long Retreat  by Nebojsa Malic
'No' on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2014  National Taxpayers Union
Are the Senkakus Worth a War?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Should Palestinians Seek Justice at the Hague?  by John Glaser
It's Long Past Time That We Close Guantánamo  by Michael Lehnert

More Viewpoints

The Mirror of Guantánamo
by Linda Greenhouse
House Votes Overwhelmingly for NDAA, Heads to Senate
House Vote on 2014 NDAA
North Korean Leader's Uncle Executed Over Corruption
White House Press Corps Erupts Over Lack of Access to Obama
Congress Wants More Scrutiny of Arms Export Rules – and Obama Doesn't
Lawsuit Seeks to Unlock CIA's Secrets of Bay of Pigs
UN Iran Panel Chair Urges States to Keep Enforcing Sanctions
New Sanctions Could 'Shatter Western Unity' on Iran, Senator Says
Iran, World Powers Work on How to Implement Nuclear Deal
European Parliament Team Heads to Iran After Nuclear Deal
Lawmakers Press Kerry on New Iran Sanctions
FSA Struggles With Western Aid Freeze Ahead of Geneva II
Outmuscled Syrian Opposition Seeks Protection From al-Qaeda
Iran, Saudi Arabia Among 30 Countries Invited to Syria Talks
CNN Reporter: Administration's Syria Policy 'in Shambles'
News Organizations Call on Syrian Rebels to End Kidnappings
Edgy Exhibit Asks Israelis to Reconsider Syria's Assad
Palestinian Leader Abbas Opposes Boycott of Israel
In West Bank, Arab Home Faces Demolition While Jewish Ones Get Stamp of Approval
Israeli Ministers Mull Bill Restricting Foreign Funding for Pro-Boycott Groups
Qatar: At Parley, Palestinians Cite Lack of Shared Vision
Israel's Livni Accuses Jewish Home Party of Sabotaging Talks With Palestinians
Officials: Americans to Present Framework Agreement in Weeks to Netanyahu, Abbas
Suicide Bomber Attacks Police; 22 Killed, 30 Wounded Across Iraq
South Korea's Kai Sells Fighter Jets Worth $1.1 Billion to Iraq
Years Later, Kidnapped Iraqi's Family Finds No Closure
Middle East
31 Killed in Sectarian Conflict in Northern Yemen
Lebanon's Tripoli Microcosm for Syria Conflict
Gulf Chill Over UK Fighter Sales
Gen. Dempsey: Afghanistan Pullout Could Reverse Gains Against Taliban
German Defense Minister Urge Karzai to Sign US Security Deal
Kabul Blast Was Accident in Arms Depot: Afghan Officials
Lawyer for 'bin Laden Doctor' Flees Pakistan
Pakistan Asks Special Court to Begin Treason Case Against Musharraf
Murder Trial of an Ex-PM Raises Tensions in Thailand Further
Bangladesh Islamist Abdul Kader Mullah Hanged for War Crimes
Current Guantánamo Commander Also Supports Closing Facility
Guantánamo's Secretive Review Boards
'Forever' Prisoner's Plea for Release From Guantánamo Stuck in Inter-Agency Process
Spying on Everyone
Obama Panel Said to Urge NSA Curbs
IBM Shareholder Lawsuit: NSA Scandal Cost $12 Billion in Market Cap
Revealed: The FBI's Internal Guidelines for Warrantless Drone Surveillance
Greenwald: US 'Totally Dictates' Swedish Surveillance
Promise of Naked Pictures of Carla Bruni Was Used as Bait to Break Into Computers at G20 Summit in Paris
China Denies Spying on European Diplomats
Petition to Reform ECPA Passes 100,000 Signatures, Requiring the White House to Respond
US Military
Budget Deal May Be Good News for Pentagon Boondoggles
End Looms for US Air Force's 'Warthog' Ground-Attack Jet
US Seeks Spy Edge With Stealth Drone
Study Links Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD
Army Successfully Tests Truck-Mounted Laser to Stop Mortars, Drones
North Africa
Ismailiya Bomb Kills One and Wounds 35 Egyptian Police
Tunisia's Islamists and Opposition Reach Deal on Premier
Gadhafi's Son Briefly Appears in Libyan Court
Central African Republic
US Fly Burundian Troops to Central African Republic
Mob Hunts Down Muslims in Central African Republic
Humanitarian Crisis Mounts Even as Attacks Ease
DR Congo Government 'Signs Deal With M23 in Kenya'
Sudanese Children 'Hostage' to Warring Parties
Boko Haram Leader Says Group Behind Maiduguri Raid
Kenya 'Grenade Attack' on British Tourists
UN Chief Ban Concerned Over Stalled Mali Negotiations
Rwanda 'Refused UK Police Request' Over Genocide Suspects
Spain to Block Catalonia Referendum
Ashton Indicates Ukraine Still Keen to Sign EU Deal
Mass Grave Weighs on Mexican Town
Elian Gonzalez Slams US Embargo Against Cuba
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Justin Raimondo
Goliath: The Book That May Delegitimize Israel’s Apartheid State

Nebojsa Malic
The Long Retreat

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Congress Scares the People

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A Book the Military Won’t Want You To Read

Ivan Eland
Call Hamid Karzai's Bluff

David R. Henderson
Rand’s Stand

Ran HaCohen
Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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