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Updated January 26, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
US 'Dismantling' Rhetoric Ignores Iran's Proposals
  Iran's Revolutionary Guard Commander Dismisses US Military Threat
US Riled as Afghan Report Details Civilian Deaths
  Afghan President Says US Should Start Talks With Taliban or Leave
  Top US Commander in Afghanistan Wants to Keep 10,000 Troops There
Syria Deal to Allow Women, Children Out of Homs
  Iran, Saudis Agree: Other Side's Fighters Need to Leave Syria
Al-Qaeda Leader Opposes Fighting Christians
  Jihadist Announces Creation of ISIL Branch in Lebanon
GOP Calls for End to NSA Domestic Phone Spying
  White House Viewed Surveillance Report as 'Liberal'
54 Dead on Egypt Revolution Anniversary
69 Killed, 84 Wounded in Fresh Iraq Attacks
New Guantanamo Hearings Limit Media, NGO Access
The US and Israel's Strange but 'Stable' Alliance  by Ramzy Baroud
It's Time to Kick the USA Out of the UK  by Seumas Milne
Obama Reveals Himself as a Champion of Surveillance State  by Gene Healy
A New Year Just Like the Old Year  by Philip Giraldi
Kerry's Hypocrisy on Syria  by Bob Dreyfuss
Israelis and Palestinians Moving Apart, Not Closer  by Mitchell Plitnick

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China: 12 Terrorists Killed in Xinjiang Attack
Hagel Seeks Root Cause of Nuke Missile Problems
Philippines, Muslim Rebels Agree to Peace in Comprehensive Pact
Kerry to Present Israeli-Palestinian Framework Deal 'Within Weeks'
Sept. 11 Museum's Planned $24 Admission Stirs Anger
Spying on Everyone
Peter King Slams Republican Party on NSA Resolution
Open Letter From Security Researchers Explains How NSA Has Weakened Our Communications Infrastructure
Democrat Dianne Feinstein Proves an Obstacle to Obama's Push for Changes at Spy Agencies
Britons Returning From Syria Face Arrest, Says Police Chief
McCain and Pushkov Clash Over Syria
'Palestinian Sovereignty, 1967 Borders Shredded to Pieces'
Israelis Pessimistic Over Peace Process: Poll
Netanyahu Draws Line in Sand on Jordan Valley Settlements
US Says Israel Can Use Tech Instead of Army
Firearms Stolen From IDF Border Guard Base
IDF May Cut Mandatory Non-Combat Service by a Year
'Elders' to Visit Iran to Promote Dialogue With West
Iran: Ex-Leader's Daughter Gets Suspended Sentence
Spain and Iran Agree to Closer Ties During Meeting in Madrid
Yemen Marks End of Thorny National Dialogue
Yemeni Official Says Diplomat's Body Found, but Iranian Report Denies It
Middle East
69 Killed, 84 Wounded in Fresh Iraq Attacks
Lebanon: Suicide Car Bomb Kills Three in Hezbollah Stronghold Near Syria
Kabul Suicide Attack Targets Troops
As Afghan War Closes, Allies See Broader American Pullback
'No Shariah Through Suicide Attacks, No Peace Through Airstrikes': JI Chief
Cops Attacked Outside Pakistan Politician's House; 6 Killed
Thousands Flee Waziristan After Airstrikes
PPP District President Shot Dead in Banaras
Three Killed in Security Forces Action in Balochistan
Pakistan Panic as Small Bomb Blasts Resound Across Sindh
Deputy Secretary of National Assembly Kidnapped in Pakistan
Thailand Protesters Block Early Election Vote
Thai Govt Wants End to Protests but Promises No Crackdown
India, US Start Discussions on Diplomatic Immunity
Sri Lanka Looks for 30,000 Army Deserters
China Sentences Legal Activist to 4 Years in Jail
North Korea Sending Message It Wants to Release Captive Kenneth Bae, Former Envoy Says
Cuba Bank Law Targets Terror, Money Laundering
Airlines Halt Ticket Sales in Venezuela
Americans Still Dying
Slain California Soldier Dreamed of Retiring to Hawaii in Four Years
Cary (NC) Soldier Dies in a Non-Combat Incident in Kandahar
Ukraine's President Is Offering a Top Opposition Leader the Country's Prime Minister Position
Ukraine Power-Share Offer Fails as Opposition Holds Out Demands
US 'Will Stand With the People of Ukraine': Kerry
Ukrainian Protesters Blockade Energy Ministry After Overnight Violence
Kiev Protesters Attack Building With Police Inside
Ukraine Says 2 Captured Police Released
Olympians Warned About Wearing Team USA Gear in Sochi
Russia Frees Khodorkovsky Ex-Partner Lebedev
4 Russian Coast Guard Officers Die, 6 Missing in Boat Wreck Near Pacific Island
Escaped Marxist Guerrilla Christodoulos Xiros Alarms Greece With Pledge to Return to Arms
Croatian Ex-Spy Chief in German Custody
IRA Victims Plan to Sue Tony Blair Over Libya 'Conniving'
Car Bomb Strikes Egypt Police Base: Ministry
Not All Egyptians Cheer Uprising's 3rd Anniversary
US Citizen 'Kidnapped' and Held for Three Days in Cairo
4 Jihadists Killed While Planting Bomb in Egypt's Sinai
Peter Greste: Egypt Detention Is 'Attack on Press Freedom'
154 Dead in Two Weeks of Libya Clashes: Hospital
Five Egyptian Diplomats Seized in Libya in 24 Hours
French Minister Warns of 'Fragile' Libya
Gadhafi Son Ordered Back to House in Niger
South Sudan
Fighting Reported in South Sudan Despite Ceasefire
South Sudan Refugees Overwhelm Uganda Aid Workers
Madagascar Bomb Kills Child, Injures 33
Chad Sectarian Fighting Resumes as New President Bids for Peace
'Case of Sudden Death' in Violence-Torn Central African Republic
UN Surveillance Drone in Congo Crashes
Tunisia Premier Lacks Consensus on New Caretaker Cabinet
Somalia: Phone Data Cut After Somali Militant Threat
UN Worried Over Rwanda's Bid to Repatriate Refugees From Uganda
The War at Home
WWII Vet Exposed to Radiation at Hiroshima Wins VA Benefits Fight
Hagel Suggests Nuclear Proficiency Tests May Be Too Difficult
Stryker Platoons Learning to Deal With Different Enemy, Faltering Equipment
Weekend Reviews
Concerning Violence: Nine Scenes From the Anti-Imperialistic Self-Defense Nathan Goodman
The War That Made Orwell
Leo Strauss and the Right's Civil War
Robert Gates' Self-Serving and Duplicitous Memoir
Fighting Back: Book Delves Into La Follette's Political Trajectory
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Why We Fight

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War in Afghanistan: The Jig Is Up

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

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Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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