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Updated January 28, 2014 - 10:43 PM EST
SOTU: Obama's Muddled Foreign Policy Message
Afghans: US Behind 'Insurgent-Style' Attacks
  Afghan Govt Stands by Civilian Toll in US Strike
  US Military Condemns Release of 'Dangerous' Afghan Prisoners
  Afghan Policeman Kills Six Colleagues in Insider Attack in Herat
NSA Target Angry Birds to Scoop User Data
  Snowden Docs Reveal UK Spies Snooped on YouTube and Facebook
  Candidates of Both Parties Run vs. NSA
  Govt, Internet Companies Reach Deal on Disclosure
  AP Poll: Americans Value Privacy Over Security
Syria Talks End Early Over Regime Change Row
  Syrians Trade Blame as Homs Aid Talks Stall
  Civilians Caught in the Crossfire as Rebels Are Accused of Massacre
  Congress Secretly Approves Arms for Syria Rebels
  Israel Attacked Syrian Base in Latakia, Lebanese Media Reports
Iraq Opposition Leader Hires Lobbyist vs. US Arms Push
  Clashes, Mortars and Gunmen: 63 Killed, 75 Wounded Across Iraq
Israeli Settlers Campaign Against Peace Deal
Attacks by Extremists Kill at Least 99 Nigerians
Pentagon to Show How It Would Spend an Extra $26 Billion
Cut Off the NSA's Juice  by Norman Solomon
Warfare, Welfare, and Wonder Woman – How Congress Spends Your Money  by Ron Paul
After BuzzFeed's 'Killing Snowden' Story, 3 Unanswered Questions  by David Sirota
Putting a Christian Zionist in Charge  by Philip Giraldi
Don't Let Kiev Become Another Sarajevo  by Eric Margolis
The Ugly American (and Friends) in Geneva  by Daniel McAdams

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The US State Department Has Its Own (Surprisingly Big) Air Force
US Makes Bitcoin Exchange Arrests
Hillary: Benghazi 'My Biggest Regret'
Navy Cuts Could Be Back on Table
Spain May Close Files on Guantanamo Torture
UN Security Council Urges End to Ransom Payments to Extremists
Spying on Everyone
US Looks at Ways to Prevent Spying on Its Spying
Lawmakers Demand Obama Dump Clapper
Google's Drummond Calls for New NSA Reforms
FBI Arrests Five Over 'Hackers for Hire' Websites
The War at Home
These Rumors of a Nine-Carrier Navy? Over the Long Term, They Could Be Off by Nine
Marine Corps to Retry Major Iraq War Case After Murder Conviction of Sergeant Overturned
83-Year-Old Nun to Be Sentenced for Sabotage
Liberty Reserve Founder: FBI Wanted My Source Code
Panel Slammed for Closing Sex Assault Policy Hearings
Egypt Army Backs Sisi as Presidential Candidate
Egypt to Hold Presidential Vote by Mid-April
Militants Down Egyptian Helicopter, Killing 5 Soldiers
Egypt Air Force Helicopter 'Downing' a Major Escalation
Egypt Army Chief Who Led Coup Promoted to Top Rank
Jailed Al Jazeera Journalist Speaks Out From Egyptian Prison
Egypt Deputy Prime Minister Tendered Resignation: Statement
Somali Leader Says Militant Hit a Blow to Rebels
Slain Shabab Member Was in Group's Intel Unit
Central African Republic
13 Killed in Central African Republic, UN Envoy Says Muslims Vulnerable
Food Convoy Arrives in Central African Republic Capital
Uganda Doubts LRA's Joseph Kony Serious About Talks
South Sudanese Refugees No Strangers to Sudan
Talks to End Mozambique Skirmishes Resume
Tunisia Leaders Sign New Constitution Three Years After Uprising
If He Can Hang On, Libyan Premier May Win Oil Standoff
Pakistan Official: US Drone Attack Derails Peace Talks With Taliban
Pakistan Urges US to Tread Carefully in Afghan Withdrawal
Pakistani Taliban, With New Leader, Is Back on the Offensive
Family Appeal Over Pakistan Death Sentence
Thai Protest Leader Says No Negotiations With Government
Thai Police Rescue Hundreds of Rohingya in Raid on Suspected Traffickers' Camp
Philippines Launches Offensive Against Rebels
Return Arms-Grade Plutonium: US to Japan
Anxiety Rising Over Relations Between Japan and China
Report Claims N. Korea Executed Relatives of Purged Uncle
Tamil Leaders Vow to Prove 'Genocide' in Civil War
Cambodia Police Use Smoke Grenades to End Protest Over TV Licence
Sentence Cut for Former Kosovo Serb Police Chief
Netanyahu Backtracks on West Bank Settlement Comments
State Razes Four Palestinian Homes in East Jerusalem
Shin Bet: Twice as Many Terror Attacks in 2013 as in 2012
Abbas: We Want Peace With Israel
Shas Leader: Woe Is Us if Netanyahu's Son Is Dating Norwegian
Israel Defense Computers Hit by Hack Attack
Palestinian Badly Wounded by Israeli Gunfire in Gaza
Netanyahu-Bennett Spar Over Settlement Spin
Syrian Rebels Say Plan to Aid Blockaded City Is a Ploy
UN Says Unable to Deliver Syria Aid
Key al-Qaeda Militant Reportedly Killed in Syria
Syrian Rebels Claim Government Holds Young Children in Jails; Regime Denies Allegation
Inside the Syrian Opposition's Media War
Crisis in Yarmouk Camp in Syria Unites Palestinians
US Ship Heads on Syria Chemical Weapons Destruction Mission
Talks on Iran Nuclear Deal Expected in New York in February: Envoys
Interim Nuclear Deal Allows Iran to Continue Centrifuge Research
Iran's Nuclear Capabilities Fast Facts
Clashes, Mortars and Gunmen: 63 Killed, 75 Wounded Across Iraq
Agreement Reached in Washington to Sell Billions in Apache Helicopters to Iraq
Iraq Governor: New Provinces Plan to Help Iran Aid Syria
Kurdish Independence From Iraq in Five Years, Kurdistan Regional Govt Advisor Says
Iraq's Environment, Water Supply in Severe Decline
Influential Cleric Gulen Denies Plotting Against Turkey Govt
Turkish President Asks Hollande Not to Block Turkey's EU Bid
Middle East
Clash Between Yemen Troops, Southern Separatists Wounds 4
Bahrain Court Upholds Jail Terms for 13 Shi'ites
Ukraine Opposition Reject Top Jobs
Ukraine Man Found Dead Hanging From Independence Square Protest 'Tree'
Ukraine Borrows $2 Billion From Moscow, Signals Bailout on Track
Ukraine Minister Threatens State of Emergency After Activist Raid
Ukraine Bends on Protest Law, Offers Amnesty
Ukraine Protesters Leave Justice Ministry
Kiev Protests Buoyed by Western Ukraine Volunteers
Cuba to Host Latin American Summit; US Notably Absent
Mexico Legalizes Vigilantes, Nabs Cartel Leader

New Honduran Leader Sworn In, Urges More US Help

Peru Gets More Ocean, Chile Keeps Fishing Grounds
Germany Nabs Alleged Chile Guerrilla Group Member
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