The latest casualties in the government’s war on journalism:

James Risen – a New York Times journalist who exposed the Bush administration’s covert actions abroad and is being threatened with jail by the Obama gang for not revealing sources.

Glenn Greenwald – the independent journalist who gave us the Edward Snowden story and who now cannot return to America without fear of arrest.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, holed up in a friendly embassy: Fox News reporter James Rosen, who had his emails read and was tracked by authorities, along with an entire team of AP reporters. These are the victims of our government’s assault on the First Amendment.

Years ago we warned that it would come to this: that’s why we’ve been fighting to preserve independent journalism since 1998 – but we can’t do it without your help. Please make your tax-deductible contribution to today – because liberty matters.
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Updated February 16, 2014 - 10:49 PM EST
Spying by NSA Ally Entangled US Law Firm
  1.1 Million Brazilians Petition Govt to Give Snowden Asylum
Obama Threatens New Pressure on Syria Govt
  Mediator Apologizes to Syrians for Lack of Peace Progress
  Saudi Arabia Plans to Pitch Obama for Regime Change in Syria
Iraq Clashes, Attacks Leave 49 Dead, 36 Hurt
25 Years After Soviet Exit, Taliban Says US to Meet Same Fate
Sanders Helped Kill Pension Cut by Threatening War Budget
The United States Just Finished 46th in a Press-Freedom Contest  by Conor Friedersdorf
Don't Panic if the Iran Nuclear Negotiations Fail  by Jacques Hymans
NSA Spying Undermines Separation of Powers  by Glenn Harlan Reynolds
The Lethal Legacy of US Foreign Intervention  by Sheldon Richman
A Better Israeli-Iranian Relationship  by Paul R. Pillar
Military Ethics Reform Should Start at the Top  by William Hartung

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The War at Home
Misconduct in Army Ranks Forcing More Soldiers Out, Data Shows
Obama Signs Debt Limit Measure Into Law, Restores Military Benefits
British al-Qaeda 'Supergrass' Lined Up as Star Video Witness in US Terror Trials
Russia Marks Anniversary of Afghanistan Pullout
Blast Kills NATO Soldier in Afghanistan
Afghan Army's Test Begins With Fight for Vital Highway
1 Civilian Killed, 8 Injured in Kunduz Suicide Attack
Pakistan Peace Talks: Clerics Demand Immediate Ceasefire From Both Sides
Policeman Killed in Pakistan
Students Wounded in Valentine's Day Clash
Five Injured in Blasts in Karachi's Orangi
Chinese Ask Kerry to Help Tear Down a Firewall
Kerry Offers Support for Internet Freedom in China
North Korean Ship Seized With Cuban Weapons Returns to Cuba
UK Warned That Aid to Vietnam Inadvertently Supports Death Penalty
Nigeria's Boko Haram Kill 51 in Northeast Attack: Witnesses
Mob Attacks Alleged Gays in Nigerian Capital
Central African Republic
French Minister Says Central African Republic Operation to Last Longer Than Expected
EU Force to Create 'Safe Haven' in Central African Republic
Central African Republic Disarmament Drive Fails to Capture Militia Leader
Zimbabwe Opposition Official Beaten After Asking Leader to Resign
Kiev Readies for Protest as Focus Moves to Occupied City Hall
A Ukraine City Spins Beyond the Government's Reach
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It's One, Two, Three, What Are We Fighting For...?
Preventing a Nuclear Iran
The Pro-Israel Lobby: An Obstacle to Peace Since 1948?
Obama Calls for Alternative Syria Policy as Peace Talks Falter
Haunted Survivors of Homs Emerge From Hiding as Fragile Truce Holds
Syrian Troops Bombard Town Near Lebanon Border
US: Russia Can't Have 'Happy Olympics' and Back Brutal Syrian Regime
Lebanon Forms Government After 10-Month Deadlock
Hariri Warns Hezbollah Against Dragging Lebanon Into 'Sectarian Holocaust'
Iraq Clashes, Attacks Leave 49 Dead, 36 Hurt
Iraq PM Announces Training, Funds in Battlefield City
Iraq's PM Promises Perks to Sunni Allies
Former Iraqi Vice-President Blames PM Maliki for Crisis
Report: Egypt Creating Buffer Zone on Gaza-Sinai Border, Destroys 10 Tunnels
NATO Peacekeepers to Get Same Treatment as IDF, Hamas Says
Man Gunned Down as Gangland Crime Wave Rocks Israel
Palestinian Footballers Shot by Israeli Forces Never to Play Again
Canada Granted Mossad Agent New Identity, Businessman Claims
Yemen Hunts 29 After Jailbreak
Yemen President Lashes Out at 'Below-Par' Security Services
Turkish MPs Throw Punches During Heated Debate
Kurds Clash With Police in Southeast Turkey
Kurds Who Became 'Village Guards' and Fought PKK Rebels in Turkey to Be Disbanded – but They Fear a Betrayal
Venezuelan Students Fight Police, 'Chavistas' Rally
Venezuela Protests Leave 5 Injured in Fourth Day of Unrest
Venezuela Opposition Leader's Arrest Sought
Pro- and Anti-Maduro Marches Gather Thousands in Venezuela
Americans Still Dying
Oregon Soldier Killed in 'Insider Attack' in Afghanistan
Dyncorp Contractor (WA) Killed in Afghanistan Was to Marry This Weekend
Van Lear (KY) Soldier Dies in Non-Combat Incident at Bagram Airfield
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