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Updated April 9, 2014 - 10:59 PM EDT
US, Russia Trade Charges of Ukraine Interference
  East Ukraine Separatists Prepare for Long Siege
  Ukraine Troops Retake Kharkiv, Secessionists Fortify in Donetsk
  With Russia Controlling Crimea, Ukrainian Army Allegiances Waver
  Brawl in Ukraine Parliament as Communist Supports Protesters
  As Jews Flee Unrest, Sharp Rise in Emigration From Ukraine
Syrian Rebels Have US-Made Anti-Tank Missiles
  Town by Town, Assad Regime Retakes Southwestern Syria
Feinstein: Keep CIA Out of Report Declassification
  Edward Snowden: US Govt Spied on Human Rights Workers
  US: EU's NSA-Proof Communications System Violates Trade Laws
  UK Says Investigating Spy and Police Agencies' Use of Private Data
  NSA Logs Reveal Flood of FOIA Requests in Wake of Snowden
Netanyahu Orders Halt to Talks With Palestinians
Iraq to Exclude Major Sunni Cities From Vote, Citing al-Qaeda
  Clashes, Bombings Leave 108 Dead, 95 Wounded Across Iraq
FBI Claims Man Plotted 'Toy' Drone Attacks Into School
US Plays Up Iran 'Breakout Capability' at Nuclear Talks
Ex-NATO Chief: Scottish Secession 'Cataclysmic' Blow
Retro-politics and the Return of the Cold War  by Justin Raimondo
Dragnet Surveillance & the English Language  by Brett Max Kaufman
Guantanamo Forever  by Andy Worthington
America's Peace Ship  by Lawrence Wittner
The Killing Years  by Matthew Harwood
Don't Free Spy Jonathan Pollard  by Ivan Eland

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US Will Cut Air Force Nuke Missile Force by 50
Inside a Guantanamo Parole Hearing
Pacifist Yogi or al-Qaeda Threat? Guantanamo Parole Board to Decide
Judge Criticizes State Dept Over Blackwater Case
After the Wars: The Other Wounds
Kerry vs. Mccain: Sharp Words Fly at Senate Hearing
US Accuses Russian Agents of Stirring Eastern Ukraine Unrest
Russia Denies Trying to Destabilize Ukraine
Kiev Says US Special Forces Not Part of Protest Crackdown in Eastern Ukraine
Russia's Gazprom Says Ukraine Did Not Pay for Gas on Time
Ukraine Says Separatists Hold Hostages; Activists Deny Charge
Russia Confirms Death of Islamist Militant, Its Most Wanted Man
Ukraine, Russia, and the World
Conservative Merkel Ally Criticizes German Foreign Minister Over Russia
NATO Warns Russia Against Further Intervention
Kazakhstan Nervous of Tougher Russia/Ukraine Oil Sanctions
Britain Says It Believes Russia Is Trying to Destabilise Ukraine
Russia's Lavrov, EU's Ashton Discuss Ukraine Crisis
Canada Kicks Out Russian Diplomat: Media
NATO to Triple Baltic Air Patrol From Next Month
Spanish Parliament Rejects Catalan Independence Vote
Austrian Rightist Withdraws EU Bid After Comparing It to Third Reich
Communication Cut With Tense South Egypt Province
Family of Journalist Held in Egypt Says Health Worsening
Libya Parliament Wants New Government, Cabinet Demands More Power
Libya's National Oil Company Keeps Force Majeure in Place at Eastern Oil Ports
North Africa
Moroccan Group Publishes Blacklist of 'Zionist Infiltrators'
Tunisia Lawmakers Start Debate on Key Step in Democratic Transition
Central African Republic
France Says Backs Evacuation of Muslims in Central African Republic 'As Last Resort'
CAR's Archbishop and Imam in Peace Drive
Sudanese Air Force Bombs North Darfur
Doctors Without Borders Worried for Congo Hostages
Mali's First Post-War Premier Resigns
Kenya: 3,000 Arrested After Terror Attacks
Claims of French Complicity in Rwanda's Genocide Rekindle Mutual Resentment
US Urges Burundi to Drop Constitution Changes, Avoid 'Dark Days'
Political Messages Penned for Cuba Twitter Program
US Contractor Alan Gross on Hunger Strike in Cuban Jail
Venezuela Opposition to Join Exploratory Talks With Government
Angry Guyana Drops Out of Suriname Oil Conference
14 More Killed in Taliban Infighting in Waziristan
Bomb Attack by Separatists Kills 13 on Pakistan Train
Eight Killed in South Waziristan Firing Incident
24 Low-Intensity Blasts Hit Sindh Cities
Presidential Election Provokes More Than 3,000 Complaints
After '09 Fraud, Afghanistan Reports a Cleaner Election
Hagel Spars With Chinese Over Islands and Security
China Won't 'Stir Up Troubles' in Japan Dispute: Minister
Taiwan Students to End China Trade Deal Parliament Protest
Lawyers Say They Were Tortured After Protesting 'Black Jail'
Tit-for-Tat Gestures Would Replace Middle East Talks
Israeli Settlement Plan Derailed Peace Talks, Kerry Says
Soldiers Stood by as Yitzhar Settlers Trashed Military Outpost
Poll: Israelis Glum on Framework Agreement Odds
Palestinians Want Russia, EU to Change Format of Talks
8 Wounded as Israeli Forces Clash With Settlers
Netanyahu Orders Crackdown on Pro-Settler Vandals
'Cyber Attack' Hits Knesset – 18 Israeli MPs Hacked
Israel Bars Gaza Olympic Runner From Entering West Bank Race
Report: Palestinian Envoy in Prague Likely Killed by Booby-Trapped Book
France Says Assad Survival Would Be 'Total Impasse' for Syria
UN Rights Chief Blames Most Crimes on Syrian Govt
UN Warns of Syria Food Shortage Due to Looming Drought
Iran Sends Syria 30,000 Tons of Food Supplies
Iran's Ballistic Missiles May Become Hurdle in Nuclear Talks
Iran Dismisses US Ban on Diplomat
Iran Guards Say Seize Foreign Agents at Border En Route to Attacks
Clashes, Bombings Leave 108 Dead, 95 Wounded Across Iraq
Iraqi Government Forces Say ISIS Water Supply Sabotage Foiled
Following Jail Breaks, Baghdad to Transfer Some Inmates to Kurdistan
Iraq to Buy 12 Mothballed L-159s Combat Planes From Czech Military
Middle East
Gunmen Kill Five Soldiers at Yemen Checkpoint
Germany Outlaws 'Hezbollah Fundraising Group'
Turkey's Erdogan Sees More Powerful Presidency After August Vote
The War at Home
Lawmakers Call for Ending Secrecy of Intel's Black Budget
US Sailors Sue Tepco for $1 Billion Over Alleged Radiation Exposure
Secret Service Removing Supervisor, Tightening Rules After Drinking Incidents
WWI Artillery Shells Found in Luggage at O'Hare
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Justin Raimondo
Retro-politics and the Return of the Cold War

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Freedom To Travel Is a Right Americans Lost

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Targeting Iran

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Brother Karzai Leaves Election, Joins Another Ticket

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Purim and Genocidal Phantasies

Charles V. Peña
Cyberwar for Me but Not for Thee

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