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Updated August 8, 2014 - 11:22 PM EDT
US Continues to Pound Iraq, Killing 'Hundreds'
  Obama Authorizes Airstrikes Against ISIS in Iraq
  Turkish Warplanes in Iraq, France Also Vows Support for War
  UN Says Some Rescued From Iraqi Mountain Siege, 200,000 Flee
  Kurds Use Well-Oiled Lobbying to Push for US Military Action
ISIS Surges in Northern Iraq, Seizing More Cities
  As ISIS Advances, Kurds Prepare for Last Stand Outside Capital
  Was ISIS Capture of Mosul Dam a ‘Virtual’ Event
  ISIS Storms One of Last Syria Army Bases in Raqqa
Israel Resumes Gaza Strikes: Over 2,000 Killed
  Cairo Talks Clarify Gaza Demands, But No Sign of Progress on Deal
  Obama: Gaza Blockade Can't Continue Forever
  Netanyahu Asks US to Help Israel Avoid War Crime Charges
  Gaza Tension Stoked by Unlikely Alliance Between Israel and Egypt
US Suspected Israeli Involvement in 1960s Missing Uranium
Ukraine Escalates Attacks on East, Ditches Crash Ceasefire
Calls Mount to Declassify 9/11 Report on Saudi Involvement
Obama's Mythical Retreat from Military Force  by Peter Hart
As Gaza War Winds Down, Who Won the Strategic Contest?  by Tony Karon
Hadar Goldin and the Hannibal Directive  by Ruth Margalit
Sneaking Back Into Iraq  by Justin Raimondo
The War Crimes of Nuclear Weaponry  by John LaForge
Is Hamas Really to Blame for the Conflict in Gaza?  by Musa al-Gharbi

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Snowden Gets Three-Year Russian Residence Permit
New York Times to Use the Word 'Torture' When Describing Torture
National Guard to Pull Out of NASCAR, Indycar Sponsorships
Australia's Metadata Debate Is an Utter Shambles
Israel to Declare Gaza 'Enemy Territory' to Avoid Payouts to Inhabitants
Israel's Supporters Try to Come to Terms With the Killing of Children in Gaza
Palestinian Shift Brings War Crimes Case Closer to Israel
Egypt Sources: Israeli Demand for Demilitarization Seen by Palestinians as Red Line
An Overview of Israeli, Palestinian Demands at Cairo Negotiations
Hamas Says It's Executed Palestinians as Israeli Spies in Gaza War
Hacking Attempts on Israeli Targets Increased Five-Fold During Gaza War
Israel's 2014 Budget Can Absorb Cost of Gaza Conflict: Finance Minister
Gaza Reduced to Rubble
Scale of Gaza Civilian Deaths 'Mustn't Happen Again': Red Cross
Gaza Reeling From Humanitarian Crisis Brought on by War
Palestinians Returning Home Find Israeli Troops Left Faeces and Venomous Graffiti
Ex-Hamas Spokesman Found Dead in Shelled Gaza Neighbourhood
Global Gaza Reaction
Obama: No Sympathy for Hamas, but Gaza Cannot Remain Closed Off
Michael Oren Dropped as CNN Analyst; Now Listed as 'Former Israeli Ambassador'
South Africa Threatens to Prosecute Citizens Serving in IDF
Europeans Pressing for Gaza Harbor Development
Galloway Under Investigation Over Israel Remarks
Sydney Morning Herald's Mike Carlton Pushed Out Over Gaza Column Reaction
Israel Won't Tolerate Erdogan's Tirades After Turkey Election, Lieberman Says
Ukrainian Army's Artillery Hits Hospital, Killing Dental Patient
East Ukraine Local Replaces Russian at Head of Rebellion
How Scams and Shakedowns Brought Ukraine to Its Knees
Ukraine Gets Gas From Europe After Russia Cutoff, Volumes Plummet
Canada Gives Ukraine Helmets, Tents to Secure Eastern Region
Putin's Approval Rating Soars to 87%, Poll Says
Russia Threatens to Block Airspace in Response to Sanctions
Russia Sanctions Hit Canadian Pork
Details of Food Imports Sanctioned by Russia
Chile Says Russia Met With Latin American Embassies Over Food Imports
EU Faces Negative Consequences of Russia's Imports Ban: Netherlands
US: Russia Impeding Own People's Access to US-Made Food
President of Azerbaijan Declares 'State of War' With Armenia on Twitter
Britain's First Armed Police on Routine Patrol
Obama Authorizes Air Strikes as Another 294 People Are Killed Across Iraq
Thousands of Iraqis Flee to Turkish Border as Islamic State Advances
Exxon Evacuates Iraqi Kurdistan as Islamic State Advances
Chevron Pulling Staff From Iraqi Kurdistan as Is Advances
Car Bombs in Iraq's Kirkuk Kills Nine People
Who Are the Yazidis?

British Jihadi Fighting With ISIS Stands in Front of Beheaded Man and Boasts 'It's What People Want to See'

Islamic State Persecution of Yazidi Minority Amounts to Genocide, UN Says
Middle East
Syria Militants Pull Out of Lebanese Border Town With Captives
German Intel: Extremist Flow to Syria Unbroken
Iran, US Officials Hold Fresh Nuclear Talks in Geneva
Yemen Troops Clash With Militants, Toll Hits 25
Bahrain Accuses Qatar of Luring Citizens to Switch Nationality
Erdogan Intensifies Battle Against Islamic Critic Ahead of Presidential Vote
Kerry in Kabul to Try to Break Deadlock Over Afghan Presidency
Interpreters Are Caught in the Crossfire in Afghanistan
China to Build Lighthouses on Five Isles in Defiance of US Call
Veils Emerge as Sign of Uighur Protest in China
Cafés in China Caught in Political Spats
China Police Investigate US Citizen Near Border With North Korea
Fiery Chinese Rights Lawyer Released From Prison
With Eye on China, Japan Slowly Building Amphibious Force With Help of US Marines
Pakistan Rejects Afghan Allegations of Terrorism
Khmer Rouge Leaders Found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and Jailed for Life
Egypt Should Consider Military Action in Libya, Says Senior Statesman
Egypt: 5 Police Personnel, 4 Militants Killed in Clashes on Matrouh Road
Egypt's Mufti Rejects Brotherhood Leader's Death Sentence, Court Urges Rethink
Libya Militia Clashes Spread Beyond Tripoli Towards Zawiya Oil Port
Libya Calls for Supervised Ceasefire
Boko Haram Takes Nigeria Town, Resident Says
US Takes Control of $480 Million Stolen by Nigerian Dictator Abacha
South Sudan Talks Falter as Conflict Threatens to Spread
Military Threat Key to Push Rebels in Congo to Disarm: UN
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