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Updated August 23, 2014 - 11:26 PM EDT
US Preparing to Expand Iraq War Into Syria
  Sunni MPs End Govt Talks After Shi'ite Militia Carries Out Massacre
  Revenge Attacks Kill 35 a Day After Sunni Mosque Shooting
  'Just a Few Strikes': Iraq Militia Wants Help From Old US Foe
  ISIS Gains Have Syrians Pushing Assad for More Airstrikes
Obama Makes ISIS 'Enemy Number One'
  FBI Admits: No Credible Threats to US From ISIS
  Before Failed Rescue, US Was Asking Around About Hostages
Israeli Airstrike Destroys Residential Tower Block
  Israel Vows Gaza Escalation After Child Killed
  Nearly Half of Palestinian MPs in Israeli Jails, Most Without Charges
Russian Aid Trucks Begin to Leave Ukraine
  Ukraine Cries 'Invasion' Over Russian Aid Trucks
  NATO Reiterates Claims of 'Alarming' Russia Build-up Near Ukraine
  With 1000s Dead, Ukraine Refugees Say Aid Welcome but Peace Better
ACLU: Police Report on Michael Brown's Death Violates Law
Pentagon: China Tried to Block US Jet in Dangerous Intercept
Don't Let James Foley's Death Lead to More Folly in Iraq  by Lucy Steigerwald
Son of Death  by Uri Avnery
US Media Rules of Reporting on Israeli 'Operations' in Gaza  by Peter Casey
Anti-War Is Pro-American  by Mike Marion
Empire's Murderous Fruits  by Nebojsa Malic
Eric Holder's Police Shooting Record? Dismal  by James Bovard

More Viewpoints

UN: Four Countries Face Humanitarian Crises, Worst Since WWII
Costa Rica to Investigate US Anti-Cuba Program
Execution of US Journalist Reveals the Changing Business of War Coverage
ISIS Offered to Swap Foley for 'Lady al-Qaeda'
Shi'ite Militiamen Slaughter Sunnis; 230 Killed, 68 Wounded Across Iraq
Kurdish Commander Says Baghdad Blocking Foreign Arms to Peshmerga
Amid US Air Strikes, Iraq Struggles to Build Own Air Force
Turkmen Surrounded by Militants in Enclave in Northern Iraq Plead for US Help
Sistani Calls on Iraqis to Confront ISIS Insurgents

ISIS Militants Stone Man to Death in Iraq: Witness

Iran Denies Report Linking Iraq Cooperation to Nuclear Talks
ISIS Fighters Surround Syrian Airbase in Rapid Drive to Recapture Lost Territory
Syria Reinforces Air Base Under ISIS Attack: Monitor
Hammond: UK Won't Work With Assad in ISIS Battle
Law Further Divides Syrian Kurdish Parties
Dutch Say Fight Against ISIS Insurgents Must Go to Syria
Gaza Counts Cost of War as More Than 360 Factories Destroyed or Damaged
Hamas Executes 18 Alleged Collaborators in Gaza
Arab States, Israel Set to Clash at UN Nuclear Meeting
Iran to Send Aid to Gaza Via Egypt
Report: Venezuela Humanitarian Mission in Gaza Attacked by F-16
Abbas Lands in Cairo to Push for Ceasefire
Palestinian MP to Challenge Israel Deportation Order
Hamas Leader: Don't Compare Us to ISIS
Poll: Overwhelming Majority of Jewish Israelis Say Gaza Op Justified
Yemen's Shi'ite-Rebel Group Escalate Standoff
Tens of Thousands of Houthis Protest Against Govt in Capital
Talks With Outlawed PKK May Prove to Be Painful for Turkey: Analysts
South Sudan
South Sudanese Demand Govt Return to Peace Talks
South Sudan Rebels Accept Presence of Ugandan Troops to Keep Peace
Libya Football Stadium Hosts Videotaped Execution by Pro-Govt Islamists
East African Rapid Reaction Force Ready by December: US Officials
DR Congo Woman 'Saw Col Egangela Order Gang-Rape'
Amnesty: Mali Holding Child Militia Detainees as Adults
Rebel-Held Mine Collapses in Central African Republic, Killing 25
Blackouts in Egypt Prompt Accusations
Army Takes Over Miss Uganda Beauty Contest
Colombia Army, Rebels Meet Face-To-Face at Peace Talks
Global ISIS Threat?
Pentagon: No Evidence of ISIS at Border
FBI Director: ISIS Using Online Tactics to Recruit Americans
Islamist Militants on Rise in Austria: Government
Dutch Grapple With Jihadist Threat
Young Kurds From Turkey Flock to Iraq and Syria to Fight
Pressure Mounts on Europeans to Take More Action Against Islamic State
Morocco Arrests Suspected Islamic State Members
Execution of US Journalist Reveals the Changing Business of War Coverage
On East Ukraine Front, Residents Make Home in Soviet-Era Bomb Shelter
Lithuania Envoy Killed in Luhansk
Red Cross Says Not Escorting Russian Aid Convoy Into Ukraine
US Says Russia Must Pull Convoy From Ukraine or Face More Sanctions
Ukraine Faces Difficult Winter Without Russian Gas: PM
Putin, Merkel Discuss Possible Paths to Ukraine Ceasefire
Merkel Has 'Great Concerns' on Russian Convoy Entering Ukraine: Spokesman
Sanctions War
Serbia Says It Won't Impose Sanctions on Russia
EU Tells Candidate Serbia Not to Exploit Russian Embargo
Russia, in Sanctions Retaliation, Bars Entry to Some Japanese Citizens
Baltics and Poland Need More Military Infrastructure: Latvia
Scottish Independence Could Leave UK Nuclear Weapons Homeless
Militant Attack From Afghanistan Kills Pakistani Soldier
Election Stalemate Adds to Afghanistan's Economic Woes
Pakistan Opposition Leader: Protests to Continue Until PM's Resignation
Washington Anxiously Watching Pakistan Protests
Defiant Protest Leader Asks Pakistan PM to Call Re-Election
India Hunger Striker Re-Arrested
Thai Junta Leader Tells Nation to Move on From Coup
The War at Home
Snowshoes for Texas? The Most Bizarre Things the Pentagon Gave Police
Deputy SecDef Details Plans to Make Guam a Hub for Marines
Huge Palestinian Flag Unfurled From Manhattan Bridge During Gaza March
USS Bonhomme Richard Flight Deck Unfit for Flight Operations, Could Delay Next Deployment
Mexico: Investigate All Evidence in Killings of 22 by Soldiers
Mexico Launches Special Police Force to Guard Economic Activity
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Nebojsa Malic
Empire's Murderous Fruits

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There's No Proportionality in American Law and Order

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Blowback from More Intervention in Iraq

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economist’s Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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