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Updated September 7, 2014 - 11:19 PM EDT
Israel Used 2009 Video to Justify Hospital Attack
Obama's ISIS Strategy Means Years of Escalation
  US Worries That Hitting Syrian Militants Will Help Assad
  Syria: Assad Forces Hit ISIS-Run Bakery, 25 Killed
  Iraq Govt Bombs Hospital, Kills 8 Newborns, 10 Other Civilians
Several Killed in Ukraine Ceasefire Violations
  Estonian Spy Is Latest Flashpoint in Potential NATO-Russia War
Aggressive Police, Thousands of Cash Seizures
  How Did Police Depts Lose Loads of Military-Issued Weapons?
Redactions Leave Doubts About NSA Program
NATO – An Idea Whose Time Has Gone  by Craig Murray
Imperial Hypocrisy: Of Motes and Beams  by Nebojsa Malic
PATRIOT Act's Absurd New Spawn: Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse  by Marcy Wheeler
Does Freedom Require Empire?  by Sheldon Richman
Neocons' US Foreign-Policy Delusions  by Bruce Fein
Does the CIA Believe Obama?  by Philip Giraldi

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Federal Budget Crunch Idles Guard Units Across US
The FBI Finally Says How It 'Legally' Pinpointed Silk Road's Server
Deadly Plague and Botulism Microbes Found in US Lab
Russia to Reopen Northern Fleet Base in Arctic
Supporters of Scottish Independence Take Narrow Poll Lead for First Time
EU Slaps New Sanctions on Russia, May Suspend Them if Ceasefire Holds
FM: Russia 'Will React' if EU Implements New Sanctions
Ukraine Rebels Still Pushing for Full Independence After Truce
Evidence Grows of Russian Orthodox Clergy's Aiding Ukraine Rebels
Russia Tightens Screws on Ukraine With Candy Import Ban
NATO Stages Major Military Exercise in Latvia After Wales Summit
Mixed Views in East Europe on Higher NATO Defense
NATO Puts Positive Spin on Its Legacy in Afghanistan
Building Good Will in a Troubled Afghan District, but Not Without a Fight
Son of Shi'ite Scholar Gunned Down in Karachi
China's Xi Postpones Pakistan Visit Due to Protests
Libya Says Sudanese War Plane Loaded With Ammunition for Tripoli Enters Its Airspace
Former General's Forces and Islamists Clash in Libya's Benghazi
Past Libya Parliament Swears in New Government
US Seeks Delay in Case Against Benghazi Terrorism Suspect
Egypt Charges Ex-President Morsi With Passing State Secrets to Qatar
Egypt Prosecutor Orders 7 Held for Homosexuality
Sisi Says No Magic Bullet for Power Problems After Major Blackout
Al Shabaab Name New Leader After US Strike, Warn of Revenge
Somalia on Alert After Al-Shabab Leader Killed
Boko Haram Militants Attack NE Town Near Cameroon Border
Grace Mugabe Poised for Political Power in Zimbabwe
Americans Still Dying
Northborough (MA) Paratrooper Killed in Afghanistan, Remembered
Civilians Killed in Airstrikes in Iraq; 72 Killed, 27 Wounded Across Country
Baghdad: Talks on New Government Remain Inconclusive
Predator Drone Reportedly Spotted Over Syria ISIS Stronghold
French Ex-Hostage IDs Captor in Syria
Intelligence Gaps Crippled Mission in Syria to Rescue Hostages James Foley, Steven Sotloff
New Batch of US Military Aid Delivered to Lebanon
ISIS Says Executes Second Lebanese Soldier
Lebanese Captured Soldiers Contact Families, Demand Action
Lebanese Army Kills Syrian Gunman in Brief Clash on Border
Palestinian Authority Steps Up Crackdown Against Hamas Activists in the West Bank
Graphic: Gaza's Untapped Potential Amid Dreams of a Prosperous Future
Yemen Clashes Between Rebels, Tribesmen Kill 40
Yemen Journalists Suffer Deadly Attacks
Middle East
Iran Official Says Crew of Plane Carrying Americans Gave False Information
Bahrain Activist's Detention Extended
Turkey Ratifies New Cabinet, No Policy Shift Expected
Saudi Arabia Builds Northern Border Fence Against Infiltrators
US Military
Fix Decided on for F-16 Cracks
Army's New Laser Cannon Blasts Drones Out of the Sky, Even in Fog
Weekend Reviews
Veteran Journalist Patrick Cockburn's New Book The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising
Last Days in Vietnam: Is the Humiliation of 1975 About to Be Repeated?
New Book Reveals Top-Secret Collusion Between Israel, US During Twenty Years of 'Peace Talks'
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Anti-Interventionism and Its Discontents

Nebojsa Malic
Of Motes and Beams

Lucy Steigerwald
Reevaluating World War II Is Good for You

Ivan Eland
Hysteria About ISIS Is Unnecessary

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

David R. Henderson
An Economistís Case for a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

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