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Updated January 3, 2015 - 10:25 PM EST
Obama Sanctions NK Over Debunked Sony Hack
  Sony Insider – Not North Korea – Likely Involved in Hack, Experts Say
  North Korea, South Korea Back Summit for Improved Ties
US Fails in Attempted Rescues of Jordanian Pilot
  Dozens Killed as US Escalates Strikes in Syria
  76,000 Estimated Killed in Syrian War in 2014
  US Vet Says Fighting in Syria Was as Easy as Buying Ticket to Miami
  Vanguard of Syria's Uprising Now on the Run From ISIS
ISIS Captures 170 in Raid on Two Iraqi Villages
  Iraq 2014: 48,590 Killed and 26,516 Wounded
US Consulate Staff Attacked by Israeli Settlers
  US to Review Aid to Palestinians After ICC Membership Bid
US, Iran Reach Deal on 'Formula' for Talks
Two Afghan Soldiers Arrested for Attack on Wedding Party
Five Possible NSA Challenges for Supreme Court in 2015
Reflections on Torture: the Real Reason Why  by Emanuel E. Garcia
Why Spies and Analysts Shouldn't Mingle  by Philip Giraldi
A Brief History of the CIA's Unpunished Spying on the Senate  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Bipartisan War Consensus  by Scott Beauchamp
Stop US Democracy Promotion Abroad  by Bruce Fein
Bring the Sacrificial Lambs in Korea Home Now  by Jacob Hornberger

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How the Iraq War Financed a Beltway Real Estate Boom
Louis Freeh, George Tenet Are Both Filthy Rich Now
Oil at New Five-Year Low as Supply Glut Persists
France: Libya Rising as Terrorist 'Sanctuary'
India Outrage Over Mock 'Muslim' Terror Drills
A Cop in Ukraine Said He Was Detaining Me Because I Was Black. I Appreciated It.
Kiev and Moscow to Hold Talks on Ukraine Crisis 'As Soon as Possible'
Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev to Honor Bandera
Moscow Warns Ukraine 'On Nazi Path'
Ukraine Reports First Military Death of 2015
Swedes Rally in Support of Muslims After Arson Attacks Against Mosques
In Sweden, the Land of the Open Door, Anti-Muslim Sentiment Finds a Foothold
Hungarian Protesters Keep Up Pressure on Government
Migrant Smugglers Set Ships on Autopilot and Vanish, Leaving Them to Beach in Europe
SNP Demands Publication of Chilcot Report Into Iraq War Before the General Election
Two Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists Seek Presidential Deportation From Egypt
Egyptian Troops Kill Palestinian Youth Infiltrating From Gaza
17 Soldiers, 1 Civilian, Killed in Southern Libya
Libya's PM Considering Resignation
Tunisia PM Sees Main Threat From Chaotic Libya
Suspected Islamists Abduct 40 People in Northeast Nigeria
Army Dismisses 203 Soldiers After Secret Trial
Parents of Abducted Nigerian Girls Say Have Turned to UN
Seven Killed in Al Shabaab Attack at Somali Military Base
Kenyan Court Suspends Parts of Two-Week-Old Security Law
Gambia Arrests Suspected Coup Plotters
Uganda: Rebel General Under House Arrest
Congo Threatens to Attack Rwandan Hutu Rebels as Ultimatum Expires
Herders With Machine Guns Intensify South Sudan Land, Food Woes
65 Killed Across Iraq, Dumped Bodies Are Found in River
Iraqi General Warns of Military Woes in Fighting Extremists
ISIS Arrests Nine Councilmembers in Zab, Iraq
Peshmerga Detain Shi'ite Militia Fighters for Kidnapping
Iraq's Birds of Mercy Take Flight From Din of War
Saudi ISIS Cleric Killed in Northern Syria
As Refugee Tide Swells, Lebanon Plans a Visa Requirement for Syrians
US Surfer Joins Kurds to Fight ISIS After Watching TV Report
US 'Deeply Concerned' by Settler Attack on Consulate Staff
People of the (Stolen) Book: Did Israel's National Library Engage in Systematic Theft?
Israel Tells France It Was 'Deeply Disappointed' by Vote at UN
Seven Killed in Clashes Between Yemen's Army and Tribesmen
Anti-Shi'ite Tribes Seize Army Tanks in Yemen
Middle East
Bahrain Denounces Interference After Washington Criticizes Arrest
Saudi Arabia Captures Shi'ites Suspected of Instigating Unrest
Pakistan Military Courts on the Way
India Says Pakistani Boat Exploded Off Coast
Department of 'Homeland' Controversy: Pakistan and Terrorism
Frustrated Afghans Wonder Who Is in Charge Amid Cabinet Delays and Taliban Attacks
Unruly Factions Hurt Taliban's Bid to Capture Afghan Hearts, and Territory
Limited Options Leave Afghan Refugees Reluctant To Go Home
Security on Agenda as Embattled Mexican President Visits Obama
Biden, Venezuela Leader Discuss Improving Relations
Homicides Soar 57 Percent in El Salvador
Cuban Police Detain Protesters Outside Prison, Dissidents Say
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