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Updated January 4, 2015 - 10:39 PM EST
US Fails in Attempted Rescues of Jordanian Pilot
  Airstrike Leaves Civilian Casualties; 91 Killed Across Iraq
Israel Freezes Funds to Palestinians Over ICC
  Israel Mulls War Crimes Lawsuits Against Top Palestinians
Iran Says No Deal With US to Ship Uranium to Russia
Libya Terror Suspect Anas Al-Liby Dies Before US Trial
Six North Caucasus Insurgency Commanders Ally to ISIS
Reflections on Torture: the Real Reason Why  by Emanuel E. Garcia
Why Spies and Analysts Shouldn't Mingle  by Philip Giraldi
A Brief History of the CIA's Unpunished Spying on the Senate  by Conor Friedersdorf
The Bipartisan War Consensus  by Scott Beauchamp
Stop US Democracy Promotion Abroad  by Bruce Fein
Bring the Sacrificial Lambs in Korea Home Now  by Jacob Hornberger

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Obama's Cuba Opening Hits Early Obstacles, Faces Struggle With Congress
Russian Spy Ring Busted at NATO Air Base in Lithuania
Iran Claims to Save Nuclear Engineer From Israeli Assassination
Nagorno-Karabakh Claims 2 of Its Soldiers Killed
Ukraine Leader Was Defeated Even Before He Was Ousted
The War at Home
Pentagon Fights Researcher Over Access to Report on Israel's Nuclear Needs
Abu Hamza Too Disabled to Be Sent to High-Security Jail, Lawyers Tell Judge
100 Soldiers Begin Ebola Quarantine at Lewis-McChord
Four Killed in Fresh India-Pakistan Border Clashes
31 Militants Killed in Pakistan Air Strikes in Tirah
Pakistan Peace Forces Member Killed in Landmine Blast
Pakistan Issues Death Warrants for Seven More Militants
South Korea Welcomes New US Sanctions on North Korea
US Embassy in Indonesia Issues Security Alert for City of Surabaya
Political Revolt Roils Sri Lanka Presidential Vote
Libyan Gunmen Kidnap at Least 20 Christians: 'They Had a List of Full Names'
New Air Strike on Libyan City Misrata, Clashes Near Oil Port
Egypt Warned British Human Rights Lawyer She Risked Arrest for Exposing Legal Flaws in Al-Jazeera Case
Israeli Citizen Released From Egyptian Jail After Serving Two-Year Sentence
At Least 15 Killed in 'Boko Haram' Attack on Cameroon Bus
Boko Haram Unrest: Gunmen Kidnap Nigeria Villagers
Mayor of Mali Town Killed as Clashes and Abuses Spike in North
South Sudan Plans 2015 Elections Despite Continued Violence
Mexico Vigilante Founder, 26 Others Arrested in 10 Shooting Deaths
Mexican Prisons Are Worsening and Inmate Control Is Growing: Study
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troops Were Reported Killed This Week
Airstrike Leaves Civilian Casualties; 91 Killed Across Iraq
Brit Hostage Tours Iraq City in New ISIS Video
ISIS Releases Iraqis Seized Over Flag-Burning
Looking for Their Women, Yezidi Fighters May Have Raided an Arab Village
Iraq's Holy City of Karbala Becomes a Haven From Sectarian Fighting

Saudi Arabia to Reopen Baghdad Embassy After 25-Year Chill

New Zealander Thought to Be Fighting in Syria Accidentally Tweets Locations
180 Syrian Refugees Enter Jordan in 72 Hours
Syria Wants Coordination With Lebanon on New Visa Rules
Abbas Rival Pans PA Head, Vows to Form United Opposition
3 Palestinians Injured During Clashes With Settlers
Australia's Vote Against Palestinian Statehood 'Reinforces Feeling Coalition Is Anti-Arab'
Hamas Condemns Alleged Shooting of Gazan by Egyptian Guards
Huthi Chief Threatens to Seize Oil-Rich Yemen Province
Yemen's Shi'ite Rebels Reject Agreed Federal Plan
Yemen Arrests Three Foreigners Over Possible al-Qaeda Links
Middle East
ISIS Seeking Bases Inside Lebanon: Lebanon Security Chief
Turkey Allows First New Christian Church Since 1923
Armenia Joins Russia-Led Eurasian Economic Union
Chechnya Announces New Tactic to 'Clear' Republic of Islamic Militants
France Names Conditions for Delivering Mistral Warships to Russia
Germany Sees Greek Euro Exit as Manageable Outcome, Spiegel Says
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