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Updated January 5, 2015 - 11:27 PM EST
Israel to Divert Military Cash to Settler Expansion
  Netanyahu Seizes Taxes, Threatens More Moves Against Palestinians
  Abbas: Palestinians May Re-Submit Statehood Resolution to UN
Islamic Rebels Seize Suburb From Syria Moderates
ISIS Fighters Kill 14 Soldiers in Southern Libya
Iran President Suggests Popular Votes on Issues
NYT's James Risen Refuses Questions in CIA Leak Case
US Drones, Pakistani Warplanes Kill Dozens in Tribal Areas
Sony Hack a Prime Excuse for New US Cybersecurity Laws
Burundi: 105 Rebels Killed in Cross-Border Raid From Congo
Has the US Constitution Been Lost to Military Rule?  by Todd E. Pierce
Rebuilding the Obama-Putin Trust  by Ray McGovern
The Kidnapping and Torture of Maher Arar in My Name Is a Personal Stain  by Marie Tessier
Jim Webb – The Alternative?  by Justin Raimondo
The Real Politics Behind the US War on ISIS  by Gareth Porter
The Oil-Crash Diplomatic Mirage  by Paul R. Pillar

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FBI Employees With Ties Abroad See Security Bias
30 Charges Facing Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect
Top Secret Files Reveal Pleas for US to Intervene in Scottish Referendum
North Korea Criticizes US Over New Sanctions
Increasing Number of Israelis Renouncing Their Citizenship
60 Killed in Iraq as Battles Rage in Dujail
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Group's Video Raises Fears for Italian Hostages
Iraq Asks Australian PM for More Military Aid
Syria's Assad Prays at Damascus Mosque
Israel to Ask US Congressmen to Halt Aid to Palestinians
First Palestinian ICC Case to Focus on Gaza War
Netanyahu: Israeli Troops Won't Be Hauled to Court in Hague
Anti-Arab Group Poses Legal, Political Dilemma for Israel
West Bank Barrier Won't Cut Through Ancient Village
Jordan Halts Talks on $15 Billion Accord to Import Israeli Gas
Middle East
Four Fighters From Houthi-Led Militia Die in Bombing, Army Officer Shot in Yemen
Rouhani Tells Iranians Economy Can't Grow With Nation Isolated
Lawyer Says Bahrain Shi'ite Leader Formally Charged
Top Hezbollah Official: Shi'ites and Sunnis Will Unite to Fight Israel in Next Battle
Ukraine Rebel 'Batman' Battalion Commander Killed
Czech President Condemns Neo-Nazi Torchlight Parade in Ukraine
Soccer Player Shot Dead in Dagestan
Arrested Terrorist Planned Attack on Athens Prison
At the End of Afghanistan War, Most Americans Doubt Its Value
Insurgents Kill Nine Police in Afghanistan
Afghanistan President Ghani Questions US Troop Exit Deadline
Georgian Defense Minister Visits Troops in Afghanistan
Three Children Among 5 Dead in Lower Orakzai Blast
Tit for Tat? Pakistan Seizes Two Indian Fishing Boats Off Gujarat Coast
North Korea/China
Suspected North Korean Army Deserter Kills Four Chinese
Boko Haram Seizes Army Base in Nigeria Town of Baga
Nigeria: Reporting Made Dangerous by Boko Haram
At Least Six Die in South Sudan Fighting: Rebels
Son of Kenyan Opposition Leader Found Dead at Home
Car Bomb Targeting Somali Security Forces Kills Four Civilians
UN-Brokered Libya Dialogue Delayed Again: Diplomatic Sources
Suspected Militants Stab Tunisian Policeman to Death
Six UN Peacekeepers Wounded by Roadside Bomb in North Mali
Palestinian Teenager 'Shot in the Back' by Egyptian Military, Local Authorities Claim
Venezuela's Maduro Would Free Lopez if US Freed Puerto Rican
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Jim Webb Ė The Alternative?

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Hysteria Over Sony Hacking Is Unwarranted

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Playing the Christmas Truce

Nebojsa Malic
Why We Fight

David R. Henderson
Questioning the Powerful

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

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